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Pdf Î Heating Up the Holidays À Lisa Renee Jones S When she suddenly finds herself forced to take a job as an executive secretary at a Vegas casino Kali meets the subject of what will surely be a shocking exposé her boss Damion Ward the arrogant and undeniably sexy CEO But after Damion invites her to help him plan a Thanksgiving charity event Kali begins to see another side of the man And when she surrenders to the exhilarating tension simmering between them Kali hopes her story will have a happy ending SNOWFALL by Mary Ann Rivers Jenny Wright can’t get enough of her erotic conversations with someone she knows only as “C” Flirting online helps Jenny temporarily escape confronting the changes to her life as she slowly loses her vision Jenny’s occupational therapist Evan Carlisle Ford is helping her prepare for the challenges ahead but the fo Originally reviewed here AngievilleLast year I read my very first ever Christmas novellas and shocked myself at how much I enjoyed them I mean I read a few duds sure but I read some real gems as well And so a couple of weeks ago I found myself eagerly looking forward to rereading a couple of my favorites this holiday season as well as hopefully discovering a few new ones Happily the very first new one I read proved to be a home run I kind of knew it would be given how much I loved Mary Ann Rivers' debut novella The Story Guy earlier this year When I heard her next book was a Christmas novella in the HEATING UP THE HOLIDAYS anthology I snatched it up the day it released and snuggled up with my Nook for a little pre holiday reading I hadn't read any works by the other two authors in the collection I actually still haven't read their contributions though I plan on it at some point but I can tell you the ebook bundle is utterly worth it for Rivers' story aloneJenny Wright was diagnosed right at the most inopportune of times right after she uprooted her life entirely moved halfway across the country and started a new job in a new place And even after being diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease she chose to stay in her new life Even though her mother begged her to come back home where she could look after her Even though her colleagues walked a little cautiously around her And even as the days grew shorter and the darkness crept in The one bright point in those days is the time after she gets home from work and settles in on the couch with her computer That's when she gets to chat with C Though they've never actually met he used to live in the house she currently rents And when she forwarded a piece of mail on to him they struck up an online relationship C is a macro photographer Most days the two of them talk about his pictures her thoughts anything they like Though their interactions grow intimate Jenny knows she can't handle She has enough on her plate navigating her work her occupational therapy and just getting through each day intact When her worlds collide she is wholly unprepared for the falloutI think my best bet is to keep still and let the snow fall let the days get long again the light return its hours to me a few chances a day to figure out what it is I can comfortably keep in front of me and seeFor me there isn't some miracle cure this is my life or my disease will progress and my life will change focus again and I'll have another new lifeI need C to stay right where he is now because for now I don't know enough to move from where I amMy hypothesis is that the light will come back both outside and inside meI'm afraid and angry but the light is a theory I want to proveUntil then I just have to keep the experiment going with as many controls as possibleOne bus back and forthOne storeOne man his words under glassYes I just knew Ms Rivers would bring her words And how beautifully they were voiced through Jenny I really loved her you guys My throat constricted on her behalf from moment to moment And though I cannot fathom the terror she lived with each day I know enough of fear to swallow hard at every one of her ruminations on the encroaching darkness What I love most about Mary Ann Rivers' stories is how with one hand she keeps a ruthless stranglehold on false hope and with the other she offers the most delicate of joys I feel both rational and enchanted when I read them Her writing does not reuire that I sacrifice either And so I love it Which is good because she brings the sadness and no mistake Because Jenny's condition is not sugar coated I worried about getting my hopes up for her future in general terms as well as with the man in her life I worried a lot for a single novella But I loved every page And there were as there should be lovely startling flares of humor as wellI wonder if he practices making awkward and nerdy look sort of cool Like he fills his house with furniture that is the wrong scale for his tall body and buys plaid shirts in bulk and tells his barber to leave crazy too long pieces of hair mixed in with the regularly cut hair so everything always looks messyThen he runs his hands through his hair and puts on his plaid shirts and uses mirrors to watch himself sit in uncomfortable furniture until comfortable furniture looks like it's the one with the problemI loved him in the same way Jenny did Uncertainly Desperately In awkward pieces and with a number of reservations Neither of them faced easy choices and the untenable nature of their situation gave me pause than once But as the snow fell how my love grew When I think about reading SNOWFALL I picture it in soft black and white with the occasional flash of color in the threads of his plaid shirt in the string of Christmas lights hung with the fierceness of hope for light in the coming year

