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CounterblowDay to day frustrations of his injuries He’s completely dependant on Declan for everything and hates the way the scales have tipped in their relationship Although he’s officially on leave Sam’s mind cannot stop replaying all that happened to him and uestioning why and who is behind it allDeclan’s relief at having Sam home throws him into house husband mode He’s happy to t. Argggh reading this series is like watching a top uality action adventure show and having to wait three months when they go on hiatus for the summer breakUsually cliff hangers drive me nuts but there's something about this load of books which means it's just a part of the reading experience each book slowly adding another layer to the overall story arcI totally love Sam and Declan and in this one they're now uietly married and seriously testing the boundaries of trust as Sam continues to recover from his devastating injuries and the events of book threeDeclan's hiding secrets of his own and I must admit to cheering just a wee bit when he has a talk with Sir James and gives Sam's father a taste of his own medicineThe plot is getting complex and I'm dying to know where it's going next and the blurb for book five really has me desperately waiting for release day#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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Set after Return to Zero Shatterproof Bond book #3After the devastating events in the Scottish Highlands Sam and Declan have moved on to a new deeper level in their romance Their commitment to each other is unuestionable; however there are plenty of uestions that need answering about other aspects of their lives and those who sought to end themSam is trying his best to deal with the. Picking up where Return to Zero left off Sam is recovering from injuries sustained by his nemesis and Declan wonderful supportive partner that he is is also working to expand his skill set Bonus the interesting collection of side characters continues to grow as the plot thickensI’m a sucker for established couple romances and the further we get into this series the sweeter and compelling Sam and Declan’s relationship becomes That scene where they're repeating their vows is stunning I’m also loving the way Isobel Starling is building the tension in the plot the scene with Sam interviewing Madsson is spectacularWhile the Shatterproof Bond series itself is fantastic I must give credit to narrator Gary Furlong Every aspect of this story between the increasing intimacy between Sam and Declan as well as the mounting intensity of the mystery is enhanced by Mr Furlong’s stunning performance His talent for accents and voices continues to amaze meIt’s been a little than a year since the release of the audiobook edition Counterblow Fingers crossed Ms Starling plans to issue the rest of the series in audio as well I’m just not sure I can wait to find out what happens in Powder Burns an audiobook copy of Counterblow was provided by the author for the purpose of my review

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Counterblow summary Í eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¿ Set after Return to Zero Shatterproof Bond book #3After the devastating events in the Scottish Highlands Sam and Declan have moved on to a new deeper level in their romance Their commitment to each other is unuestionable; however there are plenty of uestions that need answering about Ake the reins and care for his partner however beneath the surface Declan cannot help but be drawn back to how he felt in the Highlands and how they were betrayed by a man who was supposed to have their back Declan had promised Sir James Aiken that he would pay if he hurt Sam and now Declan has to decide how he can deliver his payback and put his and Sam’s world back on an even ke. 45 Stars Warning May contain minor spoilers from book three Return to ZeroI must admit to loving this couple and their ongoing saga I absolutely hate Sam’s father and that is all due to Isobel Starling’s impeccable writing—she can certainly write a bad guy worth their salt and a parent who is evil than anything else But it’s the undeniable chemistry between Declan and Sam that just continues to grow deeper and sweeter as this series goes on that is the real winner for me While this latest was a wee bit short and I felt ended rather abruptly it did not take away from the fact that it was a segue not only to highlight whether or not Sam would ever be able to come back from the horrific nightmare that was the third book in the Shatterproof Bond series but also if he could mentally face what Eric had done to him and survive it—take control over it If any of the last sentence was confusing please stop now and read the third book Return to Zero or this review of Counterblow book number four is going to contain some spoilers for youPicking up after Sam has been put back together complete with pins and such holding his ankle together and his arm being placed back in it’s socket the pain he endures is not only physical Nightmares plague him daily and Declan is doing everything he can to not only heal his husband to be physically but mentally as well But recovery is slow and Declan uses that time to hone his body in order to deliver the much needed payback that James so richly deserves after using his son as bait to pull in a lethal assassin who has been gunning for him However what neither Declan or Sam counted on was the fact that Sam would have to confront the man who had so ruthlessly tortured and nearly tried to kill himThis was a non stop action filled story just as the others have been But this time we really got a sense of how deeply Declan loves Sam and how far he will go to make sure Sam is safe I love the interactions between these two men—they are both lighthearted and deeply emotional their connection feels so very genuine and that makes their romance so very lovely to read Initially I was a bit miffed that their wedding takes place off page but the author than makes up for that in allowing us to hear their vows—I won’t say about that so as to not give it away but suffice it to say it was gorgeously writtenAlso the plot really thickens with this book in that we get yet another glimpse at the fact that while James may have enough dirt on his enemies to ensure his safety for now there is a real noose hanging over his head and his enemies will stop at nothing to end his life All in all this was a transitional novel leading us to the next assignment for our heroes and focusing on healing for Sam and revenge for Declan It was fun to read but not nearly as hair raising and fraught with tension as the others have been One final note here The most satisfying moment in this book was when Declan finally hands James his ass Trust me fans of the series will want to read thatReviewed by Sammy for The Novel Approach