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Under the Banner of Heaven review ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Â A Story of Violent FaithA multilayered bone chilling narrative of messianic delusion savage violence polygamy and unyielding faith This is vintage Krakauer an utterly compelling work of nonfiction that illuminates an otherwise confounding realm of human behaviorJonN Krakauer’s literary reputation rests on insightful chronicles of lives conducted at the outer limits In Under The Banner of Heav. You know I probably shouldn't have read this directly after finishing In Cold Blood I'm not saying the combination brought out the homicidal psychotic in me but I did have to pay for stabbing the hell out of a turkey in the Albertson's meat section the other day Is there a stranger sect out there than the Mormons I mean golden plates lost tribes Nephites battling Lamanites Orrin Hatch Well yes I guess one look at Tom Cruise jumping up and down on Oprah's couch suggests that Scientology has a lot to answer for as well For that matter I've never understood how a burning bush speaks to someone Why a burning bush Why not say a burning acacia tree But if mainstream Mormonism is a little on the far out side then fundamentalist Mormonism sort of like regular Mormonism with fanaticism racism welfare cheating taking of wives and child rape is like the spastic uncle that mainstream Mormonism keeps in the wine cellar Thumping What thumping I didn't hear anything Did you hear anything honey I didn't hear anythingKrakauer does a fine job of interweaving Mormon history profiles of fundamentalist breakaway Mormon sects and the hideous gruesome story of the two God soaked fundamentalist brothers who slashed the throats of a young woman and her infant daughter He attempts to be as fair minded as possible about all these subjects while never neglecting to call a spade a spade Personally I would have used the word nutjob and charlatan a lot often and not just in connection with the fundamentalists but Krakauer makes a point of not passing judgment on the validity of firmly held religious beliefs I guess a book called Is the Entire State of Utah Out of Its Mind wouldn't sell In sum though Under the Banner of Heaven is as gripping and hard to put down as Krakauer's other fine books and offers a valuable insight into a strange deeply American phenomenon Recommended One small but not unimportant note Krakauer includes a final Author's Remarks section at the end of the book These remarks chiefly concern Krakauer's own attitudes toward religion and Mormonism as well as his intent in writing the book It's unfortunate that he added this postscript not because it's unwarranted but because a it's largely superfluous and b it rather ruins the picture perfect way the rest of the book ends Jon you had it in the bag man; all you had to do was dribble out the clock Everything in that postscript should be said in interviews

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His is vintage Krakauer an utterly compelling work of nonfiction that illuminates an otherwise confounding realm of human behaviorJo. this book is uite different from what i thought it would be i was excepting ‘in cold blood’ true crime vibes and that is present but much of the book explores the history of a particular religion and how extreme religious belief can sometimes inspire violent actions while the in depth history sections were not my favourite ive never been a history person no matter the topic i love JKs writing theres just something about it that makes me feel like he could take any subject and make it accessibly readable what i did find the most interesting were the numerous cases mentioned that exemplified such intriguing albeit horrific behaviour particularly surrounding polygamy the books main topic from the lafferty murders to the abduction of elizabeth smart and even the events of 911 i appreciate the time JK takes to include these i find the psychology behind these religiously motivated crimes to be so interesting so that was my main motivation for reading this book overall not my favourite JK book as there were some parts that bored me but still excellent writing and storytelling that is uintessentially krakauer ↠ 35 stars

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Under the Banner of HeavenA Story of Violent FaithA multilayered bone chilling narrative of messianic delusion savage violence polygamy and unyielding faith T. I read this book for the book club at my local library Afterwards I felt indignant confused intrigued and disgusted about all forms of faith So I sincerely hoped that a Saint or two would show up at the book club meeting to nullify my extremely negative view of the church Alas no LDS believers showed so I am left to my own conclusions about the book and faith in general Here are some of my conclusions and uestions after reading this sprawling fascinating account of the history of polygamy and violence within the Church of Later Day SaintsThere is a certain appeal to having no choices Sometimes religion is comforting because obedience to a provided list of rules removes personal responsibility Strict adherence to a religion removes personal doubt When you believe so fully in a church you are no longer forced to uestion your own actions after all if you carefully follow the directions of your spiritual leaders you will gain your own paradise regardless of what your personal conscious says about right or wrong This leads me into my next point I will never be a Mormon for many reasons First in the Mormon faith if you realize the highest echelon of Mormonism you will get your own planet to run after you die If you're a man that is If you're a woman you can join your man on his planet if he invites you No no no Please I deserve my own planet Wives and children are property at least in the fundamentalists sects of Mormonism I am a person an event not chattel Second remind me to never join a religion that condones killing See blood atonement as typified in the Mountain Meadows Massacre Third I don't want to be a believer in a faith that tells me I have to earn love least of all God's We are all holy I think We all have goodness and grace within us no matter how many veils of earthly existence have descended Finally I will never follow a religion that doesn't encourage me to uestion everything Information and education are my life blood I must be able to use my brain to get closer to God Otherwise why the heck would she give it to meSo now that we have the comments specific to the Mormon faith out of the way let's move on to the uestions about faith in general I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is going through a personal crisis It will boil your blood and make you think What could you want Here are my uestions1 Why does listening to the divine in each of us produce such different results It can lead to peace and pacifism or killing Who is speaking God or ego2 Is all fundementalism mired in violence or do certain faiths promote it 3 Does God always speak in King James' English It seems so according to the Book of Mormon4 Would all religions seem this crazy if we were only 200 years out and had intimate dirty details of each guru's life5 Is there anything inherently wrong with polygamy Do we have a gene for monogomy I don't care as long as no one gets hurt And marrying 13 year olds sometimes when they're your own daughter is inherently hurtful6 Is faith the opposite of reason Is education the cure for religion7Is religion a distraction from the humdrum of our everyday lives Opposite of BuddhismOk y'all sorry about the long review But seriously read the book It's excellently chilling and will keep you up late at night writing your comments furiously on post it notes At least that's what it did to me