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Chips Phoenix Giants kindle ã eBook Phoenix Giants Free ☆ Sir Henry 'Chips' Channon's extraordinary diaries first published in 1967 are now considered a modern classic The years covered in this volume 1934 53 recall a vanished world where Channon's priviliged orbit circled every social and public figure of the day in a roundAnd public figure of the day in a round of parties balls country house weekends and endless gossip His position as a MP enabled him to chronicle famously the Abdication Crisis when King Edward VIII's love for 'jolly plain 'unprep I thoroughly enjoyed this book for the most part however there were some boring bits where it got a bit heavy into the politics etc as I'm not a great politics follower but its learned me some of the politic talk and what certain things mean about governments etc which can't be a bad thing Chips can also rather irritate with his constant going on about all these titled people all of whom he knew of course and had entertained at some point in his lifehe seems to have a memory which can skip back into any particular time period of his life and know when he last saw a person or spoke with someone uite amazing thats not sarcasm eitherI really enjoyed his explainations of Royal events and of the Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson episode Chips is very erudite and good at explaining things and painting a vivid picture of just how things were which makes for very interesting reading I do feel that Chips wrote his diaries with a constant view to people in the future reading it and being over awed by his status in British society Sometimes he can be a little tedious but overall he is enjoyable to readWhat I find fascinating is the fact that he keeps referring to people in the future and I am one of those people In the final chapter he describes the Coronation of our current ueen and I found it particularly intriguing that I read that chapter in the very year that Her Majesty celebrates her Diamond Jubilee 2012Indeed I was eually fascinated that Chips wondered if his son would be an elderly man for the reign of King Charles III with me in 2012 as I read those words knowing that Prince Charles is still not yet King and Chips Channon's son is no longer with usOverall this is probably uite a heavy read for someone who is not deeply interested in this period in history and it probably would not be any good for a person who is not deeply interested in politics However I really enjoyed the book and I am no great political reader so I guess it depends on how much you're willing to put up with a few boring bits in order to find the parts which are fascinating to yourself

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Sir Henry 'Chips' Channon's extraordinary diaries first published in 1967 are now considered a modern classic The years covered in this volume 1934 53 recall a vanished world where Channon's priviliged orbit circled every social ”Chips” The Diaries of Sir Henry Channon is a sophisticated and delightfully snarky glimpse of life among the British elite in the thirties forties and fifties Channon was a Tory MP in the thirties an insider during the premiership of Neville Chamberlain and a fringe participant in Churchill's regime Chips' diaries lend firsthand detail to the Abdication Crisis the Munich negotiations and London life and politics throughout World War II Despite many years in Parliament Channon's political influence was peripheral but with his diaries he left an indelible legacyImportant figures come alive in Chips' pages King Edward VIII Wallis Warfield Simpson Neville Chamberlain Churchill Rab Butler Eden Hore Belisha Duff and Diana Cooper Prince Paul of Yugoslavia Field Marshal Wavell Somerset Maugham and a smorgasbord of kings princes dukes earls tycoons generals artists and writers Chips knew everyone who was anyone and wasn't reluctant to “dish the dirt” His keen insights into people were only offset by his shameless snobberyI must point out while the diaries are good reading they expose the unpalatable affinity of Chips' circle for Franco and German Nazism The British upper classes dreaded Leftism and practiced a casual antisemitism that is jarring to modern readers Chips in fact never referred to the political opposition as Labour but always as “the Socialists” In 1936 he and his wife an heiress to the Guinness fortune were wined and dined in Germany by Göring and Goebbels Göring's fête in Berlin is a standout scene in the diaries In London Joachim von Ribbentrop was a freuent guest at the Channon townhouse on Belgrave Suare Chips was so steeped in conservative conformity that for a politician he was surprisingly tone deaf to popular opinions of his time Although he attributed his failure to rise to higher office to personal animosities and his individual shortcomings in fact he was too closely associated with Neville Chamberlain and the policy of appeasement to find a prominent place in government after 1940The historian A J P Taylor dubbed ”Chips” The Diaries of Sir Henry Channon a “classic” while Nancy Mitford said “You can't think how vile spiteful silly it is” Both descriptions are apt It's worth reading and earned Five Stars from meNote These diaries are expurgated and incomplete Chips' son Paul and historian Robert Rhodes James edited this version for publication in 1967 Additional books were discovered later In accordance with Paul's will the full unexpurgated diaries are restricted until 2018

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Chips Phoenix GiantsOssessing' Mrs Simpson reduced him to 'a broken man at bay' Culled from some three million words in the original Robert Rhodes James's selection gives us the moments and characters of history etched indelibly by a master observer The ultimate royalceleb watcher of the thirties Diana Cooper the black dining room Wallis and David Cunards and Astors