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eBook ô Key Lime Pie A Culinary Mystery #4 Ý Paperback Read à MISSINGName Megan BurtonAge 25Description dark hair blue eyes; no identifiable scars; wearing a diamond tennis braceletLast seen three years ago in Key West FloridaIf you have any information please contact the police immediatelyWhen Sadie HoffmilleSybody But when she senses Eric is hiding something Sadie is compelled to take action Before she knows it she's in the heart of Miami trying to piece together a trail littered with broken relationships mysterious strangers and forged documents that might just provide Eric the answers he's been desperately searching for or reveal a truth he may not be ready to faceSadie must also face a difficult uestion Where is her heart leading her? Onward into Eric's ad 710Based on warnings from my mom and sister I had low expectations for this book They told me if I didn't like Devil's Food Cake which I didn't then I definitely would not like this one I guess you can see how much I trust their recommendations No the truth is for me these are just fun books to read Sadie and her relationships with food Pete and crime just crack me up I like seeing the story unfold and even if I hate the ending which seems to be the norm with this series being in the middle of the book is so fun that I've decided it's worth the poor endingsSo did I hate the ending? Not as much as I thought I would But that's probably because I was warned that the plot had some similarities to Devil's Food Cake which I took to mean that the plot would look like it was winding down and resolving itself only to have a major plot twist which reveals the real murderer the least of the suspects of course So I immediately pegged Monty as the bad guy because he was the one I liked best and so when he turned menacing and wicked I was still disappointed but not surprised And that helped The ending was still frustrating though because I was able to figure out the murderer not because I pieced together the clues but because I know the author likes big surprise endings I read on her blog that she usually starts writing at the beginning not knowing what the ending will be So I have to wonder Did she plan all along that Monty would be the murderer? Because to me it seemed like she probably cast him as a good character but then as she neared the end thought Now who would be the biggest shock? Monty and so she had him fill in all the details of his evil plot once it looked like Sadie's fate was sealed The mystery itself was one of my favorites because it had less to do with actual murder and with Megan's disappearance Also I'm planning on trying out at least half the recipes I've decided that these books fit just the right niche if I read them at the right time

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Venturous arms? Or back home to the stable and steady Pete Cunningham? If only love was as easy as following a recipeOnce again Sadie finds herself in the company of some colorful characters and on the hunt for some good old fashioned Southern cooking But despite the drama and intrigue all Sadie really wants is to go home as soon as she does just one thingIncludes eight new mouthwatering recipes tested and approved by the official bakers of Sadie's Test Kitch Although I love this series I didn't like this one as well Maybe it was because Sadie breaks up with Pete to see if she really has true feelings for her new friend Eric I thought this was a huge mistake which she did too though It kind of spoiled it a bit for me since I really like the dynamic between Pete and Sadie The mystery part was interesting and filled with the twists and turns you want in a soft mystery

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Key Lime Pie A Culinary Mystery #4MISSINGName Megan BurtonAge 25Description dark hair blue eyes; no identifiable scars; wearing a diamond tennis braceletLast seen three years ago in Key West FloridaIf you have any information please contact the police immediatelyWhen Sadie Hoffmiller's new friend Eric Burton receives word that his missing daughter's body may have been found in Florida he immediately packs his bags but Sadie is determined to stay home and prove to everyone that she is not a bu #3 Key Lime Pie by Josi S Kilpack was a breathtaking story Sadie’s friend Eric discovers his missing daughter’s body may have been found in Florida so Sadie follows him there After finding out it was someone else's body Eric a meeting with mystery guy and Sadie meets a cab driver named Monty to follow Eric to his meeting The mystery guy Joe’s car gets set off by Sadie and he kiddnapped her so Eric would give him money but doesn’t hurt her Later Monty hits him on the head in a park and Sadie leaves with Monty so she can get to a hospital where Megan could be since she’s pregnant When eric gets in a fight Sadie runs and calls Monty so she can leave but Monty picks her up and travels out of town to a place Sadie doesn’t know Later Magan enters the car and they are both taken hostage One part of this book that made it hard to put down is when Sadie met Megan in the hospital She asked her about her home life now and then it was intense Some slow parts in this book was in the beginning when Sadie and Pete went to dinner I mean the beginning in all books are usually slow but I feel it was unnecessary It was unnecessary because it didn’t really follow the story Also when Eric was selling his trailer none of that mattered in the end That was only for a small part of the story and he never even sold it Although I did like the twist on Monty’s part He had a whole other voice when he changed in the end He didn’t have an accent or bad grammar he was normal kind of When Sadie goes home though Pete met her in the airport I was so happy I could cry After they broke up in the beginning I was devastated they split up But when he met her in the airport I only knew good things could come from that They made the best couple I think Josi always has a life lesson that could help in the outside world The one for this book could be not to trust people you don’t know very well Sadie thought Monty was just a good ol’ cab driver but he ended up being a bad man She thought she could trust him because he was “acting” nice So never trust anyone unless you feel you know then extremely well