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City of a Thousand DollsRue assassins She makes her way as Matron's errand girl never letting herself imagine a life outside the walls until one by one girls around her start to die Enriched with cultural details and patterned with vibrant descriptions City of Thousand Dolls was an exotic fantastical story mingled with murder mystery and ancient cultsAn isolated estate that gave refuge to orphan girl abandoned after birth and trains them in various arts such as music dancing combat etc Sixteen years Nisha never belonged to any one particular house making her way as Matron’s assistant But when she began flirting with a handsome young courier she dared to dream about a life outside the city walls But when one by one girls were stared being murdered she found herself within a chaos that would simply shatter hey hope to be free The book was brilliant and Miriam’s world building was vivid and richly detailed I instantly liked the idea of different houses that trains young girls in different skills The world building eerily resembles to the Indus Valley civilization and it was really fascinating There was another thing I would definitely mention that was their costumes or asars The author subtly designed in rich Indian style in a very stunning and perplexing way The whole world of City of Thousand Dolls was exotic and mysterious The murders were planed and well executed They created a fog of mystery with elaborated actions and adventure When Nisha slowly started digging inside she discovered long buried truth about her originNisha was pretty striking marked by individualism with eyes full of hopes that once dared to dream of life outside city wall She was also a telepathic too with an ability to talk to cats and I personally loved this part Taking to a cat??? Pretty coolOverall City of Thousand Dolls was well paced and a very engaging read that kept me hooked A mystery on which I pondered for long and in the end I found a satisfying answer If you want a taste old South Asian culture CoTD is definitely the one book for to uench your thirst

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Just a child Now sixteen she lives on the grounds of the remote estate where orphan girls apprentice as musicians healers courtesans and if the rumors are t ACTUAL FULL REVIEWOriginal will be posted on my blog on January 10th 2013 here Note due to copy and paste formatting and links have been lostI'm going to try really really hard to make this review as gentle as I can let it be But make no mistake I did not at all like this bookLet's just discard some misinformation first That first line in the summary? An exotic treat set in an entirely original fantastical world brimming with deadly mystery forbidden romance and heart stopping adventure? That is not true At least not for me Let me explainThis book is not exotic because I felt the writing was very bland The story was told with a sort of detachment and no real emotions were really explored It was very this happened now this now oh look here's something else that's happened and oh my this is all very tragic Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that Ms Forster can't write Surely she can But her style was just really not my type Also this book is not entirely original Sure it sounds absolutely amazing and original I thought so too But upon reading it I realized that it utilizes the same variation of court intrigue that Alison Goodman's Eon series does so well except it doesn't do it so well It's a flurry of events that do have conseuences but are not developed It's like watching a movie unfold when nothing seems important to you because nothing connects Not the two dimensional characters not the paper cut out world not the misuse of Asian culture and certainly not the absolutely unscintillating romance Romance first I'm so unsure as to where the whole thing was going It was a nice tentative thing at first no insta love here and yay a backstory but it was so flat I wished I could proclaim what so profoundly breathes life into characters because then and only then will some people deem me ualified to talk but as a reader and a bloggerreviewer all I can say is that I didn't feel anything It was meh to me than anything else and the whole thing seemed to be going in a thousand different directions at once do you see the pun tucked in there? I told you this review was going to be negative so I'll wrap it up with this last bit of complaint that is uite personal and most likely won't affect most of you The cultureterminologyI'm 100% Chinese I grew up in China I'm uite sure I'm of enough caliber to analyze my culture so let's look I realize that Miriam mentioned somewhere that this book is based off of South Asian cultures and I also understand the gap in translation I've gone to enough museums to know that the green leafed Spring is an acceptable translated painting name etc But this book had so many of the long named translations like in the name of the Long Tailed Cat that it was ludicrous I've never read an Asian based fantasy that used this many translations Most of them didn't even contain any or just onetwo This whole bizarre use of Asian cultureterminology whether or not it's Chinese I've Asian blood in me and I've studied this whole shebang enough times that I see a book not fully researched when I read it the first time was just distracting I could barely focus on the story when the meh writing and misused cultureterminology made me want to just oh I don't know headdesk really really hardOverall you definitely can give City of a Thousand Dolls a try Warning though if you want a good Asian based fantasy that will rock your socks off I cannot say that this book is it

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DOC ↠ READER City of a Thousand Dolls ☆ ë MIRIAM FORSTER ë The girl with no past—and no future—may be the only one who can save their livesNisha was abandoned at the gates of the City of a Thousand Dolls when she was just a child Now sixteen she lives on the grounds of the remote estate where The girl with no past and no future may be the only one who can save their livesNisha was abandoned at the gates of the City of a Thousand Dolls when she was As seen on The ReadventurerMy first read of 2013 and well my advice is skip it I finished it so you don't have to It is sad mostly because City of a Thousand Dolls is written so earnestly and with such good intentions You can tell that the author meant this novel to be about diverse characters and diverse cultures Too bad it's just not that great of a novel It is simply lacking in sophistication and maturityCity of a Thousand Dolls is another Asian inspired fantasy which I would advise fans of good clever inventive fantasy not to bother with and read Alison Goodman's Eon Dragoneye Reborn duology instead On the other hand if you are not picky or experienced with fantasy or don't mind your YA very young sure go for it The world building here is interesting enough at the very least exotic Its roots are hard to pin point unlike let's say in the case of obviously Japanese inspired Stormdancer There are touches of Japanese culture here with fans and tea ceremonies dark skin castes and names of India demographic politics of China All in all these pieces create if not a uniue and new imaginary world but it least different from the normal Western onesAt the center of this story is the City of a Thousand Dolls a shelter and a place of study for unwanted girls This city is necessary because of the Bhinian Empire's rigidly enforced two child limit which as it usually does means that its citizens are invested in keeping sons and getting rid of girl children The City has several schools Houses that teach the abandoned girls music medicine and seduction basically your common high class prostitution and assassination skills When the girls reach adulthood they are practically sold to the highest bidderThe main character of the novel Nisha is an assistant to the City's Matron and as often in such novels a special kind of girl or so we are told The main plot of the book is Nisha's investigation of sudden deaths of several City's girlsNot to go into any great detail the reasons why City of a Thousand Dolls didn't work for me are the ones that I keep writing about over and over again The uality of writing is of MG level which makes the whole attempt to write romance into this story with passionate kissing and such uite a failure The romance is juvenile and void of complexity there is no other way to describe it The hierarchy of the City is shaky Sometimes it's hard to understand why certain people have the audacity to be disrespectful to their superiors and of course there is the usual special snowflake cliche that makes our heroine special without her doing and being anything special but having a special position in this world nevertheless The reasonings and motivations are unclear too sometimes Why such angst and surprise at the news of arranged marriages or employments when the main purpose of the City is just that to find unwanted girls places to live or work once they are of age? Plus circling back to the issue of arranged marriages and such isn't this too tired of a trope to base a story on the only reason for angst and conflict? It's pretty much the most worn out trope in speculative YA right nowAnd the last thing that makes the book so young is the talking cats I'm sorry but I believe that talking animals belong mainly in children's lit unless it's Bulgakov's The Master and MargaritaBasically I found this novel very simplistic and immature albeit well meaning and generally decently written It just doesn't match the level of uality I prefer in my books But sure give it to your 12 year old Wait but how would you explain it to be appropriate to have schools that educate mistresses and prostitutes and assassins in an MG book? A lot of strange disconnect in this novel