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EBOOK Ó An Echo in Time Atlantis ¶ Traci Harding The extraordinary and bestselling journeys of one woman throughout time the narrow stairway inside the mountain led to a door that opened into a huge marble plateau Upon this stood a stone circle of nine of the largest hunks of polished crystal tory had ever seen A turbulent cloud erupted overhead its core alive with electromagneti This book was marginally better than the first It had action and less of the ridiculous grating 'old' speak The characters were mildly likable but still rather irritating and transparently shallowThe only reason I read this one was because I borrowed it from the library at the same time as the first I would not have picked it up and chosen to read it after the abysmal effort of the first book in this seriesI found the ignorant nature and child like moods of the main characters really annoying The way that they acted and the choices they made I found confusing at best teeth grindingly painful at worstTory seems to be perpetually confused between being a take no shit ass kicker and a mother henShe brushes off a would be rape but is blindingly uick to revert to hard violence at the slightest provocationThe reoccurring theme throughout the book of 'everyone MUST get married and live happily ever after with their one true love' is uite offensive and sickening Coupled with the 'orgy' scene which tastelessly clashed with the PG rating of 85% of the rest of the book was a clumsy excuse to make everyone mad at everyone else so that they could all make up and become happy again Forced drama yayAll that said it was easy to read and an ok way to pass spare time But really why waste your time when there are so many great books out there?

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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK An Echo in Time Atlantis à TRACI HARDING ´ The extraordinary and bestselling journeys of one woman throughout time the narrow stairway inside the mountain led to a door that opened into a huge marble plateau Upon this stood a stone circle of nine of the largest hunks of polished crystal tory had e C activity For twenty years the kingdoms of Prydyn Dumnonia and Dalriada have prospered in peace under the guidance of their High King Maelgwn of Gwynedd and his good ueen tory But when the High King is stricken with madness and a mysterious plague Britain is set to be thrown into the chaos of yesteryear tory seeks the advice of an Full disclosure to begin I found this book in an op shop after looking for some fantasy to cut my teeth on Only books 2 and 3 were there so I bought them 50c each I have to say that was the WORST dollar I have EVER SPENTSecond full disclosure I only got as far as about page 200 and I pushed myself to get that far So this review will be on 30% of the 2nd bookIt was crap Utter crap Let me elaborateI didn't mind that I was thrown into a plot and a world already in full swing from the first book Actually it didn't matter at all There really didn't seem to be any sensible plot and as there was no description whatsoever of the world or anything really I was none the wiser about anything at all after 200 pages There was basically no action at all which meant the story moved forward although no not really by way of dialogue Dialogue you say? If you enjoy the sound of fingernails being drawn down a blackboard you might have been able to stomach it But in reality it was an excruciatingly painful jumble of 20th century idiom juxtaposed with some sort of attempt of bastard old English Not even that It was peppered heavily with thees and thous with subject sometimes when it should have been object randomly paired up with declensions of the verbs to be or to have we hast anyone? that was SO uncomfortable to read that I couldn't concentrate on the action Oh probably because there wasn't any This was almost completely a tell don't show book No description no action no suspense no work for me to do except constantly put down the book and laugh at the awful awful writing Here's an example of the worst way to write what could have should have been an opportunity to do some show but er wasn't I don't have page numbers or direct uotes because the book is presently awaiting to be recycled into something useful to mankind One of the characters can't remember who doesn't actually matter a son of the ueen or something? had to deliver several things some sort of magic bag or something can't remember so badly written so instead of having some sort of little adventure series to achieve this he just teleported there and back several times to the various recipients to drop off his booty and the whole thing took one paragraph I mean seriously? you just teleport here and there get stuff done and it's just all done??? I dunno it came off as totally stupid but maybe I'm missing somethingI would like to talk about character development or even character distinguishing but I can't because nobody did anything interesting said anything sensible or readable or was in the least bit individual Honestly a piece of paper is 3 dimensional than ANYONE in this book There are 4 young men I think 3 are brothers the other may be somehow related and apart from their names there is absolutely no way to tell any of them apart They have no individuality no uniue ualities no different ways of speaking or thinking and they might as well all be just one character Same for all of the Lords or whatever they were Just no differentiating them and I couldn't remember who was who Fortunately I didn't care I didn't care about anything in this book especially not the protagonist Aren't you supposed to care just a little about the main character? There was nothing about her that I could relate to because there was no description action growth thought feeling or anything at all that helped me to get to know her even just a little bit This was a stupid stupid book well the fi

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An Echo in Time AtlantisAdvanced civilisation that thrived long before recorded history where men of great learning and miracles were abundant the women of the Otherworld agree to aid tory to make her passage back through time But once in Atlantis tory must use her own devices t find the cure she seeks and a way to return to her loved ones in the Dark Ag It was pretty good in the whole plot and the idea of Atlantis and all that My only problem is with the major amount of errors in there did anyone even EDIT this? the fact that things are just a BIT too convenient and that everyone seems to fall in love within a minute of meeting each other I get that they bond over lifetimes and that is showing how strong their love is and how they're meant to be together but there is no way this can happen with so many people over so many lifetimes Love is much complicated and I'd rather read a slow building of relationships rather than for example Teo deciding to live with Donna after one night together because they are in love But other than those complaints it was pretty easy to read and I am really unsure of how to rate it so for now I will give it an average rating and ponder that for a while