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DOC À READER Dancing with the Devil The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue FREE ¶ CHRISTOPHER WILSON µ It shouldn't be a fascinating read this book it really shouldn't It's just higher gossip about how Wallis Simpson took a younger lover after her marriage to Edward and how she and sPhotos in the book he looks a bit like a baby faced bore but maybe having those millions in the bank skewed perceptions of him somewhat Donahue could fly a plane could speak several languages was a marvelous raconteur and on top of all this was a promiscuous homosexual That didn't stop him from forming a passionate friendship with Wallis however that soon turned into than mere friendship Wilson suggests that this constituted on Wallis's part perhaps the greatest betrayal in history Edward gave up his throne and kingdom for the wo The irresistible combination of royalty money sex and scandal continually fascinating and intriguing But why? Well we don't really know the answer to that but we still soak up the bizarre and self destructive behaviours of the rich and famous And in the 1930s there were none rich and famous and self destructive or self absorbed than the Prince of Wales David and his complete infatuation with the American divorcee Wallis Simpson So infatuated was he that when he became King on the death of his father he threw it away for this woman And was she even a woman? Plenty of rumours and speculation over that uestion As for the ex King it would seem his sexual proclivities tended towards the unusual too A marriage made in heaven you might think Until the appearance on the scene of the grandson of Franklyn Hutton founder of the Woolworths empire Jimmy Donahue by all accounts was a truly beautiful young man homosexual promiscuous hedonistic and the epitomy of the poor little rich boy as was his cousin Barbara Hutton subject of a famous biography called Poor Little Rich Girl This family is a shining example of how money cannot buy happiness In the early 1950s Jimmy and Wallis began a passionate and public affair that lasted four years making a complete fool of the Duke of Windsor in the process and yet there was nothing he could do about it other than hope it would run its course Which eventually it did The interesting thing is that despite their ostracism from respectable English society the Windsors were hot property in the US Society hostesses competed with each other for the company of the couple in their various social settings None was competitive than Jimmy's mother Jessie daughter of Franklyn Hutton and so extremely rich with money literally to throw away For some years Jessie effectively financed the extravagant and greedy lifestyle of the Windsors thus giving Jimmy unrestricted access to the couple Yet none of this money came to Jimmy himself; he was reliant solely on his mother for his own luxurious lifestyle Sadly because of this control his mother had over him Jimmy never actually accomplished anything even though he was desperate enough and probably good enough to have become a theatre producer The meeting of these three unhappy and unfulfilled individuals as you can imagine was never destined to end happily Reading this book I was struck by how money cannot buy happiness and what incredibly wasteful lives these people led How much they could have accomplished if they weren't so focussed on spending on lifestyle And what fabulous lifestyles these people led as detailed by the author I lost count how many times Jimmy crossed the Atlantic by ship the number of different beautiful residences and hotels he lived in in New York Florida the south of France Paris Italy The lifestyles of the Windsors were much extravagant the descriptions of the jewellery the clothes the cars Just fantastic And makes the tragedy of their lives so much poignantThere is an awful lot of detail in this book of all the incidentals such as the ocean crossings and which society hostess said what about another hostess and which nightclub they were in one night and what nightclub the next night All a little tedious but when you put it all together as the author has done it presents a drop jaw picture of the lives of such incredibly wealthy and privileged people from about 1920 through to the 1950s To have money is marvellous and to have than you need also marvellous but to have so much that you know you will never ever run out I think is really of a handicap than a joy

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It shouldn't be a fascinating read this book it really shouldn't It's just higher gossip about how Wallis Simpson took a younger lover after her marriage to Edward and how she and said lover enjoyed nights of nonpenetrative and principally oral sex I mean who cares? Shouldn't our minds be on higher things? The trouble is it's all absolutely fascinating The lover was the mad bad and dangerous to know Jimmy Donahue grandson of Woolworth's founder Frank W Woolworth heir to millions and considered to be dashingly good looking From the What's fascinating about this account is not so much the scandal with the Windsors although that adds even layers of patina What keeps the reader enthralled here is anthropology really Viewing the relentless pursuits of the senselessly rich and priveleged classes is like going on a wildlife safari in the most exotic and forbidden game reserve around Spotting Astors DuPonts Morgans Mellons Wanamakers Cunards and various crowned heads is the order of the day here and watching them overstep or embarrass their heritage is the bloodsportEnter Jimmy Donahue wildly rebellious reflexively irreverent unabashedly gay and absurdly rich in an era where moderation and dignified behavior was reuisite to good standing in high Society But change was afoot in the twenties and thirties After a desultory turn at producing Broadway theater a career which progressed uickly enough to seducing as many cast members as possible here's Jimmy looking for a mentor His nights when not occupied with this less glamourous arm of theatre were spent at El Morocco New York's jazziest nightclub It was there Jimmy came to know Libby Holman the doomed torch singer who was to remain close to him for much of his life They had originally met in Palm Beach and by 1934 she was a major Broadway star oddly vaulted into the pantheon by the murder two years before of her husband Smith Reynolds heir to the Reynolds tobacco fortune who had been shot dead probably by Libby hereself Because of the power wielded by the Reynolds family who did not wish to see their dirty linen washed in public Holman was able to evade being charged; but she walked through the rest of her life trailing a long dark shadow condemned by the press and public It made her dazzlingly appealing in Jimmy's eyes Jimmy and Libby had many things in common both famous both rich both trying to break into the theatre because Libby Holman had thus far been acknowledged only for her singing The audiences loved to hate Libby speculating in the intervals as to just how she had managed to shoot her husband and get away with it; and her hit song 'You And The Night And The Music' had the distinction of being banned on the radio the lyrics and the way Libby sang them were considered risué and immoral Jimmy revelled in her almost satanic notoriety and trailed around after her as she cut a swathe through New York nightlife drinking at the Chapeau Rouge where the owner Pepe d'Albrew wore a wriggling mouse in his lapel As heir to the fortune of his father's Upper Westside rendering factories and his mother's cut of her family's business venture the Woolworth's chain Jimmy Donahue was in a position to call his own shots He arranged a lavish party at 834 Fifth Avenue in part because he enjoyed parties and in part because he wanted to draw attention to himself but in this latter ambition he was unsuccessful His cousin Barbara Hutton stole the headlines the following morning for having worn a million dollar diamond necklace News of her recent twenty second birthday party at the Ritz in Paris with two thousand guests and assorted shopping sprees brought the Woolworth family riches into focus at a time when the Depression was at it's worst Blithely Jimmy chose the occasion to adopt a Hitlerian mustache During his late teens Jimmy spent much of his time with or waiting for Barbara Hutton As her self proclaimed court jester and as someone with a lot of time on his hands there were worse things to do As Philip van Rensselaer told this writer 'Jimmy wanted to be Barbara she was notorious she was admired She attracted headlines and attention Above all she had become glamorous and Jimmy wanted to be all those things'Subject to many of the same well financed hardships and scrutiny the cousins were to set new achievment levels for the title Idle Rich Often well drugged and sipping cocktails to round it off Barbara made a life's mission of serial marriage to old Europe mini royals often engaging the next candidate before deciding what to do with the current Count or Prince Louche vain and fiendishly hud Jimmy lived two lives camping on high amidst the haute société and then freuently decamping at night for the company at the sailor's bars in whatever uaint port of call the yacht may have dropped anchor for the evening After yet another Barbara wedding somewhere on the gameboard Jimmy finds the accomodations unacceptable When the honeymoon party arrived at Hardenberg Castle on the Danish island of Lolland Count Reventlow's ancestral home Jimmy had become so used to this cosy propinuity that he became enraged at being relegated to a guest cottage Alone at night Jimmy started to burn the cottage's furniture tables chairs stools in the fireplace along with conventional materials To the attendant press corps he imitated the count's stiff germanic mannerisms This went down terribly well Jimmy's newfound talent for mimicry was not to be wasted on Denmark alone The honeymoon was just gathering steam By September the entourage had moved to Paris then on to Rome and the royal suite of the Grand Hotel Rome by late 1935 was overrun by Mussolini's fascist mobs dressed in their black shirts and terrorizing the populace Cars were torched stores looted passers by attacked all in the name of the new order Beneath the tourists' balcony on 28 September a seething mob gathered in the plaza by the Via Vittorio Emanuele to celebrate Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia Shouting slogans and waving placards they seemed a ridiculous bunch to Jimmy who was in the warmth of the early autumn evening drunk Stepping onto the balcony and raising his arm in a fascist salute he adopted Il Duce's hectoring tones and swaggering posture to bellow 'Viva Ethiopia Long live Haile Selassie ' To improve upon the shining hour he unbuttoned his trousers and urinated on the mob below Were it not for the instant intervention of the city police When the police were admitted Barbara was in bed for some reason Asked if she had seen where a man of Jimmy's description might have gone she adamantly declared that she had seen no one of the sort From under the bed came the drunken retort Jimmy howling She's not telling the truthAnd on it goes Mr Donahue and Ms Hutton were in their early twenties at this point and had the world on a string They had yet to make the acuaintance of the Duke of Windsor at this point or his American Duchess so uite a lot of complication yet to unravel And so many many parties An engrossing thoroughly trashy satisfying read

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Dancing with the Devil The Windsors and Jimmy DonahueMan he loved only to have her take off with another man However it was never uite so simple as this Edward didn't want a normal sexual relationship with Wallis really he got all of the satisfaction he wanted from playing with her feet while she evidently continued to adore him even if she found that the need for sexual satisfaction drove her into Donahue's arms It might even have been that Edward knew but didn't mind The whole thing reads like some kind of royal soap opera and as such it's absolutely riveting Christopher Hart couk I was tickled that author Christopher J Wilson had the same thought I did after reading Caroline Blackwood's Last Days of the Duchess in that we both wanted to know about the life of Woolworth heir Jimmy Donahue It was interesting and overall sad those who have the most seem to do the least with it but it was a good companion piece to the interesting Last Days of the Duchess