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Darling Dance with Me Book ↠ Dance with Me Download Ú Aisling magic î After my scumbag of a boyfriend cheats on me my plan is simple1 Run away to college2 Find a remedy for this heartache because it’s not found in ice cream contrary to popular beliefThe plan is perfect Until a conversation wi?? in that low husky voice my dreams turn a little dirty #HeartEyesEmojiBut just when I think things are getting better I find out that sexy Remi has his own secrets #NotPartofThePlanRevised plan1 Avoid the enigmatic dance instructor2 Repeat step one over and over and over againThis should be easy right This is a cute and sweet novella that was a perfect weekend read for me Kaci has decided to move into her dorm early before college starts after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend Along with her best friend Candee they sign up for a Zumba class so they can keep fit and hopefully meet new people Only the class was not zumba but a dance class with a sensual feel to itKaci has always loved dancing just like her mother However her father has always been completely against it It’s a weird thing to be so negative about when there are plenty of other things to worry about as a parent It ends up being a very fortuitous mistake though when she meets her instructor Remi Initially Kaci decides she doesn’t like him at all She finds him completely arrogant but when he calls her darling his rumbly voice does things to her that feels so good Remi has that brooding thing going on but underneath it all is a really sweet and amazing guy When Kaci gets to know him and learns about his family life she likes him even Remi has a lot to deal with at home and having Kaci in his life is one of the good things he has He knows they have something special building between them and he wants to explore where this will go with KaciThis story felt so much longer than a novella there is a lot happening and it was like a full length novel I loved the banter between Kaci and Candee there was no mouth filter when these two were together ‘He takes my hands into his and his touch is everything It makes me twitch It makes me warm It makes my heart gallop ‘Darling dance with me’

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After my scumbag of a boyfriend cheats on me my plan is simple1 Run away to college2 Find a remedy for this heartache because it’s not found in ice cream contrary to popular beliefThe plan is perfect Until a conversation with my crazy roommate that starts with staying fit and ends with a search for he Live ❤️5 STARS 3 3LOVE It was heartwarminglightfun and sweetSuch a lovely story it was fast paced and I enjoyed the characters a lotAisling is a talented author and I cannot wait to see of her writingIf you are looking for something sweet and flirty to read for summer this is perfect     

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Darling Dance with Me Althy penises results in me accidentally enrolling us in a kizomba dance class because of the aforementioned uest #InsertSwearWordHere#SwearingHelpsOur dance instructor Remi turns out to be a condescending jerk who enjoys making me suirm under his smoking amber gaze When he starts calling me “darling? I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewDarling Dance With Me by Aislyn Magic was a cute fun and fast paced read I usually struggle with novellas as there may not be sufficient character development or the story feels rushed This was not the case with this story The story which had a lot going on featured a tightly written plot and we’ll developed charactersIn this book we meet college bound Kaci who recently broke up with her boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend To get far away from the situation she moved in to her dorm before her classes began To keep her mind occupied keep her boy in shape and meet new people she signed up for Zumba classes at the prompting of her off the wall roommate However instead of Zumba she mistakenly signed up for Kizomba I had to Google this as it’s the first I am hearing of it It was here she met the arrogant but sexy and handsome dance instructor RemiTheir initial meeting did not go so well Despite the attraction that sizzled between them Kaci thought he was arrogant However the time she spent in his company she learnt that first impressions are not necessarily correctI loved Kaci and Remi both as individuals and as a couple Remi had a lot going on in his life and my heart broke for him Kaci too had her share of issuesI enjoyed this heart warming fun and sweet story I fell in love with the characters featured in this story They evoked feelings of sympathy and laughter My favourite being Candee Kaci’s friend and roommate I also loved the romance which developed between the main charactersOverall I enjoyed Darling Dance With Me If you are for a uick and fun summer read then look no further I would definitely read from this author This review was originally posted on Totally Addicted to Reading