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Are living with poverty to answer these long standing uestions What’s keeping them down What’s pushing them out And how can we move forward‘Brings into sharp relief the realities of povertyinspiring and uplifting’ –Tracy Shildrick‘Enlightening and startlingThe world needs writers like Matthew Small’‘A fascinating insight into what it feels like to live on the streets of the UK and India today’ –Joanna Ma. An eye opening look at the reality of poverty in today's societyA raw real look at the struggles of people trying to survive looking for shelter food basic human dignitiesA must read

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Down and Out TodayTopical book exploring the meaning of poverty today; uestioning whether poverty is specific only to money The book explores poverty across contemporary society and cultures specifically looking at UK poverty in Bath in comparison to India What does poverty mean today Writer Matthew Small seeks to answer this uestion and witness the similarities and differences between poverty in the UK and India Poverty stretches across all. In a time when our television screens are filled with programmes about people on benefits author Matthew Small has taken a very topical subject to focus on What does it mean to be poor As you can see from the title this book was partly inspired by George Orwell’s ”Down and Out in Paris and London” and in the same way the author focuses on two different places Part of the book takes part in Bath and then he travels to India and Nepal“Down and Out in Paris and London” was published in 1933 and I recall when I last re read it thinking that many of the points Orwell made were still valid today and this book suggests I was correct in this assumption Like Orwell in Paris Matthew Small spends his time in Bath working living fairly simply in a borrowed caravan with low funds While in Bath he spends a lot of time investigating the various charities and food banks that abound in a city known for tourism Jane Austen and the baths than for poverty Also like Orwell the author writes really moving journalism and tells the story of the homeless and those who use the various charity resources in the city There is also a side story about his time spent on a demonstration in London which is extremely interestingDuring his book Small is completely non judgemental about his subjects as are those who work for the charities attempting to help those who need assistance With benefits being cut punitive punishments and often chaotic lives it is easy to label people; but the author has to resist this and he does so extremely well Many of those in poverty are not homeless and are viewed as using resources that are not really for them while some of the homeless people that the author interviews prefer to stay away from the various charities available There is also of course the important uestion of whether those we see as poor view themselves as such and what it means to be living in poverty in a country many view as richAs a counterpoint to this the author travels to both India and Nepal where poverty is obvious; rather than the hidden dispossessed poor in Bath In both India and Nepal the author finds shocking obvious concerns such as children sleeping on the street and the way the physically handicapped or mentally ill are viewed He works with charities investigates slums and talks with everyone he comes across about what being poor – either physically or spiritually – means to people This is not a light read by any means but it is an important book The authors interest in the subject begins in Paris where he views camps of homeless people; part of the influx of immigrants that have recently poured into Europe Whatever your political beliefs or opinions there is no doubt that issues of poverty and homelessness are apparent and pressing than ever Whether it is people sleeping on the street in India or families in emergency accommodation in a UK city ineuality is everywhere – in education lifestyles and health it blights and it damages not only individuals but society At times the author wonders whether charity embroils those struggling in a never ending cycle of poverty rather than helping them At others he wonders whether the young Indian man who offers to act as his guide and is rewarded with the price of a shoebox supposedly to help him earn a living was just using him as a source of guilt money Would he use it to buy a shoebox Would Dean the book loving seller of “The Big Issue” spend the change given to him on something useful or tobacco In the end the author asks does it matter A charity worker in Bath looks at those who arrive for a hot meal tea and company and states flatly that if they are here then they need help and deserve to receive it You may not agree but I suspect you will be unable to read this book and remain unmoved Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review

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Down and Out Today Read & Download ´ 106 É Topical book exploring the meaning of poverty today; uestioning whether poverty is specific only to money The book explores poverty across contemporary society and cultures specifically looking at UK poverty in Bath in comparison to India What does poverty mean today Writer Matthew Small seeks to aOf humanity and by traveling East Small encounters the raw faces of poverty in India’s slums; he works in a leprosy community and joins the Sisters of Mercy on the smoggy and exhilarating streets in Calcutta He then returns to the UK to see what the passing of three months means to those who are scarred by one of the most unglamorous of all humanities’ ills being poor Small engages with different community members who. Down and Out Today by Matthew Small is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late September I must be honest before I really got a look at the cover and synopsis I had thought it was a GLBT memoirSmall goes through enough whinging and self doubt for this book to be less of a commentary on poverty and of a sad travelogue