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Protect the living and her love for Dracula she suddenly finds herself the enemy of the hunters who had once been her alliesAs the Vampire King unleashes his army of the damned a Death comes on crimson wingsThe vampire king has unleashed his army into the City and only Maxine can stop him Will she accept all that he is or end his bloody reign forever The story continues and the Author delves deeper into the ruthless monster who is Dracula in ways we’ve not seen before While the character is one written many times in fiction the author is looking behind the character and asking us to see how the man became the monster and accept him We are taking this journey with Maxine Dracula wishes to her to see all that he is and either accept or denounce him As an empath her very being is compassion Whilst she might have compassion for the monster she also has compassion for the dead he leaves in his wake How does she chose between the monster she loves and the city and it’s people who also do not deserve this fate Especially as he will not stop until she sees all that he is Can she accept it It’s a very human concept to be alone and to wish someone to love all that you are And it appears no different for both the main character and also the side characters who we are growing fond of We see all the murder and destruction and the hell he has created in Boston and yet we are getting glimpses of why There is no justification for what he has done he gives none yet there is reasons behind why he is what he is is coming through the story After all we may enjoy a hamburger but do we wish to meet the cow For the first time we see hints of compassion in Dracula towards other misfits in his army who also did not fit within their societies and have joined him to find a place where they finally belong Funnily enough it is not him that introduces us to them to convince Maxine but others who also have a vested interest in seeing his existence continue and also who develop a liking for our heroine because of what she can bring to his life They understand what it is to be alone We see him through their eyes It’s a fascinating concept as a reader to be able to see a different facet of a monster and to love him for it Zadok Moredecai and Walter continue their appearances throughout the story and we learn about their backgrounds and how they came to join Vlad These characters are so well developed that our interest swings over to their lives and how they also find companionship We have a vested interest in seeing them also find their HEA and this takes a very gifted Author to immerse the ready fully in the world she has created side characters and all And frankly they’re extremely creative in bed which adds some swoon worthy moments to an otherwise complex and engaging story A fantastic end to a beautiful story with a HEA that satisfies the reader This duo is some of the Authors best work It’s well written and the characters so well developed it provides a refreshing take on an old legend that also pays homage to the original Highly recommended

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Curse of Dracula Immortal Soul #2Nd turns Boston into a sea of carnage she must decide if she can love the monster for what he is or if she must be the one to end his bloody crusade through history once and for a Ugh Why can't I live in this author's brain I feel it would be far entertaining than my ownCurse of Dracula is everything I hoped for in a seuel Maxine's internal struggle over the eternal evil that Dracula unleashes upon the world was simply fantastic She remains true to herself and remains a truly genuine and sincere character I love how all of the author's character's are so intelligent and true to themselves Seeing the realistic transformations of characters is something that Kathryn does very well While all of her work pulls me in I have to say that this duet surpasses all of them but maybe her OG series will always hold a special place in my heartand maybe Julien andwell darnit all of them are awesome okDracula was every nightmare you could imagine but still very sigh worthyI mean as Maxine if you were a regular Joe you'd be gasping in agony but I digressRead this book Fall in love with this story You won't regret it

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MOBI ð DOC Curse of Dracula Immortal Soul FREE ´ KATHRYN ANN KINGSLEY ↠ Maxine Parker expected to lose her life when the Vampire King swept through her city like a plague She did not expect to lose her heart to him as well Caught between her desire to protect the living and her love for Dracula shMaxine Parker expected to lose her life when the Vampire King swept through her city like a plague She did not expect to lose her heart to him as well Caught between her desire to “I am not a vampire I am far and far worse than that Within me beats the black heart of all that would splinter bone and pick their teeth with the remains I am the river spring from which flows all cruelty on this Earth And it was cruelty that made me”Death has descended on Boston and the city is bathed in rivers of red as Dracula unleashes his considerable fury on the inhabitantsMaxine with her empathetic gifts can feel it all every strike and dark deed cutting her soul deepVlad wants to punish the hunters for withholding his treasure but also to test Maxine’s mettle by showing her just who he isShe’s seen his nicer side and now she will get a taste of his darkness and corruptionThis is Vlad showing her his very soul and hoping for either her acceptance or condemnation the choice he will leave to her“I love you And I will have you love me in return All of me Walk the streets of my pain my darling And when you find me at the end of it I will accept your judgement on my knees I will bow to you like a slave and take your forgiveness or wrath with a joyful heart”You really get a real sense of just who Vlad is here and I was actually torn between my natural sympathy for his loneliness and pain and my censure at all his heinous actionsVlad’s himself makes no apologies for what he does and who he is letting Maxine judge as she sees fitMaxine is indeed one of a kind her ability to empathise be that with man or monster and without judgement is a gift and her heart beat's to the drum of others painThis also had some really great side characters amongst them Bella and Mordecai who we also get up close and personal with and I really did appreciate their particular dynamicWe also get of an insight into Vlad’s companions with this one and each one was so much than there surface outward personasThis surprised me and the finale was also very unexpected and crept up on me unawaresNot uite sure about the finish with this one I’m still mulling it over slightlyAs usual this was fabulously written and the writing itself was also lyrical and really beautifulThis managed to keep my attention easilyI voluntarily reviewed a copy of Curse of Dracula Immortal Soul #2Reviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom