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Concrete The Human Dilemma Concrete Graphic NovelsLife as Concrete is about to change foreverFormer speechwriter Ron Lithgow returns as the title character of Paul Chadwick's critically acclaimed and award winning miniseries Trapped in an alien's rock hard body Lithgow is an accidental celebrity whose high profile is being courted. during the last volume i couldn't help but think the art is a little like jack chickwhose ridiculousness has amused many athiests like myself although ironicallyi must give jack chick some credit for his design aestheticform factor of his tracts i feel like there's bits of a marketing genius in there somewherebut there's than the occasional art style in common concrete is preachynormally that would absolutely turn me off but chadwick is uite rationaland isn't afraid to discuss the downsides to the extremes of his side of a debate something the outspoken religious should doyou think it'd be easy for a religious person to say i don't know because i'm human but god does but no the loudest ones claim to know everything because god told them or some other bullshitanyway at the same time the author was crafting fiction to bring awarenessof overpopulation i was attending a long now lecture which surprisinglyindicated that we had already crested and rates are decreasing significantly2004 02 the depopulation problemthis is not to say that we're not still killing our environment and the other doomsthat chadwick foresees aren't happening triple negative ie they are but i'd like it a little if chadwick was a little less er concrete in his position as opponents to such a message thrive on discrediting the entire message when one little bit turns out to be different that forecasted just as in the many debates in which the main character participates in this volumeeven if you don't agree with him 100% still some great storytelling herein particular weaving multiple variations on the same theme the extremistposition the opposition's concrete's physiological changes larry's situation

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Read Å Concrete: The Human Dilemma (Concrete (Graphic Novels)) Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Life as Concrete is about to change foreverFormer speechwriter Ron Lithgow returns as the title character of Paul Chadwick's critically acclaimed and award wLls over an entirely different sort of proposal Life and violent death take center stage in this compelling new collection from an industry renowned creative master and the subject of overpopulation is given the trademark thoughtful exploration that Chadwick fans have come to expect. Rereading Finally the sixth issuechapter mostly denouement I love the stories of Concrete by Chadwick published ever since Dark Horse became a publisher This last volume dramatizes reproduction The Human Dilemma with some over the top debate about overpopulation an issue that never really goes away And the comic art storytelling of Chadwick is so fun as when he draws the x rayed interiors of Concrete and Maureen in appropriate cutaway setting the comics reader views anatomical differences between them Great storytellingI've seen other work by Chadwick but only a small short story of Concrete in a recent revival of the Dark Horse Presents anthology I hope we'll see a new novel length story some year soonMeanwhile read these fine stories Thanks to Atlanta Fulton Public Library for the loanHighly recommended

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By a front page CEO Though Concrete believes overpopulation to be an important issue does he want to become the spokesperson for a controversial population control program While Concrete mulls this generous proposition over with his biologist Maureen his longtime aide Larry Munro mu. So my favorite creature of stone is going to get involved in family matters As it happens I actually think this is kind of realistic story