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Download Duchess by Day Mistress by Night Book ó 294 pages ´ Naturaltreatment Ë Georgiana Rutherford the Duchess of Hardcastle seemingly has it all—wealth pedigree and the admiration of the ton except her heart hungers for a passionate affair She meets the enigmatic and ruthless Mr Rhys TreRoker The attraction between them is impossible to deny but she cannot be feeling it for this man Rhys Tremayne has built his wealth and empire by dealing secrets on the black market of the London underworld He is determined to take his sisters away from the de Well Stacy Reid is uickly becoming a favorite I loved Georgiana and Rhys They’re both good loyal people who both want happiness It’s definitely amusing to see their relationship evolve from business to lovers to friends to I loved seeing Rhys fiercely protect those he loves and dote on his sisters And Georgiana was delightful with her son and when standing up for herself Plot wise it was good I always love seeing the change in the gruff cold Hero when his love interest is in danger and he snaps Rhys was perfection Of course there’s a bit of angst when it comes to society but the break up goes by uickly the ending is fantastic and the epilogue was everything I could have wanted Overall it was a uick and super enjoyable read I can’t wait to start the next book

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Georgiana Rutherford the Duchess of Hardcastle seemingly has it all wealth pedigree and the admiration of the ton except her heart hungers for a passionate affair She meets the enigmatic and ruthless Mr Rhys Tremayne a man known to low and high society as the B 4 12 steamy starsI am a big fan of ALL of Stacy Reid's HRs she delivers my must haves in a good book every time likeable mcs a storyline that keeps me glued to the end and steamy goodness galore This book was no exceptionThe Duchess of Hardcastle widow Georgiana Rutherford is lonely She was widowed 3 years ago as she married an older man in an arrangement made by her family to align their already blue blood with the even richer blue blood of a duke Informed of this union at age 13 Georgiana gave up any girlish romantic dreams as she was dedicated 247365 to learning how to be a duchess from that time until she wed at age 16 Though she cared for her husband and he was kind to her he turned to mistresses for his sexual needs as his wife was there simply to provide an heir and a spare; as such he visited her once a month during the 3rd week of the month for the first 3 years of their marriage until she conceived the heir Nicholas For Georgiana her son is her world and the best thing about her union with the duke because even though she offered to play the role of his mistress she was shut down and told she was not passionate enough Now that she has shed her widow weeds and then some she is being encouraged by her friends and even her brother to pursue a gentleman lover and live a little And though she is interested in the prospect perhaps her late husband was correct she must be cold if she does not feel any sparks with any of the handsome prospects available Rhys Tremayne known as The Broker is a mutt according to society Though his mother was the daughter of a viscount once betrothed to an earl her father sold her to an Irish merchant when he was in need of funds and she suffered significant abuse by that husband to the extent that she fled him when Rhys was 12 his older sister 4 and when she was pregnant with what turned out to be twin daughters Though his mother begged her recently minted viscount brother to take her in he refused and the family had to made do in The Stews Rhys went to work on the docks and learned the value of secrets; thus he was able to make money to get his family out of the slums and into Mayfair where they are all happily ensconced each of his sisters heiresses as a result of his fortune But the one thing Rhys cannot give them is respectability; thus he is seeking a higher societal connection He has many politicians and lords in his debt but having links to a duke would be ideal And then he gets a reuest for assistance from the Duchess of Hardcastle which he sees as his sisters' in if she were to sponsor their debuts But when he meets the dowager duchess that he expected to be an older lady he is stunned to realize not only is she young but she is extremely attractive and their spark is immediateGeorgiana needs help and the only person that can help her is The Broker When she meets this mysterious man and realizes he is only in his early thirties despite being in business for 20 years she is stunned And then when she speaks with him and touches him he awakens something she thought she would never find But he is not a member of the ton and since she has spent her life preparing to be and now serving in the role of the ideal duchess she cannot possibly carry on an affair with someone so reviled in polite society But can she resist his charms? And if they do become lovers can the relationship be purely based on mutual sexual desire? Otherwise things could get messy indeedWhat I liked The main characters were opposites yet similar when it came down to it loyalty morality etc which made them perfect for each other Plot was fast moving Found the eldest of the sisters' story interesting hope she gets her own story Oh the steamy goodnessWhat I didn't like as much uick mystery without much build up definitely not central to the plot other than to connect the mcs Overall a wonderful read from a favorite author that I am certain to revisit in the futurePlot 455Main Characters 455Supporting Cast 455Steam Level 45Violence nothing graphicLanguage not egregiousPOV 3rdNote that steam level is not a rating so much as a how hot was it 05 clean; 15 mild; 25 sensual but nothing descriptive; 35 now we're getting somewhere; 45 yes please ; 55 they did EVERYTHING in this one y'all

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Duchess by Day Mistress by NightPraved world they’ve known their entire lives and the duchess is the perfect woman to help sponsor his sisters into society The only problem is that he wants from Georgiana even if the social divide between them ensures she can only ever be his lover in secre After finishing the book and mulling it over I upped my rating to a 45 rounded upI really enjoyed this book Georgiana and Rhys are both extremely likable characters Georgiana is the widowed Duchess of Hardcastle she is admired by the ton a patron of the arts a loving and devoted mother to her young son and she is restless She is being pressured by her family to remarry but what she longs for is passion When a nursemaid in her employ disappears without a trace and all her efforts to find the woman fail Georgiana is introduced to Rhys Tremayne The Broker Georgiana is immediately attracted to Rhys but an affair with him would mean social ruin for not only her but her family and her young sonRhys is a self made man he has clawed his way up from the gutters and collects secrets which he uses to barter for favors he is sort of the regency era Godfather He has used his talent to build a fortune and owns several profitable businesses He has the wealth and the power to topple governments but he doesn't have what he wants the most the ability to introduce his sisters to the ton When he meets Georgiana for the first time he is stunned by his reaction to her he wants her than anything he has ever wanted in his life but she is so far out of his social realm that he knows that there could never be anything between them He helps her find her missing nursemaid and asks for nothing in returnWeeks later Georgiana is in need of Rhys' help again but this time he does ask for a favor He asks Georgiana to sponsor his sister and she readily agrees They finally give into the barely contained attraction between them and begin a scorching HOT love affair They are extremely discreet but when there is a caricature in the papers implying Georgiana and Rhys are involved she backs away from him but she can't seem to let him goWhen Rhys confronts her and learns a secret about her he asks her to marry him shocking both of them Georgiana turns him down afraid of what society will do to both of them and their families and they end their affairWeeks pass and Georgiana decides that she is willing to face the censure of the ton if it means she can be with Rhys but it appears that Rhys has moved on Can these two have a HEA? You will have to read the book to find outI thought this was one of the best books I have read by this author it is well written flows perfectly has super HOT love scenes wonderful secondary characters believable obstacles keeping our lovers apart and finally a sigh worthy ending Ms Reid has come a long way in her accuracy of titles and formal address but there were still a few mistakes in the book and I didn't 100% buy that the ton would so willingly accept his sister so that is why I knocked off 12 a star But I would happily recommend this book to anyone who likes a HOT historical romanceI am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher