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The cane can bring them heaven or hellGage still dreams about the sub who got away Linnet was his fantasy girl and the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with As the new owner of Crave he still can’t get her out of his mind A discovery is about to rock his world and bring the past and future colliding together If only he has the courage to embrace it My Rating45Favorite uotes“It was a dull realization this awareness that she might die here That unbeknownst to anyone they’d taken a madman into their midst How ironic Just when she’d thought her life couldn’t be any perfect and now she was thrust into the mouth of Hell”“Feeling now that was the most frightening thing of all”My ReviewIgnore the cheesy cover I am happy to report that Crave was not at all what I expected It was uick well written and intriguing cross genre read of suspense and erotic romance While I am one for the BDSM lifestyle and would never willingly ask for or allow anyone to strike me I must admit the sensual scenes were well done and found me rather suirmy and with an erratic heartbeat Oh my Ms Bishop is a talented wordsmith

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Crave Author Erzabet BishIn the darkness of night desire reigns supremeThe sins of the past live on in the presentCarefree submissive Linnet Adams is living the dream with a promising future another semester of school under her belt and best of all the devotion of Master Gage Her life at Crave the city’s most exclusive BDSM club is everything to her until she’s thrust into a living ni ExcerptIt had been a rough week and her exams were finally done freeing up of her time to devote to Master Gage Just the thought of her dark haired muscular Dom sent shivers down her spine The good kind “Master Gage said we had to keep everything low key until the semester was over I just hope he’ll make it in tonight He texted me he was going to be late and to help with the visitors”“Maybe he wants you to help the new guy feel at home” Her best friend April grinned and spun from side to side on the bar stool her feet dangling “He’s supposed to be Master Gage’s special guest” She polished off her cranberry juice and turned to slide the empty glass across the bar to Bernie“Thanks”“No problem” The large black man smiled his eyes dancing merrily Everyone understood Bernie was the biggest teddy bear in the place but if anyone threatened one of the subs he would rival even the toughest Dungeon Monitor “You girls be careful tonight The boys upstairs are on another membership drive and I’m not so sure they checked out everyone like they normally do”“Hmmm” She eyed the charismatic blond man from across the room He was surrounded by women each one eager to get a taste “God It’s like a feeding frenzy”April laughed “It is I hope they leave than the bones for whoever gets him tonight” Her Domme Evelyn waved at her from the St Andrew’s cross “Look I have to go Mistress Evelyn is summoning me You have a great time honey and give me a call tomorrow”“Will do” Linnet picked up her ginger ale and took a small sip She tugged down her frilly micro skirt and checked her corset to make sure everything was in place It felt good to sit down The new black heels she’d worn tonight were absolutely killing her and it hadn’t even been two hours yet Bernie narrowed his eyes his lips turning down in disapproval as he gazed at the blond “You be careful around that one Linnet There’s been talk”Linnet cocked her head “What kind of talk?”“The kind that makes me want to throw his ass out the front door and not care where it lands I can’t believe he wormed his way in here” “Really?”“Just don’t let yourself be alone with him okay?”“Point taken” She swallowed the last of her drink and heaved herself off the stool and back onto the floor Her feet still hurt but at least it was a little better after sitting “I’d better make my way into the fray If Master Gage comes in and sees me sitting I’ll get my backside warmed but good”Bernie chuckled “You know you like it when that man paddles you Hell he could paddle me anytime”“Naughty Bernie” Linnet giggled “Don’t you know it babe Now you watch yourself you hear?”“I will Don’t worry”

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Epub À Crave Author Erzabet Bishop ï Download ë Naturaltreatment ✓ In the darkness of night desire reigns supremeThe sins of the past live on in the presentCarefree submissive Linnet Adams is living the dream with a promising future another semester of school under her belt and best of allGhtmare Seven years seven murdersRyder a male submissive at Crave is devoted to the lifestyle and one very hard to pin down Domme He is also a Doctor of Psychology specializing in BDSM related crimes When yet another murder occurs he is asked to assist Detective Linnet Adams Sometimes the truth is hiding in plain sight and all it can take is one kissThe whisper of Linnet is on her way to a promising future She is protected and cared for by Master GageAll was going well and her carefree spirit allowed for her to indulge in many aspects of her life She is uickly thrown into a nightmare and only just saved in the nick of timeShe finds her place as a detective and soon works along with Ryder a is also a Doctor of Psychology specializing in BDSM related crimes She soon recognizes he is also her submissive from Crave The two embark on uncovering the mystery of Seven murders over a course of Seven yearsGage all the while is still in love with the sub that got away He has yet to see that she has been right in front of him for some timeCraveErzabet BishopHer past and present collide in a steamy thriller where both her worlds come together and only the three can decide on their futureI fell in love with the characters as well as Erzabet Bishop's work I received this copy in exchange for an honest review