刑警罗飞系列之一:死亡通知单 Epub õ an hei zhe

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刑警罗飞系列之一:死亡通知单 Si wang tong zhi dan an hei zheE date of their execution The note is both a challenge and a taunt to the police When the first victim dies in public under their complete protection the police are left stunned More death notices are coming The chase is on Death Notice is an explosive page turning thriller filtered through a vibrant cultural lens Zhou Haohui expertly adds an exhilarating new perspective to the twists and tropes of the genre all fans love making for a uniuely propulsive and entertaining read It may bring out all the thrillerish cliches but it's a compulsive read that can't be denied Race against the clock a criminal playing games with the elite suad and an atmosphere you would never have believed possible in China

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D murder case until an entity calling itself Eumenides after the Greek goddess of vengeance and retribution releases a terrifying manifesto Is the manifesto a sick joke or something sinister Soon the public starts nominating worthy targets for Eumenides to kill and two days later Sergeant Zheng is dead Eumenides' cunning game is only getting started The police receive a death notice a chilling note announcing the the killer's next target the crimes they have committed and th 35This was fun than i was expecting It read like a screenplay than a novel I wouldve like the pace to be a little slower so we could appreciate of the Chinese historysetting I didnt really feel that engaged with the characters and its a bit sad to say but wasnt too worried if any of the main detectives perished Will hold off on reading book 2 as it purely depends on the translator The dialogue was uite cliched and direct not sure if this was the translation

Ebook 刑警罗飞系列之一:死亡通知单

刑警罗飞系列之一:死亡通知单 Epub õ an hei zhe ë An elite police suad hunts a manipulative mastermind out to publically execute criminals the law cannot reach A wild thriller and deadly game of cat and mouse from one of China's most popular authors For fans of Jo Nesbo Se7en and Hong Kong police cinemaTAn elite police suad hunts a manipulative mastermind out to publically execute criminals the law cannot reach A wild thriller and deadly game of cat and mouse from one of China's most popular authors For fans of Jo Nesbo Se7en and Hong Kong police cinemaThe brutal murder of respected police officer Sergeant Zheng Haoming sends shock waves through Chengdu a modern metropolis in the heart of China's stunning Sichuan province He had been obsessed by an unsolved eighteen year ol 死亡通知单 Death NoticeMore suited as a screen adaptation than as a book Indeed it had been made into a web tv serial and as of now season 3 is in the works Main crew montage Maybe I'll check the series out if it's accessible for freeSo basically some self proclaimed harbinger of justice going by the codename Eumenides aka the Furies from Greek mythology saw themselves fit to mete out death as punishment to criminals who had escaped through cracks in the legal system Eumenides first appeared 18 years before the main plot's timeframe during which the protagonist Luo Fei was a student in the police academy Both his roomie best friend and his then lover perished in the hands of Eumenides and 18 years later Eumenides resurfaced inviting Luo now an Inspector in some small county back into the main city to play witness andor adversary to Eumenides' killing or rather 'execution' spreeIn the main city Luo has to work with the prideful local Chief Inspector Han Hao and the beautiful criminal psychologist Mu Jianyun to stop Eumenides who apparently has so much talent and confidence that heshe dared send the police notices prior to each 'execution'The story has some potential and it's well paced with nary a dull moment It is an amalgam of Death Note Vol 1 Boredom Journey Under the Midnight Sun The ABC Murders but sadly it lacked the sophistication of all of the aforementioned works Writing wise there's way too much telling and an overdose of self explanation where the reader's inference skills would have sufficed It's somewhat bearable when reading this in Chinese but I can imagine the ridiculous meter amped up should it get the English translation treatment This was why I thought it best to skip the book and watch the series directly it was grating to read clichéd archetypes justifying their actions through inner monologue all the time There's the intrepid cool guy hero the gruff but honest fighter type the stubborn superior who refuses to acknowledge the hero the smart female partner both the prominent policewomen here were psychologists yeah girls to the psychology camp and boys to the action camp very neat boxes the goofy IT whiz kid etc I accept these types readily on screen somehowThe book tried to be Miyabe Miyuki in terms of social commentary but the motivation reasoning and the unfolding events lacked a convincing punch to me It tried to reproduce Higashino Keigo and Tsugumi Ohba's suspenseful sleight of hand cat and mouse maneuvres but there were too many convenient unexplained technicalities that docked points for impressive impact It just tried too hard Perhaps it's because there aren't that many Chinese writers seasoned in writing mysteries or suspense at least those that I'm aware of Perhaps the author's finesse gets better in the next instalments and I want to see that happen as I want to read well constructed Chinese detective novels