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Some secrets never die Hiding who you are can kill youDeclan and Sebastian St Clair set out on a fishing trip with their father when an unforeseeable storm bears down on them tossing their tiny boat far into the sea sinking it Declan and Sebastian are forced. Destiny of the Vampire by Tina Traverse is wonderfully romantic full of hope addiction love desire and betrayal For a short read Tina has certainly crammed an awful lot of story that never lets up never drags its heels to the exciting climax which left me gasping for Declan and Sebastian St Clair go on a fishing trip with the father A storm surprises them and sinks the boatThe brothers wake up on an island paradise battered bruised and confused Neither have time to mourn their father survival comes first They do survive but at what cost their humanity Dec and Bass discover they have been turned by a vampire ueen but being rowdy young men their penchant for living it up and partying gets them into trouble with Christian the head of the vampires on this islandThe brothers escape Christian's wrath and learn what it is to be a vampire in the big bad world There they meet Hope Serenity beautiful and seductive She saves them from themselves in ways than they could ever appreciate She is my favourite character a part any actress would die for This gorgeous story is full of everything vampire lovers need for their fix of blood and is a FIVE STAR glass of blood wine

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Destiny of the VampireHelpless as they watch their father swept under the wavesBoth brothers wash up on a deserted island where for five months they work to survive and escape After a tragic accident they perish only to be reborn as immortal creatures of the night hungry for hum. I’m big fan of vampire novels obviously since I’ve written two and when Tina offered me her book for free in exchange for a review I was about to say yes but realized I had already paid to download it I like to keep abreast of vampire fiction as much as I can and since Tina is also from Newfoundland I was especially curious to see what she had written Sadly I have to start this review the way I did one for another self published book I read earlier this year if Tina read this I guess we’ll have things to discuss I don’t want to hurt her feelings as it’s happened to me but I’m not sure how else to be helpful without being honest Tina was nice enough to read and review my book earlier this year and I started to read hers many months ago it took me this long to finish itI think Tina has some good ideas and comes up with some interesting characters in this book the huge problem is the story dialog and the names Also as is the case with self published books if you don’t have an editor or at least someone to bounce ideas off and receive feedback you can write a story that you enjoy but not many other people will I don’t say any of this to mean my first novel was riddled with problems and it took a very patient editor and 16 drafts to fix it as much as possibleOnce I have to be the grammar police here this book is riddled with grammatical and spacing errors In the end she even mixes up character name and it’s rather important Errors like this take you out of the story and really detract from the overall enjoyment To be a little specific I found one of the major problems with this story is that while it is obviously a romancevampiresupernatural story and meant for adults the author never provides the details I would have liked In fact despite a lot of talk of sex and some steamy scenes no one ever has sex in the novel I know this makes me sound like a horny guy but I think if you are going to write an adult novel you have to put this end The constant teasing of if they characters were going to have sex and then it never happening was very frustrating The action scenes also sometimes lacked the kind of descriptive detail that I think would have livened things up a lotAlso I’m sorry but I have to mention the names one character is actually called Candy Apple and another Hope Serenity I guess maybe she was poking fun at the whole romance genre here and maybe it’s an in joke but I just didn’t get it they sounded so silly they took me out of the story as wellI’m not saying there’s nothing I liked about this book the vampires here have interesting powers and she comes up with some clever reasons why they can go out in the sunlight and how they cope with blood lust The ending no spoilers does have a couple of good twists and was certainly not what I was expecting Some scenes were amusing and for the last couple of chapters I was eager to find out what happened next I will also say that I did especially enjoy the way one character’s sexual identity was dealt with it also came as as surprise to meI’m afraid I really can’t recommend this novel to anyone but the most hardcore vampireromance fans who also have a lot of patience like me Novels are a personal thing I know but for me I just couldn’t get into the story It does have violence some sexual content though not very explicit as stated above and coarse language so certainly not for children In the end I can only give this 510 I hope Tina will continue to write but I implore her to please find an editor and possibly a friendfamily membernewsgroup to receive feedback from And as I know this may hurt her feelings once again I do apologize writers have to develop a thick skin I just got told yesterday by someone that my first book sucked

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Download ↠ Destiny of the Vampire ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¾ Some secrets never die Hiding who you are can kill youDeclan and Sebastian St Clair set out on a fishing trip with their father when an unforeseeable storm bears down on them tossing their tiny boat far into the sea sinking it Declan and SebastiAn bloodThey are then forced to leave the island by their creator where they enjoy their new immortal lives Until a mutual catastrophic event forces the brothers to succumb to all too human destructive methods to bury and numb out the pain of their dark secr. The sheer scope and variety of vampire literature never ceases to amaze Some novels are blood sodden orgies where the hero is a cross between Jack The Ripper and Casanova Others are subtle love stories with just a sprinkling of vampirism to help season the taleIn Destiny Of The Vampire Tina Traverse introduces her own unusual take on the genreTwo brothers Declan and Sebastian St Clair are washed up on an island which although apparently deserted is actually inhabited by the mysterious Christian and his vampire family The brothers are turned into vampires but are forced to flee the island after Declan becomes uber friendly with Mrs ChristianVampire induced immortality however is not all it’s cracked up to be and we follow their individual journeys into debauchery and despair After nearly killing yet another cuckolded husband the brothers escape prison to be taken under the care of Hope Serenity a behavioural therapist who is a vampire from their past and who also happens to be the true love of Sebastian Or Declan Or perhaps bothWhat are the dark secrets that drove the two brothers on their self destructive pathsAll is revealed in the kind of blood soaked climax that would have had the audiences of Peter Cushing’s day swooning in the aislesTina Traverse has created an interesting blend of romance tragedy and carnage with characters who retain enough humanity and pathos to retain the readers interest right until that gut wrenching climax