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Getting Off Pornography and the End of Masculinity mobi ã Paperback read ´ naturaltreatment µ In our culture porn makes the man So argues Robert Jensen in Getting Off Pornography and the End of Masculinity Jensen’s treatise begins with a simple demand “Be a man” It ends wiAnd thus a critical debate is silenced This book breaks that silence Alarming and thought provoking Getting Off asks tough but crucial uestions about pornography sex manhood and the way toward genuine social justiceRobert Jensen is an associate professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin He is the author of The Heart of Whiteness Confronting Race Racism and White Privilege and Citizens of the Empire The Struggle to Claim Our Humanity Jensen has written a wonderful 1970's style second wave feminist tract in 2007 One might think some type of grappling with third wave feminism and I have to add my standard disclaimer whenever I use the wave metaphor that feminist theorizing and activism is a constant process that can't really be cut up into discreet waves as if nothing happened in between them might be called for Indeed the back of the book even manages to promise something of the sort and the same text appears on the page when it notes that Anti pornography arguments are freuently dismissed as patently 'anti sex' and ultimately 'anti feminist' As someone who argues the anti porn anti sex anti woman position this intrigues me But I don't think he's really interested in arguing with me or any other feminist The things he doesn't seem to be interested in arguing about are legion probably That's okay; the people who write book copy freuently miss the point Just look at the back of Heinlein's Time Enough for Love At the end of the day people on both sides of that discussion can be united at being against bad pornBut who in his since I think we're assuming it'd be a he right mind would be for bad porn Okay I'm probably being naive but I find it hard to believe than any of those people are going to actually bother to read Jensen's book So what's the pointPart of the disconnect might be that Jensen and I simply different understandings of the relationship between theory and activism and how and even if apologetics should be done For Jensen all the side roads of definitions and such are distractions from his main project of showing men the damage of pornography But my mind doesn't work that way I could engage in a theoretical debate with another femnist for example exposing heteronormative assumptions in their work because I know there's a set of shared assumptions But to argue against Jensen's uintessential porn user For me that would reuire showing all one's work not less of it I know I'm not up to the task I've been wanting to make a post in my journal for years at this point on the anti sex is anti woman thing There are objections I don't know how to answer The most I could possibly do right now and probably ever is try to sketch out my worldview with the hope that an interlocutor could at least understand if not adopt it this is what I believe and why I believe it but not this is why you should believe thisBut at the end of the day Jensen's book is only secondarily about porn or the porn industry First and foremost it's about masculinity and I think recognizing that explains why he doesn't address some of the things he doesn't If the fundamental uestion he is answering is How can a heterosexual man in a patriarchal culture mediate his sexual desires experiences and understandings through text andor images then well I still don't think he's done a very good job of presenting a coherent vision but he has at least put forth some do's and don't's even if they're ones that might seem obvious to you or meI've seen a lot I like too His insistence that what is needed is an abolition of masculinity and not just redefine it 144 145 I'm not sure whether he thinks an end of masculinity would usher in an end to maleness or not That men must join women in women led causes as their primary mode of activism 147 And so forthI do think it's possible to step outside my maleness without stepping outside my heterosexuality a project that yes I think would end up looking a lot like Jensen's Indeed it almost seems to me that any reconstruction of masculinity which starts on Dworkinist premises is going to end up in this trap which is ironic because of course Dworkin was a lesbian and her partner and eventual husband John Stoltenberg who is someone I have read and is the main person I'm thinking of here other than Jensen was a gay man And I see that J

