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Read mobi ☆ Demon Kissed ñ Kindle Edition ó She’s an angel sent to Earth to kill a demon The last thing she expected was to fall in love with him Decades ago the Demon King Ezekiel conuered Mexico City and cursed it with greed The only way to end the curse? An angel needs to slay Ezekiel with Uriel’s Flaming Sword But EzeSe She must conuer her greed and complete her mission But that’s harder than it sounds when she discovers there’s one thing she craves above all else love from the Demon King himself Demon Kissed is THE perfect book for fans of The Hunger Games and Supernatural Demon Kissed is a standalone contribution to the Charmed Legacy Cursed Angel Watchtowers collection Stories can be read in any ord First of all I just want to say thank you to Michelle Madow for giving me an ARC of this book to read in exchange for an honest review No compensation was given offered or taken to alter the opinionI don't know how else to start this review other than to say that I LOVED THIS BOOK It's probably my favorite Michelle Madow book to date which is seriously saying something because I loved her Elementals series I seriously could not put this book down I didn't want to stop reading it even to sleep and all day while I was teaching I was anticipating the moment when I could go home and read this book some Fast paced doesn't even accurately describe this book I loved Rebekah's character She was compassionate and thoughtful Ezekiel was intense and a little scary at times but he was also sexy and sweet I loved Rebekah and Zeke together The ending was perfect Demon Kissed is a standalone book but it's also part of a series I will definitely have to check out the other books in this series If you're looking for a fun and fast paced read that features angels and demons then you definitely need to read this one

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She’s an angel sent to Earth to kill a demon The last thing she expected was to fall in love with him Decades ago the Demon King Ezekiel conuered Mexico City and cursed it with greed The only way to end the curse? An angel needs to slay Ezekiel with Uriel’s Flaming Sword But Ezekiel has stolen the Sword and hidden it in his Watchtower the gleaming skyscraper where he lives and rules Now I received a free copy of this book directly from Michelle so Thank you so much This is my reviewOriginally I wasn't sure how to feel about this novel The premise sounded absolutely amazing and definitely something I knew I wanted to read But with this being a part of a larger story that the novels involved intertwine and can be read in any order by multiple authors I wasn't sure how to approach this Everything I've read by Michelle has been very fast paced and entertaining This novel did not disappoint I was unable to put this novel down I devoured it in one sitting I love these charactersMichelle has this innate ability to write these complex characters with so many flaws; but these characters are always so relate able And Zeke especially is so complex breath taking heart breaking and scary he is a demon after all Demon Kissed is an amazing stand alone novel; the cover is gorgeous the characters are interesting and the plot is something really relate able at it's core Each chapter leaves you hanging wanting and needing Fast paced really does not being to describe this adventure of a lifetime This novel is truly about how far would you go for love How anyone is capable of love as long as their heart is open and willing And most importantly honestly; what will true love can cost you; is the sacrifice worth it? You be the judge

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Demon KissedThe angel Rebekah has been chosen to enter the city find the Sword and kill the demon When Ezekiel opens auditions for women to live in the Watchtower as his concubines it’s the perfect opportunity for Rebekah to get close to the devilishly handsome demon king locate the Sword and use it to end the curse Except that while Rebekah’s in the city she’ll be cursed with greed like everyone el Thanks to the author for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review this doesn't in any way influence my opinion on it Demon Kissed is a paranormal treat from the talented Michelle Madow The interesting premise promises action intrigue desire romance magic and it doesn't fail to deliver The prologue alone was enough to let me know how much I will enjoy the book It smoothly eased me into the story Rebekah is an angel that was chosen to come to Earth to defeat the Demon King Ezekiel in his kingdomcontinentdomain Mexico where he rules over from his majestic Watchtower Rebekah was unsure of herself as she's not the oldest or strongest or best of Angels yet she was the one specifically chosen for this mission But she was certainly determined to see it through She had to possess a human that was assigned to her the human she possessed is Adriana Medina—an eighteen year old socialite and the daughter of one of the most prominent men on the continent Rebekah is at first a little lost as she leads Adriana's life but things begin to come into focus once as she find a witch in the last place she expected it She needs a witch to break the boundary spell protecting the Flaming Sword of Uriel which was stolen by Ezekiel a long time ago It's the only weapon she can use to kill him a uick locator spell reveals the Sword is in the Watchtower The towering and domineering home of Ezekiel and also the most dangerous and guarded place in all of Mexico But a opportunity to get in comes in the form of a selection for 10 new concubines for Ezekiel after the demise of the previous ones The selection was originally created for Ezekiel to find a suitable bride that'll be by his side It takes place each year at the end of the year the concubines that are still alive are usually let go for a new selection to take place Rebekah entering the Selection as Adriana certainly caused a splash Because of her colour ranking Their society is ranked into 5 colour tattoos Gold are the affluent and the wealthy Silvers are the educated upper class citizens Greens are the entertainers artists merchants etc The Reds are those who serve the citizens of the city they lack electricity good money basic amenities etc The worst are the Blues They’re slaves in the labor camps in the countryside working day and night to provide the natural resources that those in the city need to live Their lives are miserableMost girls who audition for the Selection are from lower colours who want a chance at a better life Golds never participate out of fear of losing their lives to the whim of their leader Rebekah's choice caused a lot of buzz which was certainly in her favour Adriana is obviously a GoldThings at the Selection ball were certainly interesting and I liked the way it ended with a twist that was unexpected though everything still turned out as it should be Rebekah has an odd beginning with Ezekiel because she first met him in town as a normal person that intrigued her She knew him as Matthew and he also saved her life on one occasion She was very surprised that the guy she admired turned out to be Ezekiel the Demon King His sort of erratic behavior also doesn't seem to help He shows signs of goodness despite his infamous cruelty Things with Ezekiel gets really complicated as both their feelings get deeper Rebekah still works with the witch on taking Zeke down but she's not as enthusiastic as she once was Things take a turn as it begins to turn out she is the light that can lead him from the dark their contrast is a nice touch The moments before the ending is a chaotic whirlwind of betrayals action revelations and surprises I really loved the way it all ended especially that twist that made everything perfect Zeke is not a perfect person he is very flawed but I still love his character Rebekah also tends to be too consumed by love but I still love her nonetheless Their flaws are what make them such memorable characters The ending to their story was perfect and I am genuinely interested in what next this series has to offer The hot romance between Zeke and Beks is definitely not to be missedThanks to Michelle Madow for once creating a world that's nice to get lost in Demon Kissed has everything Magic Action Love Danger Mystery and an intriguing plotI recommend Demon Kissed to every paranormal fan out there You'll love itPS Apart from the fact that the cover is so freaking breathtaking I admire the symbolism which is perfect with the story