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Detection UnlimitedE sinister hold on the social leaders of Thornden All joking was cut short when a wild eyed girl came running down the lane For it was Mavis Warrenby's niece announcing he was deadSlumped on a seat under an oak tree is old Sampson Warrenby with a bullet through his brain When the upstart solicitor is killed and everyone who at one time or another wanted him out of the way feels panic stricken His body is discovered by his anxious niece who is just one of ten people in the village in the running for chief. First published in 1953 this was the last of Georgette Heyer’s mysteries and the last in my project to read them all Written in order to pay a tax bill if I remember correctly from Jennifer Kloester’s excellent biography Georgette Heyer Biography of a Bestseller the novel has a cast of uirky characters and is full of Heyer's witty dialogue The plot – a reasonably standard whodunit with a range of possible culprits – is not exactly a page turner but was engaging enough to retain my interest I didn’t guess the identity of the murderer until just before the penny dropped for Heyer’s entertaining detective Chief Inspector Hemingway which was a definite plusThis novel will appeal most to fans of Heyer’s writing and to readers with a fondness for the lighter side of British Golden Age detective fiction rather than to dedicated readers of contemporary crime novels However it was a fun read made even fun by reading it with my friend Jemidar – who clever clogs that she is picked the culprit well in advance

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It was a hot June evening in the village of Thornden the Hasells celebrate a tennis party at the Cedars their mansion The young Haswell had just motored the lovely Abby Dearham back from social event of the week Nearly everyone of the village uppercrust had come to the party the Suire the Vicar the sharp tongued heir to five centuries of local real estate But the unpopular solicitor Sampson Warrenby had declined and no one was sorry Why this charmless social climber was invited was beyond Abby Had he som. This is the third of the series featuring Chief Inspector Hemingway that I’ve read though it is the fourth in the seriessubseries Once again in a classic setting—a small English village—this one opens one summer evening as many of the residents are heading to a tennis party thrown by Mrs Haswell On the way to and at the party we learn of a solicitor Mr Sampson Warrenby who has recently moved to the village and is not well liked in fact disliked by pretty much all the residents The party guests are rather pleased that Warrenby chose not to attend though his niece Mavis who is keeping house for him is there Of course by the time the games come to an end and the guests return Mavis comes home to find her uncle shot dead in the garden of his home Fox House The local Detective Inspector Thropton is away sick similar to the case in Envious Casca and so the Chief Constable decides to call in Scotland Yard and Chief Inspector Hemingway is sent down accompanied by Inspector Horace HarbottleWhile in some ways the case before Hemingway is a simple one a man shot dead in his garden it turns out to be uite difficult to figure out as for one there are so many suspects all with different reasons to dislike Warrenby—from Mr Drybeck the solicitor whose practice and seats on various boards and committees have been taken away by Warrenby to his niece the saintly Mavis who seems to have fallen in love with a young Polish man Ladislas Zamagorisky who her uncle most certainly does not approve of to Mrs Midgeholme breeder of Pekes whose dog was kicked by Warrenby many have reasons to dislike him even kill him In fact Hemingway says at one point ‘I don’t know when I’ve had so many possibles to choose from’ identifying nearly nine To add to it there are 37 rifles of the kind used in the murder in the vicinity And if these alone weren’t enough nearly everyone in the village from the said Mr Drybeck and Mrs Midgeholme to youngsters Charles Haswell and Abigail Patterson to a ninety year old former poacher Mr Biggleswade has turned into an amateur detective approaching Hemingway with their theories and information they consider of the utmost importance some to throw suspicion off themselves but others genuinely ‘trying to help’ I enjoyed this one especially since like Hemingway I certainly didn’t figure out whodunit until he did himself in the previous Hemingway book I read Envious Casca I did figure the ‘who’ out; so the book kept me reading till the end The abundance of suspects and amateur detectives kept me guessing as well Like the other two Hemingway books that I’ve read this one too is humorous in Hemingway’s tone and his exchanges with Inspector Harbottle for instance as well as in some of the characters such as Mrs Midgeholme and her line of prize winning Pekes Ultima all named with the letter ‘U’ Ulysees Umberto and Ursula but also Uppish Unruly and Umbrella and even the old poacher for that matter Hemingway’s observations in an instance or two do seem a touch insensitive or un PC but overall he’s good fun The rest of the characters too are pretty well drawn out each standing out individually and of course than one with their own secrets I liked how Hemingway finally worked the thing out picking up on various things that he’d missed when first told them—the explanation of who how and why runs into several pages where the Inspector is or less putting together various pieces as he works it out I find I’m really liking Heyer’s mysteries ones serious in tone like Penhallow as well as these lighter hearted Hemingway ones a lot and look forward to reading soon

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Download Ò Detection Unlimited é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü It was a hot June evening in the village of Thornden the Hasells celebrate a tennis party at the Cedars their mansion The young Haswell had just motored the lovely Abby Dearham back from social event of the week Nearly everyone of the village Suspect having cause to dislike Warrenby intensely Everybody in the village is ready to tell Chief Inspector Hemingway who did it Could the murderer have been the dead man's niece Or perhaps it was the other town solicitor The couple at the farm had a guilty secret what was it And why is it someone else actually wants to be the prime suspect Add to this the fact that Warrenby was blackmailing someone Only Hemingway can uncover which of the ten has turned hatred into murder but has his work cut out for h. Rating Clarification 35 StarsWho would have wanted to murder solicitor Sampson WarrenbyApparently everyone in the village of ThorndenThere's no shortage of suspects to uestion when Scotland Yard sends one of their finest Chief Inspector Hemingway to ferret out means motive and opportunity You've got the village suire and his ailing wife the victim's long suffering niece a rival solicitor a mysterious couple a crime writer a handsome foreigner and a military officer whose wife breeds Pekenese dogs with the unlikely names of Ullapool Ursula Umberto Umbrella and Uppish Oh the wife had motive alright Warrenby had had the unmitigated nerve to kick poor peekie Ulysses Another classic whodunit from Heyer set in the mid 1950's and one of her final mysteries I enjoyed this one very much and would have rated it higher except for the fact that the resolution and ending was too abrupt It needed 2 3 pages to smooth it out IMO In addition this book would have been so much better with a map provided at the front of Chapter 1 It was hard to picture the village of Thornden and the juxtaposition of all the houses and plots of land which made up a good portion of the book Otherwise another winner from Heyer whose powers of writing droll characters remains top notch