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Elfland Author Freda Warrington Book ☆ 463 pages ´ Rosie Fox is a daughter of the Aetherials an ancient race from the Spiral—the innermost realm of the Otherworld—who lives secretly among us Yet she and her kind are bereft of their origins because on Earth in a beautiful village named Cloudcroft the Great Gates between worldD to throw open the Gates every seven years for the Night of the Summer Stars a ritual granting young Aetherials their heritage their elders vital reconnection to their source Lawrence however is haunted by fears of an ever growing menace within the Spiral When he stubbornly bars the Gates he defies tradition and enrages the Aetherial community What will become of them deprived of the realm from which flows their essential life force? Is Lawrence protecting them or betraying them?Growing up amid this turmoil Rosie and her brothers along with Sam and Jon Wilder are heedless of the peril lurking beyond the Gates They know only that th The Foxes and the Wilders are prestigious Aetherial faerie families living as humans in England Lawrence Wilder is the Gatekeeper who opens the Gates to Otherworld every seven years for necessary magical renewal and Auberon Fox is the Aetherial leader The community is thrown when Lawrence refuses to open the Gates citing unspeakable danger in Otherworld that no one else believes in As long as the Gates are closed the Aetherials slowly lose the magic that make up a huge part of their secret lives becoming human Desperate with the waning of their magic the community plots to overthrow Lawrence As the years pass the Fox and Wilder children become irrevocably entwined and their relationships eventually lead them to the Gates where they discover the danger Lawrence claims will destroy them allThe best part of this book is the dysfunctional intricate relationships between the two families especially the children who grow up from middle grade kids to earlymid twenties through the course of the book Sam Wilder violent and mocking but with a hidden good heart falls for outspoken earthy Rosie Fox who has loathed him since he stole her necklace as a child and beat up her older brother For years Rosie wants only to capture the heart of Sam's younger brother Jon who inspires messiah like devotion in everyone he meets Underneath however he is a self involved drug addict who has led Lucas Rosie's beloved younger brother down a dark path Matthew Fox the eldest hates his Aetherial side and pressures his siblings to embrace being human and non magical but he is forced to confront his own true nature when his supposedly human wife turns out to have a secret life tooBut really Rosie and Sam's relationship is what I truly enjoyed their lovehate relationship grows believably and slowly into just love and their bitter mocking flirty interactions start out hot and get even hotter with some sensual sex scenes of the not too explicit kind The only character who doesn’t develop much and who I pretty much hated the entire book is Jon – he’s a whiny self absorbed manipulative user and he doesn’t have his epiphany until the very end By then it’s difficult to feel sympathy for him or care at all The relationships among the adult characters are also messy and loving and hurtful as well providing a nice counterpoint to their kids and are as integral to the storyThe Otherworld behind the Gates is appropriately dangerous fanciful and mysterious and works well as a place for all of the young adults to gather and search for their identities for what’s important to them as individuals and as part of the Aetherial community The way magic intersects with the real world available and seen only by Aetherials is something standard for these kind of “secret fantasy world” stories but feels different here maybe because of the close knit rural setting there’s no vampires and werewolves running amok in city streets for example but maybe also because of the tone of the bookIt’s a beautiful romantic book not a gritty one with a huge sweeping story about people you come to care about It's a book you want to linger with but devour as fast as you can too I think this is the first of a series which is both wonderful and disappointing it works great as a standalone story and I have no idea what will follow but I would love to see the characters again

