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Cookies and Chaos kindle » Maple Lane Cozy Mysteries #3 Download ☆ Cookies come in all shapes As do murder victims Delicious Cozy Mysteries with free recipes From USA Today Bestselling author C A Phipps comes Book #3 in the Maple Lane Cozy Mystery Series Cookies and Chaos Maple Falls the home of delicious treatsAtens at every turn and when Maddie ends up on her own scared and out of her depth it seems that even an award winning baker isn’t safe from Maple Falls’ first serial killer Bagels and Blackmail Big Red is missing And her faithful Maine Coon isn't the only pet in town to do so Madeline Flynn’s Maine Coon cat is than a pet much and now just when her bakery is taking off and life in the small town of Maple Falls is settling down someone’s stolen him along with several other pets To everyone’s shock ransom letters start appearing all over town and then a case of blackmail While Sheriff Ethan Tanner is doing what he can to solve the crimes Maddie can’t sit by and watch Going against Ethan’s and her darling Gran’s wishes she once again decides to do her own sleuthing with a little help from her friends Maddie is on the case when a driver dies and his death and background are suspect And what does the art gallery have to do with his death? Gran and the Girlz are on it Even the twins Jessie and James end up helping with a clue I’m glad things seem to be moving forward in the love department I really enjoyed this book Getting ready to start on the next bookI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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Cookies come in all shapes As do murder victims Delicious Cozy Mysteries with free recipes From USA Today Bestselling author C A Phipps comes Book #3 in the Maple Lane Cozy Mystery Series Cookies and Chaos Maple Falls the home of delicious treats yard sales and a sense of community And now murder Someone has a chip on their shoulder and it isn’t made of chocolate Madeline Flynn her posse of girlfriends and Gran as well as Big Red her faithful Maine Coon are whisked up an investigation that will take all their sleuthing skills to solve as they wade through clues as thick as cookie batter hoping that the timer won’t go off on another murder With the handsome Sheriff’s protection can Maddie and her team solve this Maple Falls crime or have they taken on than they can chew?

 The Maple Lane Mysteries are li 🐈 Big Red's favorite🍪 baker once again up to her eyeballs in murderous intrigue🔎September 19 2018Format Kindle Edition375 starsThis third book in the series was probably my least favorite so far Yes there is developing💕 romance in the air for several couples including heroine 🍣bakery owner Maddie and Ethan the town👮 sheriff And of course an unexpected and suspicious local death that Maddie used her astute observational abilities to help investigate Author Cheryl Phipps has created a small community where everybody knows your name and one person's secret never stays that way Every volume in the series seems to bring in new characters to populate Maggie's adventures as an amateur sleuth Maybe that's part of my issue with this story too many characters and a plot that seems less focused All the threads do seem to come together at the end though and Maddie embeds herself even deeper in the town's fabric The romance is pronounced in this book but still mild in heat and humor is threaded throughout particularly in this story in the antics of Maddie's 😾 Maine Coon cat Big Red and James and Jesse Ethan's rambunctious 👬 twin nephewsAn added bonus some nifty baked goods recipes at the end I read a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest review

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Cookies and Chaos Maple Lane Cozy Mysteries #3 Ght cozy mysteries featuring a uirky cat loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth You can catch up with Maddie’s earlier exploits in Book 1 Apple Pie and Arsenic Book 2 Bagels and Blackmail Book 3 Cookies and Chaos and Book 4 Doughnuts and Disaster Apple Pie and Arsenic Madeline Flynn thought that opening her bakery and winning the top prize for her apple pie at the Spring Festival would be the most excitement in her day She isn’t expecting to find a dead body beside her car or be accused of murder Things like this just don’t happen in small town Maple Falls With nowhere else to turn Maddie enlists the help of her old flame Sheriff Ethan Tanner as well as her irrepressible Gran to find the murderer before Maddie’s put in jail or there’s another death on their hands Danger thre Well poor Maddie is caught up in trouble again and once again it came to her door When a delivery is late Maddie just assumes that Owen the driver is having truck troubles But unbeknownst to her this is the start of trouble brewing Maddie and Ethan have started to move forward in their relationship and Gran is encouraging Laura and Rob with their relationship friendship dance also Big Red well he’s the jealous type and swipes or bites Ethan when he gets to close to Maddie But this time murder and theft are involved as well as forgery and a well known recluse local artist And of course Maddie finds herself taken again what is with these people But like all good cozy mysteries this book doesn’t give you all the clues or the answers till nearly the end and of coarse the bad guys are caught even if it was because of their own doing I’ve fast become a fan of Ms Phipps work and now cant wait for the next new story