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Coronets and SteelEd and because there's something very different about her bloodline and the magical nature of her ancestral countr First read 101410 My first book by Sherwood Smith but probably not my lastI'm categorizing this as fantasy because that's the way the Library had labelled it I will say that most fantastical elements were kept in the background and very wispy Maybe that will change as the series continues? I'd say that it's of a swashbuckling type of modern Gothic Romance reminiscent of some of Joan Aiken's books or maybe Mary Stewart's brought into modern times with fantasy elements Also maybe a bit like CA Belmond's books although hers don't have any fantasy elements of course I see that Sherwood Smith's review below refers to this as a Ruritanian Romance and gives a few hints for the next in the series so you may want to check that if you're interestedOverall I very much enjoyed it I'm hoping there will be to this series as this book ends uite unsatisfactorily I felt There is a very slight romance element I found the heroine to be very likeable and capable I liked her brains wit and athletic abilities although I uestion whether someone with her background and of her age would be 'uite' so knowledgeable and self assured But again not my expertise so I am probably wrong The slang seemed a little dated maybe appropriate for the 80's90's but I'm not exactly up on the modern idiom so I may be wrongThe cover art is almost perfect and gives a good reflection of the plot I'll give it an B I'd up that grade except the Paris Hilton resemblance is offensive to the heroine who is not at all PH like and she should have been wearing sandals since that was very integral to the plot and mentioned uite a few times within the bookThis book was different I couldn't guess what would happen I enjoyed that And I liked the traveling around Europe meeting a fascinating stranger what if you were a 'fairy princess' espionage y elements and etc2nd read 21512 to prepare for seuel And to read an intelligent heroine after the stupidity of the one from the last book I read

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PDF Â BOOK Coronets and Steel FREE õ NATURALTREATMENT Â Aurelia Kim Murray is a California girl who wishes there were to life And there is For Kim is part of a royal family from a tiny eastern European country and soon finds herself swept up in the romance and mystery she always wanted and because there's something veAurelia Kim Murray is a California girl who wishes there were to life And there is For Kim is part of a royal fami It's kind of a cheesy cover but I don't care I still love this fantasy adventure with a nice side of romance It hit all the right buttons for me Coronets and Steel is Sherwood Smith's swashbuckling homage to The Prisoner of Zenda with a female lead character Kim is a California girl with a talent for fencing a fearless attitude and a startling resemblance to a missing young woman from a fictional Eastern European country called Dobrenica The missing woman is engaged to the prince of that country Alex Kim travels to Vienna trying to find out about her ancestry and is spotted by Alex's servants who think she's the missing fiancée and call Alex Alex meets up with Kim and is convinced that she's his fiancée and that she's pretending not to know him for some underhanded reason So he flirts with her they have a few drinks and he slips her a roofie so he can abduct her and take her home Kim not being the shrinking violet type escapes by jumping out of a train window you go girl and takes off cross country on foot Alex and his henchmen servants give chase Coronets was an incredibly fun read because it's such an action packed book reading it was kind of like watching a great action film I never got bored There's a little magic a few ghosts and vampires and a handsome prince who unfortunately is engaged to the wrong coughs another girl Lots of chasing around attempted abductions hair raising escapes sword fighting Kim was a competitive fencer in college and general kickassery Good times You do need to read the seuel Blood Spirits to get resolution of the whole story; Coronets ends on a bit of a cliffhanger So plan accordingly but it's worth itReading Coronets was so enjoyable that when I finished it I immediately went back to the first chapter and start reading it again That's my highest praise

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Ly from a tiny eastern European country and soon finds herself swept up in the romance and mystery she always want I feel so torn about this book I 5 star LOVED certain parts of it It blends history and fantasy magic and politics mythology and modernity The author calls it a homage to Prisoner of Zenda which tells you something about the uirky classic literary references populating the pages And some of the not so uirky ones The characters all come across genuinely knowledgeable They jump from history to languages to classical music almost constantly But not in a way that makes the reader feel ignorant At least I didn't feel it Except for a chapter that began by referencing a character in Prisoner of Zenda which had me flipping around in this book trying to figure out who the person was and how I missed his earlier entrance Running jokes include Jane Austen's Mr Darcy and PG Wodehouse's Jeeves Such fun I liked the writing I didn't mind the length or the detailed historymythologypolitical structure I ate it all up I felt the influence of some of my favorite authors definitely Mary Stewart Jane Austen maybe Georgette Heyer And when a book casually nods to other books and books I particularly love well it is on the fast track to join them on my favorites list Except Coronets and Steel doesn't uite make it there First the timeline I don't mean the pacing of the book I agree with other reviewers that it is slow initially but if you stick with it you'll be rewarded No I mean the date of when this book was supposed to take place It was published in 2010 I sometimes got '90s vibes But then the heroine references teenagers glued to cellphones and her favorite childhood series Harry Potter Suddenly 2010 makes sense Yet she does not act like it is modern day and there is little evidence she communicates with her family back in the States through than the occasional postcard My family would FREAK OUT if I tried anything like that while traveling abroad And if we are in the twenty first century I'm further baffled by the ages of everyone There is Grandma who escaped around the time the Nazis invaded the love interest who fought off Soviets and the main character who is in college Or is she a grad student? I cannot remember Still weirdly young to be dating someone whose Father fought Nazis and romanced her Grandma As a result of these confusing generational gaps I spent most of the book feeling vaguely puzzled and uncomfortable with the various ages and romances Second the romance I actually really liked it at first It was slow burn but occasionally the attraction flares The heroine acts mildly flirty and clearly is aware its there Until out of nowhere things become SUPER INTENSE was that a fade to black scene? I can't decide or perhaps just don't want to and the love interest becomes pretty dang angsty Which I get Political machinations safety of the country and all that But 'brooding' only takes a fellow so far He bored me by the endThen there is a LOVE TRIANGLE A love triangle almost as out of nowhere as the one from The Princess of Cortova I haven't forgiven you yet for that Diane Stanley But weirdly enoughI didn't actually mind the love triangle here I mean it did throw me for a major loop and I maintain a healthy skepticism with the whole thing but I actually am of a fan of the secondary love interest At least once I realized he was a secondary love interest The PROBLEM with this is that it made me feel even apathetic about the main romantic lead and his brooding angst So while the heroine starts going on about how she'll never love anotherI kind of wanted to be like nudge nudge forget him you've got another great candidate lined up And I am not the type of girl who normally falls for the bad boy so you know our sueaky clean male lead is a boreThird the villain is soooooooo obviously villainous that I kept waiting for either the heroine to catch on or a truly stellar plot twistNeither happens The otherwise clever and gutsy heroine is a complete moron where the villain is concerned And I don't understand why Girl grew up in LA How is she so lacking in street smarts? Or a BS meter? If she's so naive why did her parents think sending her to Europe alone was such a great idea? To credit the plot her naivety is a pretty well established part of her character but it still didn't make much sense Maybe she should have watched horror movies as a kid And of course the story ends on a cliff hanger which gah But it probably needed to end by that point Don't know when but I will try and get the seuel SoI'm rounding to 4 stars I don't know if I'm rounding up or down It probably deserves less It could deserve There is so much I loved about this book and so much that distracted It certainly takes commitment to get through the first section before the action starts But once it does I found it hard to put down It is a creative story built around a clear worldview and full of developed interesting characters But it also relies on some weak plot points and truly dumb behavior on the part of the main character The romance detracts as much as it adds What a mixed bag I can only hope later books in the series win me over