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Warm Bodies review ô 109 Û Now a major motion picture from Summit EntertainmentR is having a no life crisis—he is a zombie He has no memories no identity and no pulse but he is a little different from his fellow Dead He may occasionally eat people but he’d rather be riding abandoned airport escalators listening to Sinatra in the cozy 747 he calls home Now a major motion picture from Summit EntertainmentR is having a no life crisis he is a zombie He has no memories no identity and no pulse but he is a little different from his fellow Dead He may occasionally eat people but he’d rather be riding aba. The protagonist of Warm Bodies is R a zombie who cannot remember his name beyond that single letter He is verbose compared to other zombies although his main recreation is still riding escalators around the airport in which he lives I kind of felt like the escalator riding was a shout out to Dawn of the Dead and it made me happy The first few chapters of the book are the strongest parts of the book I think they must have been polished over and over again and they contrast the rest of the book so sharply that it can only suffer in comparison Still R's thoughts are a little too well connected for a zombie which made me feel like it was a mistake to tell this first person The book would have been of a success with me if his evolution from man eater to Romeo was a little gradual instead of part way there Given the number of pages we go through before we meet R's love interest and the catalyst for all the changes he goes through I think he ought to have been zombie ishThe zombies didn't feel much like zombies to me They had the ability to form relationships albeit very basic ones and to have a somewhat structured community There was a church in which R is married and there is a school that his adopted children attend to learn how to be better zombies The logic behind this is that children lack the instincts to be good zombies to know how to kill and where to bite Ummm I didn't really buy that too much If next to none of their personality and memories are retained wouldn't a child zombie just be so many infected cells directed by the virus This is one of those books where I had to buckle up and stop asking uestions because I wasn't going to get any decent answersAfter the intial zombie world establishing is out of the way the story is just a weird retelling of Romeo and Juliet If Bella constantly comparing herself to Juliet in New Moon annoyed you then this book will probably give you a rage blackout You'd think after New Moon a book couldn't be in your face about retelling that story but you'd be wrong Sure Bella and Edward watch the movie all cuddled up together and he repeats the play line for line in her ear at the beginning of New Moon but at least Stephanie Meyer didn't give Bella the middle name Juliet to like seal the freaking dealRomeo kills and eats Perry Paris who is trying to protect his girlfriend Juliet In Isaac Marion's world zombies enjoy brains because it gives them brief flashes of human memory R gets Perry's memories of Julie Essentially all he knows about Julie beyond that she's warm and delicious is from Perry Perry's memories and feelings for Julie motivate R to save her even attacking his bestest zombie buddy Mercutio And since I want to get my effing Romeo and Juliet references out of the way now I'm just going to let you know Julie's best friend is named Nora Nora wants to be a nurse I thought all the Romeo and Juliet crap was done by the time I got to Nora and I almost had a seizure when I realized there was Believe me I'm sparing you by telling you in advanceThere are Romeo and Juliet references sprinkled throughout the book with all the finesse of a two year old flower girl throwing balled up crumpled hunks of flower petals on the floor as she stomps her little way toward the alter but none of them bothered me as much as the repetitive transparency of the namesSo back to R and Julie He saves her from M who Julie calls a 'fat fuck' for the rest of the book smears dead blood all over her face to hide her from the zombies and takes her back to zombie H at the airport Julie goes along with this because her options are kind of limited to R or being devoured by a pack of zombies I don't really know how she managed it without hysterics the story is told or less from R's POV but she was a little too levelheaded about the whole experience given that her boyfriend and most of her friends just became chowR shoves Julie inside the airplane he lives in to keep her safe from the other zombies He goes off to hang out with M Together they eat the brain of another teenage boy who had been in the group with Julie and Perry The experience isn't anything extremely altering for R but luckily he's still got some of Perry to gnaw on You see he didn't eat all of Perry's brain in one sitting No he carries the rest around with him to much on slowly so he can um savor the experience Sorry bad LucyAgain R experiences Perry's memories of Julie and this is where the author fumbles I can forgive the cheesy uality of retelling Romeo and Juliet I can forgive a zombie society that actually is a society but there comes a point when as an author you have to man up and deal with the circumstances of the story you're writing R is a zombie Zombies are monsters R is a monster He ate a teenage boy who loved Julie and he is IMMEDIATELY and CONSTANTLY absolved of any guiltPerry's life force was either so vibrant that it changed R or his love for Julie such a uniue experience that it changed R who has eaten hundreds of other brains Something about Perry was that catalyst but Perry and Julie's relationship is downplayed forever after as being 'almost over' and his life as something he was pretty much ready to forfeit This is all done to forgive R I would have preferred R's story be about finding redemption for what he'd done and learning to fight the virus and change his natureBy eating Perry's brain R gets to steal his memories and experiences the grief after his mother's death the world's upheaval and most importantly meeting and falling in love with Julie He even experiences the first time Perry and Julie make love It was creepy and sad and if the author had owned it then the whole thing could have been awesome but instead we got the constant downplaying and reduction of Perry's