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The First TrialOst out of the past that stops at nothing to prevent her from going to BrookmoorsLearning magic is Sylvie's only hope to survive but can she fight off the curse that locks her powers away and discover her heart's callingScroll up and take your first steps in the hidden magical world of Brookmoors MagiWarning This dark urban fantasy contains profanity and themes of mental illne. If you like Harry Potter and would like a grown up story filled with magic then look no further This book follows Sylvie as she is brought into the magical world as an adult when she receives her summons to a magic school She has been on her own since her parents and brother died when she was a kid and has been struggling with anxiety while trying to keep herself afloat in a busy very nonmagical world I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to continue on with the series This one seems like a short introduction to this world as it takes place over about 2 3 days but it managed to hook me completely The writing is hilarious and I laughed out loud uite a few times “Teach magic To children” He unlaced his hands and pressed them to the desk He rose and paced behind it “Are you fucking insane” This uote was pretty much the reason for why I picked this book up in the first placeThe way the book hints at Harry Potter just gave me warm fuzzies and I just highly enjoyed my time with Sylvie

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Ster a mysterious letter arrives in her apartment inviting her to Brookmoors Academy of Sorcery and Invocation offering to teach her magicBut her chance to beat the esoteric trials and tests is slim especially when few in the country ever pass And those that fail lose their memoriesThe odds are further stacked against Sylvie when something sinister and monstrous hunts her a gh. At 160 pages and taking place over about two days this was not a long book I think there is potential the Cinder seeing thing seems interesting and the key and family stuff as well However I couldn't really connect to Sylvie She seemed very in her own head and a little irritating honestly I liked Pyx though Overall while my curiosity is piued I am not sure if I will read the next book If you have Kindle Unlimited like I do I'd say feel free to give it a try I wouldn't buy it though 3 stars

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The First Trial characters Á 104 ↠ When a girl suffers from a magical affliction of misfortune and misery she must confront the impossible being made real and chase after the secrets of her pastOrphaned by flames and haunted by malevolent shadows Sylvie Asleton doesn't have it easy living in New YorkAt least she kept out of the mental asylum by clWhen a girl suffers from a magical affliction of misfortune and misery she must confront the impossible being made real and chase after the secrets of her pastOrphaned by flames and haunted by malevolent shadows Sylvie Asleton doesn't have it easy living in New YorkAt least she kept out of the mental asylum by claiming magic isn't realWhen Sylvie's life is on the brink of disa. 45 magic starsA letter with an invitation to an Academy of Magican orphaned child and a curseI admit I was wondering if this would be another Harry Potter kind of book And just so you know IT ISN'TSylvie Asleton and the Shrike's curse is an awesome beginning to a promising seriesThe Magic Academy topic is so well know and exploited by now that we already find it difficult to get our hands on something absolutely new and original Few are the authors who can still bring something new to the table James T Callum does it His take on the cursed orphan child getting a magic letterinvitation to a magic school manages to be both intriguing and surprising Allow me to explain First of all this book is not for or about children Sylvie is an orphan but we get to see her receive her letter when she's already a teenager struggling with odd and futureless jobs Brookmoors Academy of Sorcery and Invocation does not teach children Why By all means let's ask the Dean Teach magic To children He unlaced his hands and pressed them to the desk He rose and paced behind it Are you fucking insane He gesticulated wildly She had never seen him so agitated At such a loss for words You people you adults barely manage to not blow yourselves and most of the school up every year You're reckless impulsive insolent and refuse to listen to common sense How would any of that improve with hyperactive children who barely understand the difference between right and wrong not like any of you lot do anyways let alone comprehend simple mathematics You've been watching too many moviesSo see to it that you don't get it wrong just as the media usually does D They dream and imagine these fantastical scenarios where children wave wands and are able to perform cute magic tricks Where's the children summoning Eldritch Horrors or accidentally turning their friends inside out because they were impulsive with a new spell they thought they've createdSee what I mean Not for and about children That being said let's take a look at the magic No waving wands but instead Cinder raw magical dust that looks like golden embers made of light Top that off with a touch of extraplanar travel and Dives in between worlds through Margins awash with horrors and creatures better left alone; add in Binders who are capable of altering the law of physics and Witnesses who can see the Cinder a few magic keys and even a godling; set it all up against the price the Magi have to pay their sanity; and there you go Enough to make a head spin and uite adeuate for proper entertainmentThe characters are few but solid And I love the way Mr Callum wrote them Pyx is fun an funky sassy and awesome If you decide to read this book you're gonna love PyxEsra Magnus The Dean of Students at Brookmoors is one of those professors anyone would love to have The perfect blend of toughscary and gentlecaring And then there's Sylvie Asleton our MC I get it why Sylvie may be a no go for some readers Her parents died when she was small How I'm not going to tell you You're gonna have to read this to find out She doesn't have it easy living in New York being plagued by bad luck and misfortune and haunted by malevolent shadows and nightmares And this is where the curse comes in A curse that Sylvie needs to battle daily to survive Labeled by the doctors as delusional sick and schizoaffective she needs to keep out of the mental asylum by claiming magic isn't real And once you tell yourself a lie one too many times you usually end up believing itThis character is one that will appeal to those who are looking for insight into human nature What would you do when you've got voices whispering in your head and telling you over and over you are nothing but a worthless failure Would you end up talking to yourself in your head too just like Sylvie does at times Would you be able to hang on to a thread of hope to a better life Or would you also doubt and look for the catch because Good things didn't happen to ordinary people Good things definitely didn't happen to herWith Sylvie this author touches on very sensitive themes depression anxiety and mental illness These stack the odds against our MC diminishing even her chances at passing the esoteric trials set by Brookmoors If offered the frail chance to escape a dreary existence with something painfully akin to a grand delusion would you take a leap of faith and sign the damn parchment to make it all seem realWill Sylvie take that chance Why don't you give this a try and find out A fabulous debut of a binge worthy series from a new author to watch forI highly recommend it to all those in search of a little bit of original magic