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Download Doc ✓ Culture of Corruption 436 pages ¸ Naturaltreatment ¶ Barack Obama’s approval ratings are at an all time low A recent Gallup poll found that half of the Americans polled said Obama did not deserve a second term Weary of the corruption that gushes from the White House faster than a Gul’t just any politics It’s “boodle” clogged dissent suelching redistributive Chicago politics The 2010 elections promise to be an anti corruption referendum for the history books “After all” Malkin says “You can’t reform corruptocrats but you can vote them out” New revelations in the updated Culture of CorruptionHow Obama has declared war on independent government whistleblowers with unannounced firings smear campaigns and forced silence when their findings expose his political alliesHow First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity is less about reducing our youths’ waistlines and about swelling SEIU coffers with nearly 400000 new food servi Knowing Michelle on a personal level from her working for the Seattle Times this is classic MalkinShe takes on Washington DC with the tenacity of a pit bull Michelle has never been shy to say what is on her mind and is always well armed with facts and figures You will enjoy this book if you understand politics in America and how it is easily corrupted by those that would make deals for personal gain As Michelle points out most of the current people that came to DC in 2009 are known deal makers with a high degree of self interest Not good for my country We need to have a TOTAL turnover as both parties have lost their understanding of the constitution and the mere fact that they work for US the people

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Barack Obama’s approval ratings are at an all time low A recent Gallup poll found that half of the Americans polled said Obama did not deserve a second term Weary of the corruption that gushes from the White House faster than a Gulf Coast oil spill voters are ready to put a cap on smear campaigns pay to play schemes recess appointments and Chicago politicsIn the updated paperback edition of her #1 New York Times bestselling book Culture of Corruption Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats Crooks and Cronies Michelle Malkin says “I told you so” citing a new host of examples of Obama’s broken promises and brass knuckled Chicago way Culture of Corruption proves once again this isn This highly documented and footnoted work of investigative journalism will do nothing short of uell any illusions that we have a man of integrity in the White House The depth and breadth of this Administration's exposed corruption and cronyism will surely turn the stomach of all Americans who value honesty integrity and their hard earned taxpayer dollars Written with wit and attention to detail just one of the many disturbing revelations of the book is how our tax dollars are being used to fund this super charade of transparency and the end of business as usual Beyond the Obama administration Malkin further catalogues the intrigue and craftiness of the Clinton Team and other players It is impossible to refute the facts and they come hard and fast in Malkin's work She shows the same insightfulness intelligence and uick wit in her writing that she demonstrates in her live interviews making what otherwise might be a dull parade of fact after gut wrenching fact a lively romp through the swamp of corruption that is the current political machine

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Culture of Corruption Obama and His TeamCe workersHow despite the exposure of ACORN’s illegal practices and subseuent defunding ACORN still remains and why the Obama White House remains tight lipped on the future of ACORNHow Obama is using recess appointments to install politicos when both Democrats and Republicans have torpedoed the nominationsHow the White House is manipulating key races across the country including endorsing such candidates as Alexi Giannoulias a mob linked scandal tainted banker from Obama’s hometownPowerful damning and comprehensive the paperback edition of Culture of Corruption reveals the ever growing mountain of sleaze and self dealing that the Obama administration would rather you not know I agree with the author that there is a culture of corruption at the highest levels but in my opinion that culture exists in politics itself rather than with one candidate or one party The book met my expectations with lots of hate speech supportted by footnotes lending a feeling of validity to the author's point of view In the end I strongly believe that 'the other side' of this argument could offer the same kind of supporting documentation to their arguments The accusations are serious and ugly just as the accusations the liberals level against the conservatives are serious and ugly Unfotunately and once again in my opinion each side has a portion of what is needed to set things straight but the art of lying to prove a point has become so refined that one is left skeptical of anything written supporting either view; at least this one