life and value as a person By downplaying Perry's love for Julie and Perry's death all the author did was downplay the catalyst for R's change and the story absolutely without a fucking doubt suffered for itR is forgiven for Perry's death four or five times throughout this 239 page novel Oh yeah I'm uoting some of it babyPage 55 Anyway she says whoever killed Perry I just want you to know I don't blame them for itI tense again You don'tNo I mean I think I get it You don't have a choice right And tot be honest I'd never say this to anyone but She stirs her food It's kind of a relief that it finally happenedI frown WhatTo be able to finally stop dreading itYep don't worrying about eating the first boy she loved It's better to rip that bandaid off rips out hair Icing for that cake is that it's not long after he's dead Later in the memoriesdreams stirred by consuming Perry's brain the ghostlingering memory of the dead kid forgives him saying he was ready to go Later Nora echoes Julie's sentiments about it not really being R's fault since it's the virus Sometime after Nora absolves him of guilt he finally confesses to Julie and she forgives him for a second time You can't tell but I'm rolling my eyesLook Suzanne Collins owned the dark world of The Hunger Games when she brutally killed off view spoilerRue hide spoiler

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Ndoned airport escalators listening to Sinatra in the cozy 747 he calls home or collecting souvenirs from the ruins of civilizationAnd then he meets a girlFirst as his captive then his reluctant guest Julie is a blast of living color in R’s gray land. Made the list forBest Badass Zombie Bookshttpbadassbookreviewscomthe bestLessons learned from R who happens to be a zombie1 Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down That is until the power goes out and you are stuck 2 Freaking out is not going to help instead get married 3 Sometimes a little brain goes a long way unless of course you just ate the last of it and then you are so screwed4 It is not our words but our actions that speak loudest regarding who we are5 A name is just that Your identity is what people remember about you when you leave the room6 Sometimes humans are scarier than zombiesI'll eventually do a real review but I just adored R and for the time being will leave this review like this

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Warm BodiesScape and something inside him begins to bloom He doesn't want to eat this girl although she looks delicious he wants to protect her But their unlikely bond will cause ripples they can’t imagine and their hopeless world won’t change without a fight. 45 stars Final review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureIn Warm Bodies 2010 our world has been overrun by the zombies and the few humans who are left are fighting a rearguard action They huddle in walled enclosures sending out occasional armed expeditions for food and supplies Regular school classes have fallen by the wayside replaced by classes and demonstrations on how to best kill a zombie permanently head shotsR is a zombie who doesn’t remember his past life except that his name maybe started with the letter R He can speak a few syllables than most of his zombie companions and think complex thoughts that his tongue can’t share R and hundreds of other zombies live in an abandoned airport going on group hunts to the city to try to find food in the form of humans When they eat the brains of the Living they experience fragments of the human’s memories and it energizes them R and his friend M lead a zombie hunting party to the city one day and come across a group of humans who have ventured out of the stadium where they live R attacks and kills Perry the young man leading the group As he bites into Perry’s brain he’s hit with Perry’s memories of moments with his girlfriend Julie When R recovers from these visions he sees Julie cowering in a corner Against all his zombie instincts he rescues Julie from the other zombies and leads her back to his home a 747 commercial jet parked at the end of a boarding tunnel As R and Julie get to know each other better Julie gradually loses her fear of R R edges back toward humanity and the two develop an unlikely friendship But their relationship is a threat to those around them both the humans and the Boneys the animated and malignant skeletons that lead the zombie hordeR is a zombie with a heart ― even if it’s not beating ― and philosophical thoughts that he can’t really share since a zombie’s conversational abilities are so very limited But he finds his tongue and heart are loosened as he gets to know Julie And as R continues to snack on bits of Perry’s brain that he saved for later many of Perry’s thoughts and memories are shared with him; kind of like in Stephenie Meyer’s The Host Perry is often a separate voice in R’s head But R’s feelings are his own R’s narration is intelligent and engaging dealing with the horrors of his murderous lifestyle with self deprecatory humor that together with the slowly developing romance lightens the otherwise bleak post apocalyptic settingI got all the way to the end of Warm Bodies before I realized how many connections Isaac Marion has made to Romeo and Juliet R and Julie are the star crossed couple with the zombies and humans playing the roles of the houses of the Montagues and Capulets Perry is the analogue of Paris Juliet’s ill fated lover; Julie’s best friend Nora takes on the Nurse’s role as Juliet’s confidante; and R’s zombie friend M stands in for Mercutio Romeo’s friendDespite the many character connections the plot of the story is Isaac Marion’s own original creation It’s a uirky but moving mixture of science fiction and fantasy shifting from a fairly straight zombiepocalypse near future setting to something that is a little meta fantastical and symbolic in the end not to mention heart warming I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review along with The New Hunger the preuel novella and The Burning World the 2017 seuel The publicist was feeling generous so I totally scored Lots of reading yet to do but this first book definitely didn't disappointContent advisory Though Warm Bodies is classified as a YA book by the publisher not the author it contains adult language and themes and fairly graphic and gruesome violence Not recommended for younger or sensitive readers