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review Diary ng Panget Ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Mahirap at panget si Girl tapos magnet siya ng mga poging mayayaman na boys YES Cliché YES So what makes this book special This story has made a lot of people online laugh as in hagalpak talaga with matching headbang pa This is Eya's diary a girl who believes she's ugly and will meet CCinderella story with a twist katatawanan A story na pwedeng pwede sa mga kabataan at pati na rin sa lagpas kabataan para sa kababaihan kalalakihan binabae o pusong lalaki A very funny and kakilig story. Diary ng Panget Diary of an Ugly This romantic comedy novel became so successfully phenomenal that it was eventually adapted for a movie in 2014 In fact the said movie did well at the box office and redounded its main casts Nadine Lustre and James Reid to fame However it is just the way around when I checked the feedback of the readers here on Goodreads Most of them gave it 1 out of 5 stars Most of their reasons are first The concept of the story is “ obviously tweenie boppe rish ” and “ immature” as two of the readers put it; second it is out of reality; third it could symbolize the poor literacy in the Philippines as another reader put it; and finally the part they cringed at is that it is tattered with poor English grammar The concept of the story is said to be “ obviously tweenie boppe rish” or for teenyboppers and “ immature” for the character of Eya appears to be like a teen ager The readers in their twenties who gave it a go or just the teen aged readers who claim to be “mature’ may expect her to act her age since she is in college In other words at her age she is expected to be mature and responsible as what young adults usually do How do the readers find her so The way she speaks Well who knows when and how a person should be mature at herhis age The concept of the story is said to be out of reality The readers must not have known that this is fiction If they do they should not have read it in the first place Kung makapag comment naman parang hindi nag aral ng literature in high school In short this is the pigment of the author’s imagination On the contrary sometimes fiction can be drawn based on an author’s personal experiences and observations Therefore the concept of the story can happen in real life So if you are ugly you can choose to have a romantic lifeThis book is said to be symbolizing the poor literacy in the Philippines Maybe because of the noticeable parts that raised the brows of the “grammarian” readers and thus made them not giving it a uarter of one star It is tattered with some English grammar mistakes For instance the author must not make uncountable nouns countable such as “advices” instead of “ advice” “ luggages” instead of “luggage” “jewelries” instead of “ jewelry” Also she must not forget the past tense form whenever she refers to something that happened in the past Further she should be careful about using the words she wants to use in describing situation since we have this” word territory” or ‘polysemy “ in English language For instance she should not be confused about the difference between “ invicible” and “invisible” when Eya describes herself that you know who ignores her as though she cannot be seen since she is not much of a good look Invicible means unconuerable so invisible is the accurate word and I believe this is what Eya means to say Therefore the revoltingly conspicuous grammatical mistakes must be the primary vortex of the readers’ negative opinions of this book On the contrary dear readers tell it to the marines Put the blame on the publisher taken possession of capitalism It should have helped the author be guided by a proof reader Look at the credible publisher of Bob Ong If you still remember his book Stainless Longganisa there is a part that mentions about his publisher who was always sending him messages whenever his proof reader found some mistakes in his writings As a matter of fact don’t forget the fact that the author was still 18 when she wrote it Besides she is not that typical of a brilliant writer who knows how to write as efficiently and fluently as a professional writer who have obtained a Master’s Degree in Creative WritingAdmittedly I even revolted at it when I thought of the same ideas above I am not typical of a reader at my 20’s who is not supposed to read such genre My friends even you might find me” baduy” of bad taste I am no longer a teen ager to read it But as one of my friends on Goodreads put it I have this reading horizon In other words I read any kinds of books Besides it just so happened that I did not read such YA in my teen age life Now I have this regression or recidivistic habit Gee Kinikilig pa rin ako laughsSo in the end I gave it 3 stars because not only that I was giddy and I giggled and laughed my head off but I also want to disabuse the readers of their comment that IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSETHE BOOK MAKES SENSE Do you know why Forget the negative comments above Forget being such an intellectual and intelligentsia Do not be a hypocrite The author educates us all along about some moral lessons as usual whenever you read a book1 Be strong despite that life is unfair Eya lost both her parents when she was still young but she never gives up on her life She remains tough cheerful and positive So do dare it is out of reality2 Believe in yourself No matter how much you lack of your physical appearance do not ever underestimate yourself It is not about the physical beauty It is about the inner beauty that radiates on the outside3 There are some uotes which could awake you to what is LOVE Ponder over them and you will bring back to your senses ^^Finally the author Denny has the potential to be a good writer You have to hand it to her How come she is able to write such story which young teen agers can relate to I was even moved HeheheI have been reviewing books since I took an active part in Goodreads in 2013 The longer I am into this passion the I come to the realization that books of any genre could be good reads There are books that do not placate you so you could decide against giving it 1 star which means you did not like it However as I always put it 1 star does not necessarily mean the book is a crap contrary to what Virginia Woolf put “BOOKS ARE THE MIRRORS OF THE SOUL”Denny the real name of the author wants to be a writer She hopes to produce a novel which she can call her masterpiece someday so this book will be the springboard for her dream I hope that she has taken the negative comments above as constructive criticismPSA piece of advice Denny just be careful with the consistencies of your plots For instance I was confused when Eya is not able to speak English as fluently as Lory and Chad Eya is expected to be smart since she is a scholar of the academy Keep it up ^^

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Ching headbang pa This is Eya's diary a girl who believes she's ugly and will meet Cross Sandford the most annoying nilalang ever Samahan natin si Eya sa nakakaloka niyang adventure sa Willford Academy A. It's not that I don't like Tagalog books It's not like I don't like the culture of my country but this is It's a constant reminder of how the literacy rate here in the Philippines is slowly deterioratingWhat I don't like about this book as well as other books like this is that many readers call themselves 'bibliophiles' when the only thing they've ever read is this In my school there are a lot of novels like this It saddens me that the only thing my fellow thirteen year old classmates have actually read is this and other books of the erotica genre I've never seen my classmates purchase meaningful books such as Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and for this instance I would've been happy if they've read TFIOS But no when I read English books all they do is bash me and bash fricking Harry Potter not on my watchI've read this and truthfully there's nothing really special about it I don't know why a lot of people like this I only read this because I'm tired of all the buggery I was getting from the nasty little buggers I have for classmates It made me laugh every once in a while yes But the thing is I learned absolutely nothing The thing about books is they teach you lessons and take you to another worlddimensionuniverse Don't tell me I'm culture bashing because I'm not I'm still proud of the works my fellow Filipinos have published and I look forward to reading them I'm not going to rate this

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Diary ng PangetMahirap at panget si Girl tapos magnet siya ng mga poging mayayaman na boys YES Cliché YES So what makes this book special This story has made a lot of people online laugh as in hagalpak talaga with mat. Dear author I am not your market so stop selling this story line This is too weak To PBB Teens Sorry I am not buying this idea Good thing I never met you in a wattpad account and good thing I am not into reading fanfiction anyThe writing and delivery is trying too hard Sorry