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Free read Journey Between Worlds ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¶ Melinda Ashley has a plan for her life and a trip to Mars isn't part of it When she receives a spaceliner ticket as a high school graduation gift from her dad she is dismayed but reluctantly agrees to go with him in part because she's infuriated by her fiancePicture of the post twentieth century world a world where pioneers on Mars are envisioned as a continuation of the endless chain of settlers who have been moving to new frontiers ever since the human race began Horn BookAbsorbing science fiction Intensive first person characterizations and a love story one can really care about Wichita Falls TimesAs an adult I found Journey Between Worlds captivating and thought provoking There's much to this book than romance or a coming of age type of story but instead the concepts it holds are what make it appealing It certainly made me think Dorine Linnen Romance JunkiesJourney Between Worlds' theme of a human manifest destiny in space is by no means juvenile A fun read for younger audiences and an inspiring hopeful and entertaining tale for older readers as well ScifiDimensionsYoung adults will find not only adventure here in good measure but a satisfying love story as well Catholic Library World. This is my least favorite of Sylvia Engdahl's books The outcome is foreshadowed so much that there is no suspense about how it will turn out The main characters are tw0 dimensional I liked some of the others Paul Kathy Alicia better than Melinda and Alex

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Y about human aspirations and human love and is usually enjoyed by readers who like romance than by avid science fiction fans In this new ebook edition there has been some minor updating of wording involving mobile devices beyond that done in the 2006 hardcover editionFrom the reviewsThe book feels as fresh and interesting as any near future novel I have read A very accessible story for readers who are interested in space colonization as well as readers who enjoy stories about personal growth and relationships BlogcriticsA must read for all future space pioneers who wish to persuade their friends to join them in making that future journey between the worlds of the known and the unknown Marianne Dyson Reading Space National Space SocietyA beautifully written heartwarming and scientifically plausible novel Now that I'm done with it I want John Joseph Adams Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine ShowThe author has projected a plausible. This is a difficult one to rate I can't say I particularly enjoyed it but it's hard to separate my opinions from the fact that this was written FIFTY YEARS ago And while spaceshipspace colonization romance books are common now was there even a sci fi YA romance before this book I almost think not But it's hard not to compare it to similar modern books which are heavier on the plot and action plus way smooches

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Journey Between WorldsMelinda Ashley has a plan for her life and a trip to Mars isn't part of it When she receives a spaceliner ticket as a high school graduation gift from her dad she is dismayed but reluctantly agrees to go with him in part because she's infuriated by her fiance's high handed declaration that she can't Her outlook begins to change when she meets Alex Preston a second generation Martian colonist who is going home after college on Earth Alex believes settling Mars is important He's looking forward to the role he expects to play in the colony's future Melinda finds this hard to understand yet she is and drawn to him and while on Mars to his family Torn between what she has always wanted and upsetting new feelings she wonders if she can ever again be content It takes tragedy and a terrifying experience to make her aware of what really matters to herAlthough this novel is set on Mars it's not about technology or exotic adventure It's mainly a stor. Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToocomMelinda doesn't want to go to Mars Why leave Earth when everything humans are meant to enjoy is there But when her father whom she's only seen sporadically over the last ten years asks her to join him on a business trip to one of the Mars colonies after she graduates from high school she can't bring herself to refuse him Little does she know her months on Mars will change the way she thinks about life love and humanity With JOURNEY BETWEEN WORLDS Sylvia Louise Engdahl has written a science fiction story that will appeal to a variety of teens Melinda faces many of the same problems today's young adults do only in an otherworldly location The first person narrative puts readers right inside Melinda's head and allows them to see through her eyes Her struggle to overcome her fear of change and to examine her feelings and beliefs honestly should resonate with anyone uncertain of exactly who they are and want to be The story of course is not only about Melinda but also Mars The descriptions of Mars and its colonies are fascinating in their detail and realism providing an exciting setting for Melinda's personal conflicts The colonists with their pride and passion will make readers wonder if they too would have the pioneer spirit I would recommend JOURNEY BETWEEN WORLDS to any teen looking for a thought provoking read Unlike many science fiction novels this is not a story of action and technology but rather of wonder I'll admit at times I wished there was excitement but overall it was a satisfying read Both Melinda's problems and the issues raised by the colonization of another planet will give readers much to ponder long after they've finished reading