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D others 576 pages and has a text language like Englis Finished The last 100 pages or so I was thinking stop with the crap about the customs of medieval times and just let me know what is going to happen to the main characters I cared about them very much I ended up totally loving Katherine She was real She made tons of wrong steps in her life but damn it all we all have to live don't we Who says we have to be perfect? Who says we SHOULDN'T fall in love and be carried away by our emotions Also I REALLY learned about life in the middle ages It felt that I was no longer looking at a foreign time and place but was part of it Part of the times castles with their solars and kitchens and clothes both jeweled and ragged and strange foods and smells and holidays and chivalry and plagues scarlet fever and stupid political and religious leaders but also truly religious individuals who helped and were kind and understood others' weaknesses What else? Pilgrimages and shrines and a corrupt Church and Chaucer All of this came alive and it was an enjoyable read Not heavy Any happiness attained was certainly earnedThrough pages 455 Politics lies lies lies Will the serfs attain freedom? Katherine has gotten off her high pedestaluick changes here I am on page 410 and yup I do like it again I guess it is just that I got so terribly annoyed with Katherine Is that bc the author has made me care for her? Anyhow the following pages with Katherine and her first daughter Blanchette sucked me in again I am not giving any spoilersThrough 399 Sometimes the stupidity of Katherine annoys me I am happy that the serfs are being egged on by John Ball Katherine is getting spoiled by her good living Is her memory so short? Here is a short conversation between Katherine and her maid HawsieKatherine says The poll tax is hard on folk no doubt but wars must be paid for Hawsie Why must they show so much hatred?Tis easy to hate lady dear when you be poor and starvingBut they are not cried Katherine her eyes flashing Nobody starves in Leicester or any of the Duke's domains The kitchens often feed three hundred a dayTis not everyone wants to be beggars sweeting said Hawsie Katherine has changed I remember when she behaved as a commoner on May Day festivities when she ran barefoot and frolicked with the others And NOW she is finally beginning to realize that if the Duke dies she will be in uite a pickle Everybody makes choices You have to live with these choicesThrough page 392 Not as good as before Why well I am really not into politics whether it be of today or the 1300s It is 95% of the time corrupt and self centered Who is ruling is interesting to me in terms of how it affects the normal lower status people the masses That is just where my interest lies Neither am I that interested in who is marrying who The one knows of history the one is interested in it and I uite simply don't know very much about medieval royalty So this book has to be interesting to those who knows a lot about the various kings and ueens and their personal traits I DO have to start somewhere And then Katherine's role as acknowledged mistress just rolls along I do admire the blatancy with which the Duke shows this to all and everyone BUT what about the misery he is causing his Castilian wife? He did marry her and if he is such a kind person Yes yes I know politics and how kingdoms were made and broken well that is how it was done through battles and marriage and then the bed to produce the needed heirs Further now romantic developments are sprouting for the children too I am not as attached to them as I am to Katherine so it means little to me Books often drag 23 34 through History continues to be deftly interwoven into the story The book continues to describe the customs of the times This I continue to enjoy So it is not hopeless I have forgotten to mention that the plague the Black Death was well depicted and bits about Chaucer are interesting Also the historical developments of part of the 100 Years War are explainedThrough page 151 What a surprise This is fun to read The author has correctly followed the historical facts I read that some say the ending is not agreed upon by all historians but I am not there yet So the history is correct and small details of how things were done in the 1300s are interestingly and accurately described This is history that is fun to read Never dry text It takes place during the 100 Years War Reading it feels simply like reading a fun novel and you are leaning at the same time What could be better There is something about the way the author depicts people that makes them very real Flesh and bone Physically when Katherine is frolicking on the day before her wedding a beautiful spring day of May you feel the dew on the grass on your own bare feet She somehow with just a few words catches how one's body interprets the weather physical contact or sickness The smells are in your own nostrils The wetness on your own skin And it is all done so naturally that it seems you are simply there not reading about it The characters are not one sided The same person has both good and bad ualities just like in real life So far so good I am enjoying myself A delightful surpriseI am worried about this one I feel I OUGHT to read it but will I like it? It seems like it has a religious ending gulp And the romance won't that be too much? Also some say it has a slow start With all these negative points why does it have such a high rating? I can always just stop if I really cannot stand it

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KatherineAmazing E Book Katherine by Anya Seton This is the bes This book is both a spiritual coming of age tale and a hauntingly beautiful love story Anya Seton wrote some other good books but make no mistake — this is her masterpiece Katherine is based on the true story of Katherine Swynford and John of Gaunt from 14th Century England John a younger son of King Edward III was one of the richest and most powerful men of his day His marriages were strategic alliances — but the great love of his life was Katherine the humble orphan daughter of one his father's heraldsKatherine grows from an love struck teenager into an intelligent and aware heroine over the thirty year course of the story John has moments of arrogance but is also capable of tender acts of sweetness — He should join Rhett Butler and Mr Darcy on the list of sexiest men in literatureThe couple's relationship develops slowly over the first half of the book but the payoff is well worth the wait The last page of this story always makes me sigh Katherine is the kind of novel that sucks you right in to its time and place If you're anything like me you're going to want to rush out and find out the true story behind it when you're done because you just can't let it go

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Doc ↠ Katherine 576 pages ✓ Anya seton ✓ Amazing E-Book, Katherine by Anya Seton This is the best favorite book isbn 9780340839881 format Paperback and others 576 pages and has a text language like English T favorite book isbn 9780340839881 format Paperback an “Cease daughter said the priest at last in a trembling voice I cannot grant absolution no priest could”Widely considered to be Seton's best work this is a fast paced and fascinating interpretation of Katherine's life lived in a time of turmoil and copious bloodshedThe only thing that made me read this slowly was the edition I had has a small font and little space between the lines At first I could only manage 20 pages at a time I guess kindle has left me spoilt However I soon adjusted and this morning I was so eager to find out Katherine's fate that I was up before 6am feverishly readingI've read this account isn't historically accurate how could it be when so many records were destroyed by the fire at the Savoy and so many other events in these tumultuous times but in any case I was happy to make allowances for crackling dialogue a novel that doesn't shy away from showing the importance of religion in medieval life and a great and passionate love story a really racy one considering this was written in 1954 Seton even captures the smells as well as the customs of the times and I felt like I had jumped into the pages and was on this journey with KatherineI don't share Katherine's love for John of Gaunt view spoilergiven if this part of Seton's account is correct he took little to no interest in his children with Katherine for at least a decade hide spoiler