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Преступление и наказаниеRaskolnikov an impoverished student living in the St Petersburg of the tsars is determined to overreach his humanity and assert his untrammeled individual will When he commits an act of murder and theft he sets into motion a story that for its. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t get enough of reading Dostoevsky Maybe because his books made me think so deeply about being human and how we choose to live our lives I began with Crime and Punishment probably the work he is best known for What I remember is being fascinated by Dostoevsky’s brilliant understanding of human nature I remember thinking what a deep study this book was; an incredible examination of a man who commits murder and how he is “punished” for it I remember thinking that here was a master storyteller Not only able to create complex characters but able to take the reader deeply inside a character’s mind Best of all I remember that I would stop reading periodically and think; not a mindless read but an absorbing one

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G without losing a drop of its power over our imaginationsDostoevsky’s drama of sin guilt and redemption transforms the sordid story of an old woman’s murder into the nineteenth century’s profoundest and most compelling philosophical nov. What a sensational reading experience what an unconditional surrender to an atmosphere of fear anxiety and confusion and to an epic battle of wills Rarely these days do I read with that kind of hopeless helpless feeling of being completely utterly lost in the imaginary world From the first moment when Raskolnikov steps out on the street and begins wandering around in Petersburg to the very last pages I live with the characters I am part of the story I have my own opinions and argue against their actions in my head while reading on in a frenzy What can I say There has been enough said of Raskolnikov’s murky motives for doing what he does I don’t agree with him at all neither with the theory he proposes nor with the idea that he can expiate his crime through intense suffering I hate the nonchalance with which he discards the murderee “a louse” as an unimportant detail in the bigger picture of him his character his suffering ego and his ultimate redemption and resurrection as a “new man” Even if the pawnbroker is not a sympathetic character she is an independent woman who provides for herself without having to sell her body to a husband or a pimp She is not a “louse” and by killing her out of vanity pride self promotion delusion or hubris Raskolnikov destroys her It is not the devil’s work as Raskolnikov says at one point A great man should be better able to take responsibility for his own actions It is Raskolnikov himself who knowingly condescendingly makes the calculation that an ugly businesslike old woman does not have any value in herself Of course not Raskolnikov Neither does Shylock in The Merchant Of Venice Not part of the mainstream community they don’t count in the name of law and justice and compassion It takes a Shakespeare or a Dostoyevsky to point that out without sounding preachy and moralist and without siding with one character against anotherIn a world in which women are property the unattractive pawnbroker is meaningless unless you turn her riches into your property As for the brutal killing with an axe A mere trifle in the contextBut as Dostoyevsky might well be one of the most brilliant authors ever describing an evil character I commiserate with the scoundrel with the egomaniac charismatic murderer I feel for him with him in his dramatic stand offs with Pyotr Petrovich his intellectual counterpart Their verbal exchanges evoke the image of two predators circling each other working on their own strategies while calculating the enemy’sI suffer with the psychopath and take his side even when I disagree with him Such is the power of Dostoyevsky’s storytelling genius He creates characters with major flaws and very different positions and he gives all of them their space their say their moment on stage And when they appear they have the audience’s full attention Dostoyevsky lets a cynical self confessed abuser of women commit the one act of charity that actually has a positive impact on three children’s future He lets a drunkard the comical character of Marmeladov who pushes his wife to insanity and his daughter to prostitution revel in the pleasure of suffering sounding almost like a philosopher when he cherishes his idea that god will honour the self sacrifice of the women he has destroyed and that the same god will indiscriminately have mercy on himself as well for being so willing to suffer especially the pulling of hair does a great deal of good according to Marmeladov comical effect includedDostoyevsky lets women sacrifice themselves in the name of charity and religion Needless to say I have strong opinions about that and apart from the unspeakable suffering imp

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Преступление и наказание Read ☆ 9 Â Raskolnikov an impoverished student living in the St Petersburg of the tsars is determined to overreach his humanity and assert his untrammeled individual will When he commits an act of murder and theft he sets into motion a story that for its excruciating suspense iExcruciating suspense its atmospheric vividness and its depth of characterization and vision is almost uneualed in the literatures of the world The best known of Dostoevsky’s masterpieces Crime and Punishment can bear any amount of rereadin. “Trying to untie the string and going to the window to the light all her windows were closed despite the stuffiness she left him completely for a few seconds and turned her back to him He unbuttoned his coat and freed the axe from the loop but did not uite take it out yet; he just held it in his right hand under the coat His hands were terribly weak; he felt them growing and numb and stiff every moment He was afraid he would let go and drop the axesuddenly his head seemed to spin” Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment My raging Raskolnikov like conscious could not rest without warning you of potential spoilers aheadThe problem with being a high school student with average intelligence is that you can get fairly good grades with fairly minimal effort It is an invitation to cut corners and utilize only one half your ass This happened to me in English class I'd sit back take good notes and bluff my way through various tests this was back in the day before Google when my family only had an AOL dial up connection and all the answers right and wrong were on the internet For these sins I am now fated to read the classics long after I was supposed to read them On the plus side coming to the classics on my own volition has given me a better appreciation than having to read them with a figurative gun to the head This has allowed me to enjoy certain works to a higher degreeHowever I don't think any number of years will allow me to appreciate or enjoy or even suffer Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment First published in 1866 Crime and Punishment is the excruciatingly detailed psycho epic about the murder of a pawn shop owner and her sister The murderer is named Raskolnikov He is a former student living in a wretched little closet apartment He is utterly unlikable smug arrogant temperamental condescending and self delusional Today we would recognize this person as having a serious mental illness and the book would be called Inability To Form Criminal Intent and Involuntary Commitment instead of Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky though presents Raskolnikov's malady as spiritual rather than mental In a way he is just like every grad student you've ever met shiftless; over educated and under employed; haughty yet prone to bouts of self loathing I imagine if this book was written in the next century Raskolnikov would have shaggy sideburns wear a t shirt emblazoned with Che's image and have a well hidden addiction to prescription pain pills Raskolnikov has some interesting theories He's a Nietzsche inspired proto Nazi who believes that the world can be divided into two classes an elite Napoleonic class free to do what they wish; and a second class comprised of everyone else This former class because of their elevated standing don't have to follow the rules Armed with this self serving worldview Raskolnikov in need of money determines that the pawn broker Alyona Ivanovna is a louse who deserves to die So he takes his axe and a fake pledge to her apartment and bashes her head in The crime is suitably graphic He took the axe all the way out swung it with both hands scarcely aware of himself and almost without effortbrought the butt end down on her headBecause she was short the blow happened to land right on the crown of her head She cried out but very faintly and her whole body suddenly sank to the floor though she still managed to raise both hands to her headThen he struck her again and yet again with all his strengthBlood poured out as from an overturned glassOnce the murder is complete very early in the novel the long slow excruciating psychological unraveling begins Some of Raskolnikov's madness is displayed through