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Tono BungayWs his uncle to wield so much power This is the only popular edition of the text to include Wells's final revisions The notes explain his multi layered allusions the Introduction places the novel in its literary and historical contex reviewsmetaphorosiscom 35 starsGeorge is expelled from the manor his mother serves in and bounces around until he lands with his uncle a chemist He departs again but returns once his uncle develops a successful line of snake oil Despite his ualms George a talented engineer helps out with sales and development and their fortunes growI first read this many years and liked it though I also misremembered it as having something to do with a potion that caused floating which seems to be a conflation of Mary Poppins and a short story whose title evades me In fact it's a novel of social commentary and critiue of English life lightly wrapped in adventure and romanceThe introduction to my paperback edition says that George's early life is closely based on author Herbert George's and he does seem to know the material well The first section of the book is a sharp analysis of a system of social classes and habits largely decrepit and outdated It's keenly observed and it seems credible that Wells is speaking from experienceThe novel largely follows George as he wanders on the fringes of his uncle's ventures helpful but disdainful and often disinterested It recounts his distraction from study and work his failures in love and the partial waste of a natural talent for engineering It's all wrapped in social critiue with comments on the class system socialism politics economics and other topicsAll that sounds dull but it's not As I re discovered when reading Ann Veronica a mainstream novel that immediately followed Tono Bungay Wells was an excellent writer with a fine sense for character and an ability to convey his social opinion without overburdening his narrative The purpose of Tono Bungay is clearly to express concern about England's direction but that doesn't stop it from being a very successful novel as wellThe ending of the novel is an interesting mix Our hero comes through bruised but whole but the future of the country seems less bright The result is a sad and lonely feeling but not entirely without hopeUnlike Ann Veronica the women in this book are two dimensional In fact pretty much the only full characters are George and his uncle but it works despite that George's aunt Susan is a key figure who nonetheless gets short shrift There's a brief mention at the end that deserved a lot space and I was disappointed that Wells didn't make of her and her relationship with George Instead she's played mostly for comic relief and I got the feeling that Wells considered but then abandoned a larger role for her I wish he had followed through; she deserved time and it would have added an interesting element to George's personal lifeOverall a very readable interesting novel that deserves attention

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reader Ü Tono-Bungay 352 pages ☆ George Ponderovo's uiet young life is changed forever when he is forced to leave home is apprenticed to his dynamic Uncle Edward in his chemist's shop Edward determined to 'strike out' invents a bogus medicine called Tono Bungay which earns him a vast fortune George's share of the wealth enables him to live out hisGeorge Ponderovo's uiet young life is changed forever when he is forced to leave home is apprenticed to his dynamic Uncle Edward in his chemist's shop Edward determined to 'strike out' invents a bogus medicine called Tono Bungay whic I have read a number of HG Wells's early sci fi novels This is the first time I have read one of his other novels and I am surprised to see that it is by far his best work Tono Bungay is a bildungsroman about growing up poor in Victorian England and making one's way in the world by a combination of luck good and badThe good luck is hero George Ponderevo's association with his uncle Edward the inventor of a nostrum called Tono Bungay He brings his nephew George in with him and becomes a fantastically rich financier until until the whole thing comes undone The bad luck consists of George's three attempts at love He marries but it ends in a kind of listless divorce Then there is a bright affair with a secretary but that goes nowhere Finally there is Beatrice Normandy whom George knew from his childhood Unfortunately she had made her accommodation in a lazy ongoing relationship with an English lordThere are times when the novel seems to lose its way as if Wells was not used to writing a 400 page novel but he keeps coming backDon't imagine that I am coming presently to any sort of solution of my difficulties Here among my drawings and hammerings NOW I still uestion unanswering problems All my life has been at bottom SEEKING disbelieving always dissatisfied always with the thing seen and the thing believed seeking something in toil in force in danger something whose name and nature I do not clearly understand something beautiful worshipful enduring mine profoundly and fundamentally and the utter redemption of myself; I don't know—all I can tell is that it is something I have ever failed to find I will continue to read of Wells's sci fi novels but I think I will also check out Kipps and The History of Mr Polly

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H earns him a vast fortune George's share of the wealth enables him to live out his fantasies by building an aeroplane As he witnesses the spectacular rise of the Tono Bungay empire he contemplates a corrupt English society that allo At times I almost really liked this book for its criticism of consumer capitalism for a book published in 1909 T B feels ahead of its time in this respect and the realness of some of the characters but I got fed up with the narratorauthor constantly explaining his own symbolism not to mention his random anti semitic remarks his problematic relationship to womenmarriage and that especially disturbing Heart of Darkness voyage into Africa where in a typical heart of darknessuap fevered state he loses all his european moralitycivilityetc and kills a totally innocent African man I mean shit come on