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Heating Up the Holidays Book ô 378 pages Download ☆ Naturaltreatment Ê This edition is out of printAs leftover turkey and stuffing give way to stockings and little black dresses this tantalizingly sexy eBook bundle offers up holiday themed novellas from a trio of beloved romance authors Lisa Renee J Rthright trustworthy man can no longer ignore his growing attraction to his fiercely intelligent client Now Jenny must choose between the safe anonymous “C” or the flesh and blood Evan whose heated kisses can melt snow faster than it can fall AFTER MIDNIGHT by Serena Bell The clock is ticking down to midnight on New Year’s Eve and all Nora Hart and Miles Shephard can think about is kissing each other even though they met just minutes before Then as fast as Miles enters Nora’s life he’s gone and she never even gets the name of the man she thinks might just be “the one” One year later Nora and Miles are reunited The chemistry between them is just as strong as they remember But Miles broke her heart once before and this time around Nora’s not sure whether she can give love a second chance 4 starsThis was a lovely holiday read every story was different and enjoyable35 stars for PLAY WITH ME by Lisa Renee JonesThis story was a good read just wished it was a little longer as I felt it was a little rushed 4 stars for SNOWFALL by Mary Ann Rivers This was such an emotional read I really enjoyed itMary Ann Rivers is an amazing writer looking forward to reading from her in the future4 stars for AFTER MIDNIGHT by Serena Bell I really enjoyed this story both Nora and Miles are likeable and they have amazing chemistry I really enjoy Serena Bells writing she manages to give her reader enough detail to be left satisfied Thank you Netgalley and Random House Loveswept for the ARC in exchange for my honest review

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Heating Up the HolidaysThis edition is out of printAs leftover turkey and stuffing give way to stockings and little black dresses this tantalizingly sexy eBook bundle offers up holiday themed novellas from a trio of beloved romance authors Lisa Renee Jones gives a dedicated reporter and a powerful businessman a chance to count their Thanksgiving blessings in Play with Me; Mary Ann Rivers presents Snowfall the story of a woman who confronts a life changing event hopefully with a special man by her side just in time for Christmas; and in Serena Bell’s After Midnight an explosive New Year’s kiss leaves two strangers wondering whether they’ll ever see each other again PLAY WITH ME by Lisa Renee Jones Kali Miller has spent three years reporting fluff stories waiting for the article that will launch her career to new height 4 Steamy Holiday StarsARC Provided by NetgalleyHeating Up The Holidays was my first experience with a holiday themed bookAt first I was a little waryI didn't think there was anything sexy about CHRISTMASI was proven WRONGThe stories happen during the holiday season but don't really focus on itIt's all about the couples and how they end up with each other with a bunch of smoking hot sex scenesI think I may have to read holiday themed booksThese stories were HOTThoroughly enjoyableEach story better than the previous oneI've never read any of the books by these authors and to be honest I've only heard of Lisa Renee Jones but now having read this book I want to read ALL of their booksThe first story is Play With Me by Lisa Renee JonesKali Miller is our heroine and Damian Ward is our sexy male leadKali has just moved to Las Vegas and is starting her new job as Damian Ward's executive assistantHe is the CEO to a casino corporationKali was a reporter in her hometown in TexasShe loses her job and in a need to be free of her loveless father and ex boyfriend she decides to make a fresh start in VegasThe moment Kali and Damion meet they're instantly attracted to each otherThese two are HOT togetherThey had a few panty soaking scenesMy only issue was Damion being compared to Robert Downey JrThat guy is not the least bit attractive to meThe Second story is Snowfall by Mary Ann RiversJenny Wright is the heroineA microbiologist from Seattle who moves to Ohio for a job on the a Research Faculty at Lakefield State UniversityIt is nearing Christmas and she receives a card in the mail that was meant for the previous tenantShe writes up her own card as well for the tenant and asks the landlord if he could send them to the previous tenantJenny soon receives a postcard from himThese two start a cyber friendship that soon gets filled with some HOT cyber sexJenny uses the name Lincoln and the ex tenant goes by CHe's the only friend she has in OhioAnd the story starts to get sadJenny is losing her sightShe has a disorder called retinitis pigmentosaHer peripheral vision is diminishing and soon she may lose her sight completelyThe only happiness she has is the cyber relationship with CThat's until Evan Carlisle her OT enters her lifeHe's trying to help her prepare for a life of possible blindness and how to manage itHe's super gorgeous and Jenny finds herself attracted to himIt's clear these two share a mutual attraction for each other and before anything can start between them Evan asks for a replacement OT for JennyThe kissing scenes are pretty damn hot between these two and don't get me started on sex in the VanJenny starts to feel bad about C But she's in for a big surprise where Evan is concernedI really liked this story and plan on checking out other books by this authorThe last story After Midnight by Serena Bell I think is my favoriteAnother author I've not heard of but am looking forward to reading her other worksIt's New Years Eve and Miles Shepard is at a huge party in some penthouse in BostonHis friend Owen received the invite via FacebookMiles has been going through tough times back home in ClevelandHe's been accused of embezzlement by the non profit organization that he ran and his fiancé dumped him because of itAll he wants to do is leave the party but he stays so that his friend can pick up chicksHe soon changes his mind about the party when he locks eyes with Nora HartShe's gorgeous and it seems as though she's extremely attracted to him as wellNora does come up to talk to him and they're pretty much flirting right off the batThey dance and kiss each other at midnightThen Miles gets into a fight with a guy trying to kiss Nora and he ends up having to run out of there never having gotten Nora's name or numberShe tries to find out over Twitter and Facebook if anyone knew him but with no luckA YEAR GOES BY and she gets a tweet from OwenSo this is how Miles and Nora reconnectThey're still very unattached and extremely attracted to each otherThey carry on their long distance relationship through long phone calls and SUPER HOT phone sexTill Nora hops on a plane from Boston to Ohio to see MilesThey don't waste anytime making up for all the sex they haven't had Make sure you have plenty of clean pantiesyou're gonna need themBut there's a little misunderstanding that splits the couple apartDon't worrythey will work it outLoved the endingI would have loved a full length novel on these twoI loved their story