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Rosie Fox is a daughter of the Aetherials an ancient race from the Spiral the innermost realm of the Otherworld who lives secretly among us Yet she and her kind are bereft of their origins because on Earth in a beautiful village named Cloudcroft the Great Gates between worlds stand sealedHer parents Auberon and Jessica are the warm heart of Cloudcroft and of Rosie’s loving family But on the hill lives the mysterious aloof Lawrence Wilder Gatekeeper to the inner realms of Elfland Tortured by private demons he is beset by trouble on all sides his wife has vanished and his sons Jon and Sam are bitter and damaged Lawrence is duty boun I’m SO SO disappointed with this one It’s not right that a book with such a gorgeous cover tells such a dull frustrating soap operish story Ugh Things actually started out okay I liked the beginning when the protagonists are younger just little kids really and they can't stand the sight of each other in fact the whole story is about these two families that don't get along They are not human but some kind of fairy species and they hate each other because one family is responsible for opening the 'Gates' which is the entrance to this otherworld but they refuse to do it while the other family wants to get in thereThis story is also contemporary meaning this was supposed to be some kind of epic contemporary fantasy and I was so excited for it but turns out it's like a lame romantic drama where people sometimes speak of these things called 'Gates' and the 'Dusklands' the otherworld Like I said the beginning is uite interesting but at some point the whole thing becomes this really bad soap opera episode you know when the girl likes the wrong guy and for some stupid reason gets married with this other dude just so a few days later she can cheat on him with yet another guy but that's okay because her husband only married her for the family money and OMG WHAT'S HAPPENING??? Seriously? I kept looking at the cover just to make sure I was reading this same book I bought a long time ago because it had such a pretty Kinuko Y Craft cover I WAS TRICKED This is not at all what I was expecting And I kid you not all I said before does happen in Elfland the female lead Rose falls for one of the boys from the other family when she's a little kid and turns out he's gay but she refuses to deal with it so she spends years of her life trying to make him to notice her all the while sleeping with guys that remind her of him when she does get tired of chasing a gay guy she decides to marry this other dude who she does not love whatsoever but she says she wants a normal uiet life which I could understand if her life wasn't normal already Okay yes her family is different and they aren't human but THAT IS normal for her so I don't get it Anyway she marries this douche and HAS SEX WITH THE BROTHER OF THE GAY GUY DURING HER WEDDING RECEPTION WHILE WEARING HER WEDDING DRESS AGAINST A TREE and keeps having sex encounters with him when her husband is away until the day he finds them on the bed and ends up crashing a car against a tree leaving her a widow And I didn't even mention her mother who got pregnant from her husband's nemesis Should I go on? Yeah I don't think soI I don't even know how I finished this book And it's not that there's something wrong with the writing no but the concept of the story is just so not what I was expecting This soap opera Fantasy? PleasePT Cuidado com o Dálmata Elfland

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Elfland Author Freda WarringtEir elders have denied them their birthright harboring dark secrets in a conspiracy of silenceWhen Sam is imprisoned for an all too human crime age old wounds sunder the two familiesyet Rosie is drawn into his web even as she fears the passions awoken in her by the dangerous Wilder clan Torn between duty and desire between worlds Rosie unwittingly precipitates a tragedy that compels her to journey into the Otherworld where unknown terrors await Accompanied by the one man most perilous to her life she must learn hard lessons about life and love in order to understand her Aetherial natureand her role in the terrifying conflict to come originally reviewed on starmetal oak book blog The novel starts off interestingly enough we're introduced to Rosie Fox as a young girl whose family is from the fairy realm accessed through the Gates These Gates are closed to them by Lawrence another Aetherial due to his belief of evil lurking on the other side ready to escape Through the next 200 pages or so we grow up with Rosie and her family and all the drama that goes with it It reminded me of a soap opera where all the characters are fae yet they merely only talk about it It's rare we get to see any Aetherial action Enormous amount of time is spent on love affairs adultery and drugs I felt this annoyance in the plot events was doubled by the fact that I never really liked Rosie Everyone would say how nice and good a person she is but she's rather selfish passive and abrasive I never understood why she made certain desicions such as those relating to her romantic life I felt like drama was created for the sake of drama I also didn't care for Sam very much the stereotypical bad boy the main female character can't help fall in love or lust withFor 200 something pages we are given all this backstory and I ultimately stopped reading for lack of movement of the main plot getting the Gates open or defeating the evil presence beyond them I wasn't interested in the family saga