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In our culture porn makes the man So argues Robert Jensen in Getting Off Pornography and the End of Masculinity Jensen’s treatise begins with a simple demand “Be a man” It ends with a defiant response “I chose to struggle to be a human being” The journey from masculinity to humanity is found in the candid and intelligent exploration of porn’s devastating role in defining masculinity Getting Off seamlessly blends personal anecdotes from Jensen’s years This book deeply disturbed me In fact it upset me so much I had to stop reading it and made my partner get rid of it Because as much as I was horrified by it I couldn't put it down Ultimately however I didn't finish it I couldn't It was wrecking my ability to look at or talk to my man That being said Jensen brought out a lot of things that I keep in a small closet in my brain The things that I don't want to take out and look at Jensen's analysis of porn is that it is violently anti woman and that it is getting worse And I don't mean that its anti woman in the sense that women don't like porn or that its made and marketed for men Its anti woman in the sense that the messages it conveys about women are violent and horrible Jensen spends a lot of time breaking down differnt porn scenes The things that he points out are the details Like to woman who was on the verge of tears or the women who have pained looks on their faces Or the woman who was literally chocking on a dick Or the women who scream in pain not pleasure Even worse than that this happens is that the editors choose to keep these things in the porn Worse still are the movies where the commentary actually acknowledge those things and make a joke of it Frankly how the hell is it funny that some dude's sexual actions hurt a woman Now I've seen plenty of porn in my life I'm not one of those girls who is horrified by the idea of seeing sex I don't find it threatening to my relationships or think that my man watching porn means that he loves me less BUT porn has changed in the last ten years I wasn't really old enough to watch much porn before then I have been distinctly and uncomfortable with porn as the years have passed I haven't been able to really put my finger on it Or probably I haven't wanted to look at why I am uncomfortable I'm uncomfortable because I can't imagine that anyone enjoys having a penis shoved down the back of their throat or that its anything other than painful to have two penises in any orifice I'm uncomfortable because most male female porn shows things that I KNOW have to be physically uncomfortable at best terribly painful at worst This book made me look at something I didn't want to see I have a live and let live attitude but Jensen did an excellent job of pointing out the anti woman attitude of general porn Its not just the extreme porn that has this attitude that women are just things to act on sexually and that their pain is funny at best and a turn on at worse I feel that Jensen did a great job with his thesis but I didn't like his voice He came off like a sanctimonious asshole No really He's so much enlightened than everyone else And he's a feminist He feels it necessary to tell you that he's a feminist at least once a page He also name drops every radical feminist from the past 25 years The book is interesting he does an excellent job proving his theory But this book is VERY hard to read You have to be really ready to look at gender relations in order to read this I imagine this is just as hard to look at as a man or at least a man who likes to think of himself as someone who likes and respects women as it was to look at as a woman However I think its a conversation that is worth having and is important to examine how society reinforces sexual violence

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Getting Off Pornography and the End of MasculinityAs a feminist anti pornography activist with scholarly research In his trademark conversational style he shows how mainstream pornography reinforces social definitions of manhood and influences men’s attitudes about women and how to treat themPornography is a thriving multi billion dollar industry; it drives the direction of emerging media technology Pornography also makes for complicated politics These days anti porn arguments are assumed to be “anti sex” I really really want to give this book a second star but there is no justification The author says that men in the feminist movement by the way you only have to call yourself a feminist once I got it the first time I don't need to be reminded three times a page how you are with the ladies and the multiple reminders that you are bi while interesting are not terribly relevant to the content try to be white knights and shouldn't You know what is highly victimizing to women never mentioning the fact that men are harmed as much by the types of pornography that he is against as women these are fairly specific types I also find it difficult to connect with the fact that he is talking about the majority of the porn industry yet I have never heard of a porn remotely similar to any of those he is critiuing I mean except the ones mike use to download to my computer as a joke when we lived together And while I haven't ever watched a porn I am relatively aware of porn and the fact that most if not all of my male friends watch it and several of the females but none of them are watching gang bang 15 People I know just have class than watching the 15th seuel of the same movie If I am wrong please correct me but this is the impression that I am under This boo was a personal rant I mean we have gone over with dawkins I don't like when personal rants pretend that they have significant meaning outside their rantiness The sad thing is I am sure there are good arguments against pornography but claiming that pornography proves that our culture hates women is not that argument Also if I don't believe video games are necessarily related to columbine will I really believe that porn is necessarily related to rape doesn't sound like the kind of inductive leap I want to be known for