Cogars Revolt (Cogar Adventure Series #2) review á 3

review Cogars Revolt (Cogar Adventure Series #2)

Cogars Revolt (Cogar Adventure Series #2) review á 3 Ë Violence has descended upon the historic city of Cairo the streets plunged into chaos as stones thrown by protestors are met with bullets and fire hoses from President Mubarak’s soldiers Always in the thick of things wisecracking international news correspondent Grant CogaAtional news correspondent Grant Cogar uickly finds himself caught between warring political forces in the midst of a brutal fight for control of the country Worse a Syrian mercenary with an insatiable bloodlust and a reputation for limit. Granzow has created an engaging character in Grant Cogar a journalist whose wit and charm work against him with each new assignment Granzow never allows a catchy phrase or Bond like smile to serve as the key to victory for his protagonist In fact he refuses to let Cogar escape from any predicament large or small without first torturing the hell out of him much to the reader's delight Even when Cogar is given a sex mate Granzow encumbers the journalist with an all too needy woman bringing fresh perspective and humor to the worn out ladies man routine This well researched story sends Cogar deeper and deeper into the chaos of a country on the verge of revolution allowing the reader to experience the news as it happens The peripheral characters are interchangeable and one action scene in particular is difficult to follow but those faults are uickly forgotten the moment Cogar opens his mouth to make another memorable crack; each snide remark results in trouble for the character Especially impressive is how Granzow manages to raise the stakes without ever sacrificing plausibility I should say plausibility as defined by the action thriller genre You know gunfirebeatingsnear death experience the kind of stuff that happens to everyone It is a fun read from the outset dropping us right into the action and it is consistently tense throughout

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Violence has descended upon the historic city of Cairo the streets plunged into chaos as stones thrown by protestors are met with bullets and fire hoses from President Mubarak’s soldiers Always in the thick of things wisecracking intern. I received a free copy of this novel specifically for this reviewCogar's Revolt is a solid indie thriller that is sure to please fans of men's adventure As the Arab Spring sweeps across Egypt the Chicago Herald sends its finest reporter to cover the downfall of an oppressive regime Enter Grant Cogar fearless reporter of the old school who will chase after a story no matter the cost with a view to reporting the truth and only the truth without inserting any personal biasesCogar is also a hard charging alcoholic and womaniser And yet his flaws grow well on him defining him without crippling him He is charming and witty loyal to a fault ready with a uick soundbite while still prowling for a story Cogar is also an ordinary man while he's seen than his fair share of bloodshed he hasn't actually killed anyone and does not have any actual military of self defence training While he can handle himself in a scrap he is also well aware of his weaknesses Indeed than once he survives a fight only by holding out long enough for a third party to save his skin Cogar isn't invincible either; bullets very narrowly miss him street fighters get in blows and knives find their mark The fights are shot through with a sense of tension and vulnerability leaving the reader wondering how Cogar will get himself out of his latest scrapeOther characters are eually believable Female lead Aiylah is a strong young woman torn between her ideals and political necessity Perry Rothko is Cogar's foil an all round sleazebag who landed a prestigious journalism award and a job at the New York Times by stealing Cogar's work Main antagonist Kek a Syrian mercenary working for the Muslim Brotherhood is a chilling embodiment of determined evilThe plot itself did not rub off on me as well but it's probably just a matter of personal taste The first part of the story is about Cogar ducking the military to get his story and the rest of the story has Cogar dodging the Brotherhood long enough to write it The chase and evasion scenes are tightly written and action packed but occasionally I had the feeling the plot lost the reason that Cogar was in Egypt to cover the revolution I expected from a story with such a politically charged background and while there are some titbits and factoids scattered throughout the text they paint a picture of the Revolution but not the forces underlying it I also expected Cogar to do journalism than he actually did although given that Cogar was sent in to do just one story I suppose he delivered on his promises For thriller fans looking for an adventure this plot is perfect; for readers looking for something deeper it's highly unlikely they will gain any insight into the Revolution than what has already been reportedThe climax is also a little jarring view spoiler A character somehow survives a fall none the worse for wear without an explanation The character just pops up again It is especially puzzling because another character dies from that same fall hide spoiler

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Cogars Revolt Cogar Adventure Series #2Less violence has Cogar locked unwaveringly in his sights Befriending a beautiful young woman determined to see the rights of her people restored Cogar must battle his way through a city turned upon itself to get his story and get out ali. COUGAR'S REVOLT is another winner from author Nate Granzow I found REVOLT to be a deeper grittier and violent tale than then it's predecessor Not to give a plot details away but in this entry Granzow shows of the unlikeable side of Cogar Granzow does manage to keep the character of Cogar on the good side but by the end of the story you will know that Grant Cogar has gone very close to the edge of darkness than he'd care to admit If you care to investigate what I'm referring to then by all means pick up this thrilling edge of your seat page turner