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PDF ☆ BOOK Rules of Engagement Governess Brides #2 FREE É The Rules of EngagementChoose a bride from this year's debutantes Decide on a proper settlement Send an announcement to The Times Inform the bride of her good fortune Rules of Respectability Devon Mathewes earl of Kerrich has a plan that is sure to restore him to theThe Rules of EngagementChoose a bride from this year's debutantes Decide on a proper settlement Send an announcement to The Times Inform the bride of her good fortune Rules of Respectability Devon Mathewes earl of Kerrich has a plan that is sure to restore him to the ueen's favorFirst he must hire a sensible unattractive governess Next he will see to adopting a properly grateful orphan which Where the last hero in My Favorite Bride was a good man but a bad hero here we have a bad man rake who is a great hero When we first meet the H he is arrogantly demanding the Agency to find him an orphan that will make him look respectable and a Governess old enough and plain enough that won’t fall in love with His Awesomeness He is so tired of coming home to find naked women in his bed He plans to coldly ditch the orphan as soon as he proves his respectability to a young ueen Victoria His coldness lasts about three pages although thankfully he maintains enough arrogance and charm to stay interestingThe heroine happily disguises herself to look downright ugly and middle aged since she’s a man hater The H reminds her all too much of her philandering father that broke her mother’s heart Some nice banter where the h tries to reform the H in regard to the female orphan she brings home in defiance of his reuest for a boy There are some amusing scenes with the H’s charming grandfather and the usual shallow social butterflies that exist in fictional upper crust British society and there is a mystery over counterfeit money concerning the H’s bank that has to be solved The mysterysuspense angle is a little phoned in and bland All in all an okay story but the four stars are for the hero and to some extent the heroine She’s strong and feisty and fights for her orphan girl who wins the H’s heart as does the heroine but the hero wins the book as he simply can not keep his cold facade up or his desire for a loveless society marriage once he falls for the heroine In a nice touch he actually is attracted to her before her disguise comes offThe romancesex scenes are pretty incendiary without too much insert tab AAnd we have one of the better proposals in romance fiction

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Will surely lend him a patina of respectability Finally he must obtain a guarantee that his orphan and the governess will better his character and reputation without unduly disturbing his life love life or otherwiseRules of Passion As a condition of accepting the governess position Miss Pamela Lockhart of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses has a few rules of her own Devon at all times I really wanted to like this but I'm noticing a trend in Dodd's books which I'm not a massive fondAdmittedly I've only read two books by her but in both she has the hero behave like an arsehole for almost the whole book Then at the very end he does OTT grovelling like getting down on his knees type grovelling That's great but it lasts for only about a page before the moronic heroine throws herself into his armsIt was particularly galling in this book because the hero repeatedly tells the heroine that he wants to marry her but also wants to keep mistresses on the side The heroine falls in love with him even while he's still proclaiming his interest in mistresses and he only changes his mind about this because the heroine gets shot and nearly dies Even though there was no actual drama with an OW in the book it annoyed me so much I've tagged it OW drama anywayThere was also wildly unrealistic dialogue at one point the villain is described as a 'bad guy' which is hardly Victorian and a weak suspense plot This only gets two stars because it had some momentary flashes of humourBlog Bookstagram

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Rules of Engagement Governess Brides #2Must behave with propriety an unlikely accomplishment that would delight the ton and completely astonish Pamela herself She must be allowed to choose a suitable orphan at her own discretion Most important Devon must vow to neverever delve into Pamela's background or her appearance lest he discover the truth behind the deepest secrets of her heart But of course all rules are made to be broke This story has several unusual plots twists and ideas that are not normally seen in historical romances The first of these is that the villain is a woman She is a bored aristocrat that just wanted to see if she could fool the authorities I found that uite refreshing that the author would consider such a thing The next thing is that the mystery that is trying to be solved is a counterfeiting ring printing pound notes I hadn’t realized that counterfeiting went back to the Victorian Era I guess it is possible that printing money would seem the easy way to come into much needed cash; especially if the villain was clever enough to get away with it It isn’t as if security was that great during this time period We stilled have counterfeiting and there is some of best security available to prevent it So I guess it just reuires a clever mind and the people good enough to pull it off The last unusual aspect of this story is that the hero of the piece is a working nobleman Lord Devon Mathewes Earl of Kessler is from an old and distinguished line that never had been rich They lived well from the income generated with the entitled lands but until Devon’s grandfather started working in a bank which he eventually took over the family was never rich Devon loves his grandfather and takes protecting his family seriously When the ueen threatens to take her money out of his bank is makes plans to fulfill her reuirements for his modification of his rakish ways Devon is arrogant conceited intelligent and than a little overbearing But he is also caring and loving and very honorable in his own wayPamela Lockhart Ripley is one of the characters that we all love I think She is caring compassionate honor and very loyal She has been badly hurt by her womanizing father He left Pamela and her sick mother to fin for themselves while he chased very beautiful woman in his path across Europe and England As such Pamela has no trust of the male of the species Since she works as a governess there has been much to improve her opinion about men She is driven to make the Distinguished Academy for Governesses profitable and that is how she gets mixed up on Lord Kessler’s scheme I did love how she was able to keep Devon at bay for so longThere are two other characters that deserve mention in this story Beth Hunter is the girl that Pamela buys at the orphanage Beth is smart witty and well mannered She is also charming and endearing It would be interesting to see what happens when she becomes a young lady looking for her husband The next person of mention is Lord Reynard He is Devon’s grandfather It is a crusty old man that is still sharp enough to keep Devon and all the rest on their toes He is also charming and capable of humor which there is much of in this storyMs Dodd has written another wonderful story that will grab your attention and keep you reading right to the end The interaction between Pamela and Devon is worth the price of the book alone Add in Beth and the grandfather and you have a rich and engaging story There are also some steamy love scenes that I found very satisfying If you enjoy the historical romance genre you can’t go wrong with Christine Dodd