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kindle ☆ Lyme AUTHOR Mary Beth Pfeiffer â Mary Beth Pfeiffer Search for a cure Pfeiffer also warns of the emergence of other tick borne illnesses that make Lyme difficult to treat and pose their own grave risks Lyme is an impeccably researched account of an enigmatic disease making a powerful case for action to fight ticks heal patients and recognize humanity’s role in a modern scour Interesting although somewhat alarming reading But the text didn't answer my own burning uestion why oh why is this not an accepted diagnosable condition What's the obstacle

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Lyme AUTHOR Mary Beth Pfeiffer eBook Î Hardcover Read × naturaltreatment ´ Superbly written and researched — Booklist Builds a strong case — Kirkus Lyme disease is spreading rapidly around the globe as ticks move into places they could not survive before The first epidemic to emerge in the e Superbly written and researched  Booklist Builds a strong case  Kirkus Lyme disease is spreading rapidly around the globe as ticks move into places they could not survive before The first epidemic to emerge in the era of climate change the disease infects half a million people in the US and Europe each year and untold mul Things have changed a lot since I had Neurological Lyme disease for the first time in the 90’s now you can get Lyme in the middle of the Winter and many people are now getting Lyme mixed with other illnesses “Ticks can and sometimes do deliver two three or four diseases in one bite” People are now getting Lyme with Babesiosis which will make your Lyme three times worse Not long ago a moose might have 1000 to 20000 ticks In Vermont now moose are showing up with over 100000 ticks each “These magnificent animals were literally being bled to death” On some of these animals you can’t find a free spot in the tick’s favorite places Lyme is now pretty much found around the world Where is Lyme found in Spain Everywhere 300000 to 400000 new cases are reported worldwide every year This is helped by the strange fact that infected ticks “are efficient at finding prey than uninfected ticks” An infected tick can smell a meal from 50 feet Its bite passes into the bloodstream without raising the usual alarms in the human body A female Ixodes tick lays thousands of eggs Lyme spirochetes look under the microscope like “so many tiny whirring drills” A Lyme infested tick biting a deer can cause Lyme 10% of the time but a Lyme infested tick biting a mouse will infect it 90% of the time Mice can easily have 20 30 larval ticks Find an environment where mice are kept in check and you will find less Lyme disease Killing deer wouldn’t work because “chipmunks shrews suirrels even raccoons all are better at imparting Lyme spirochetes to ticks than deer” The only reason Borrelia burgdorferi is a problem is because ticks exist to transport it Ticks can’t see but they sense and they can go months without eating Oh joy Kris Kristofferson it was thought had Alzheimer’s in 2016 turns out it was just Lyme His memory returned although he now thinks Bobby McGee is a Verizon operator in Detroit Lone Star ticks are the athletes of the tick family in seconds they can travel up your leg to your scalp Soldiers in training crawling in grasses in Maryland can have “up to five hundred nymphal Lone Star ticks – per soldier per hour” Each year migrating birds bring an estimated 50 million to 175 million I scapularis ticks Lyme ticks just into Canada Ticks live around two years mosuitos live only about two weeks This book recommends permethrin treated clothing for people always in the woods because it gives you 75x less chance of being bitten While permethrin is a “weak carcinogen” tests have shown people exposed to it for “eighteen hour per day exposure to the clothing for ten years” to no ill effect Lyme is creating a further fear of being in nature that is echoed throughout the culture already addicted to screen time in lieu of community time or nature time Having just finished Lyme treatment again for the third time in the past two years this book was very helpful Great uote inside “A healthy person has 1000 wishes a sick person only one”

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Lyme AUTHOR Mary Beth PfeiffTitudes in Canada China Russia and Australia Mary Beth Pfeiffer shows how we have contributed to this growing menace and how modern medicine has underestimated its danger She tells the heart rending stories of families destroyed by a single tick bite of children disabled and of one woman’s tragic choice after an exhaustive Unfortunately the title will turn so many away from this book If it helps the author assumed climate change and isn’t making an attempt to prove it Interesting enough the “climate change” in the title was what drew me into the book but I am concluding that this isn’t a great title for the book I don’t have any constructive criticism with that really for example another title It needs to say something about the lack of compassion in the CDC and medical community for people that are suffering from Lyme Disease I hope the uotes of doctors aren’t that common when they say that a patient’s case isn’t Lyme Disease but rather “Americanitis” laziness “schoolitis” “psychological inbalance” along with a whole other slew of demeaning phrases and belittling attitudes Unfortunately based on the way I hear doctors speak about folks that go off the CDC child vaccination guidelines in any way make me wonder if this condescend countenance is perhaps the norm and certainly what a person who is truly suffering from tick diseases should likely expect As if those last lines weren’t contentious enough I’ll share a wee bit This writer is a great writerit’s not often that I can barely put a non fiction book down but she managed to make me hold on tight for the ride Additionally the book is filled with evidence of great journalism which must include excellent research Her references are bountiful If the controversy of Lyme Disease was one of logic or present day studies then you would stand on good grounds to align with this author and the growing research that says things like Lyme Disease is chronic; common than the CDC claims on their website; not easily cured by a simple round of antibiotics often taking many rounds to help; uite dangerousThe CDC however bases their understanding of Lyme Disease on dated two tiered testing which is inconsistent and unreliable They educate doctors to go to great lengths to discount possible Lyme Disease cases and all of this is strictly based on dogma which is disgusting for science Don’t get me wrong I respect the CDC and am aware that everybody there is smarter than me but Pfeiffer’s critiues are easy to side with for me Science is one of those fields where it does not help being humble Things like their view of Lyme Disease and their dogmatic conclusions about it and their very specific schedule of putting vaccines into a child are subjects they need to form a conclusion on but any conclusion has conseuences The conseuences of their vaccine schedule are the belittlement of anyone including pediatricians that propose alternate schedules and the declining of certain vaccines that have complications that outweigh their benefits according to some real life pediatricians The conseuences related to Lyme Disease are the lack of care and absence of uality of life for a patient who has this potentially debilitating disease Other conseuences are the threat Lyme Disease poses and our likely unpreparedness for this threat What gets the money for studies Zika What do you never hear about Lyme Disease You can disagree with me all day but I think this book is especially important for folks that would minimize Lyme Disease’s importance What if your foundation on this subject was based in archaic research that has never been update but held to like it was a religion What if a two tiered testing system is of a scheme to only confirm Lyme in select individuals but was never meant to be the final testing method as one scientist that helped originate this system claims it was meant to be Most importantly what if those in the medical field are belittling people’s real pain and suffering If you’re okay with this and wouldn’t want to change it then you may need to consider a field that asks for a lot less compassion