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Read & download ¸ Cerulean Sins (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #11) ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à 'People don't like dealing with people who raise the dead Don't ask me why but we make them nervous'There's something about Leo Harlan that I don't like He's asked me to reanimate hAd ancestor and it seems like a perfectly ordinary case for someone like me Anita Blake preternatural expert vampire hunter and raiser of the dead So I agree sometimes you deal with the devil. Most people don't find me funny at all Anita Blake meets a guy in her office Gasp shock horror she actually accepts his job She then raises a zombie Asher arrives to tell her Surprise Musette Belle Morte's cronie is here She rushes to Jean Claudes to get in a pssing match with Musette Then she has to rush home to feed the ardeur She argues about who she will have sex with Asher waffles about having sex Anita Blake has sex Anita Blake is summoned to a crime scene but she is too weak to go herself after such amazing sex so Jason drives her She needs to feed the ardeur Anita argues about who she will have sex with Anita has sex She talks about sex She talks about her relationships She talks about the new French vampires from Belle Morte She has sex She talks about sex She finally goes to meet the French vampires Oh yeah and she finally remembers the murders and the zombie raising she was hired to do at the beginning of the book Good thing those last two could easily be wrapped up in a few minutesI'm sorry I know a lot of these reviews have been nothing but me saying Anita Blake is a horrible woman The writing is so mediocre and misogynistic There is a good story here but too bad it is buried in bullsht And I'm afraid this is another one of these reviewsIt's sad because amidst all the sex talking about sex prepping for sex arguing about vampire politic minutiae arguing about werewolf political minutiae pssing contests misogyny and bad fashion shows there IS a good story The zombie raising at the beginning of the novel while barely by a tenuous subtle thread connects to the main plot whatever that is was one of the best in the series I felt for the first time in this series that I had a clear idea of what Anita did and how she did it The shapeshifter murder mystery isn't half bad And I don't want to send you into cardiac arrest but Anita actually gets a Court Order of Execution and IS THE FRAKKIN' EXECUTIONER with a one liner that would have made Arnold Schwarzenegger proud In a book series where Anita Blake is supposed to be a Vampire Hunter so feared she is called the Executioner this is the only book I can remember where she got an actual Court Order to kill a frakkin' shapeshifter or a vampire About damn timeAnd then we have the one character who doesn't suck up to Anita and isn't afraid to bring up Anita's stupidity JasonI think you dated Richard and Jean Claude both to keep from falling in love with either of them JasonOriginally Jean Claude said he'd kill Richard if he didn't get a chance to woo me too AnitaWhy didn't you just kill Jean Claude then You don't tolerate ultimatums Anita Why would you tolerate that one JasonI didn't have an answer for that AnitaI loved someone once with my whole heart and he stomped on it AnitaPlease not the fiance in college Anita that was years ago and he was an asshole You can't spend the rest of your life nursing one bad experience JasonIn the ways I listed above Cerulean Sins which doesn't refer to any building but apparently the memo everyone got to wear Cerulean Blue is actually better than Narcissus in Chains I mean CS did have a plot; it hasn't been THAT long since I finished NiC and I can't give you a plot summary to save my life other than Sex BDSM sex sex drama wangst sex sex arguing sex But in many ways this book is just as bad as the previous booksAnita Blake might as well rename herself Mary Sue I've forgotten how many titles she has to her name now Nimi ra Animator Necromancer Jean Claude's human servant succubus Federal Marshall which happened all off screen by the way etc I've forgotten how many men are lining up to get into her panties which conveniently match with her bra Jean Claude Asher Jason Nathaniel Micah Zerbrowski etc She has demanded to be called Ms Blake but then won't respect a mourning woman's desire to be called MrsShe thinks a covering a transsexual's family problems and a teacher raping a 13 year old boy are weird crapIt was just the kind of weird crap Court TV liked to televise You know transsexual's custody case female teacher rapes 13 year old boy student pro football player's murder trial She is making outhaving sex with several men and yet somehow Asher says this about herI have met saints and priests over the centuries that had not your will to resist temptationLast I checked resisting temptation kind meant NOT doing whatever is tempting not holding back from screwing anything in sightWhat is probably most groan worthy is the silly plot device that “forces” Anita to have sex the “ardeur” Anita has to feed it every 12 hours or she will die This leads to a large portion of the novel dedicated to sex relationships arguing about who is going to have it with whom and so on and so forth It bugs me that this “ardeur” basically strips Anita of her choice in the matter; if it is supposed to be a metaphor for women's sexuality it failsBut of course Anita doesn't WANT that much sex Oh no like a bad pornographic movie she is FORCED to have this much sexWhy was I always made to feel guilty because I wasn't having sex with people Wasn't it supposed to be the other way aroundDespite claiming to be a feminist Anita freuently makes misogynistic remarks such asIf I'd have been a man I'd have let it go but I was a girl and girls poke at things than menYup Anita you really are eual rights Calling grown women girls and comparing them to MEN is really feminist of youShe pretty much gets into a fight with any authority figure whose path she crosses Double time if that person happens to be a woman Triple if that woman is blond and tallNot to mention Anita seriously needs to check into the hospital Besides having breathing problemsI was blushing so hard my head was beginning to hurt

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'People don't like dealing with people who raise the dead Don't ask me why but we make them nervous'There's something about Leo Harlan that I don't like He's asked me to reanimate his long de. In my defense I've been trying to make bookshelf space weeding out books I bought and read years ago But it's hard to part with them after all then me must have liked them for some reason right Currently most of the Anita Blake series is in a box in the basement but I brought this one up because I couldn't remember when the series finally went bad for me I'm betting this one was the proverbial strawOn the positive side it kept me awake partly because I was curious if the story started in the first four pages a hit man looking to raise a zombie would ever be completed and partly because trying to figure out if I was remembering this plot or the plot of another one in the series was like a mental itch I couldn't scratchSpeaking of itching Laurell Hamilton is a tease and I don't mean that as a compliment Anita Blake's ability to raise zombies and her dominating personality made her an interesting character one of the first female leads of the UF genre The hook of a human among the supernaturals working murders with the police was a captivating one as evidenced by endless entries in the genre since However by book pick any number after 5 it was mostly about Anita and her sexual inhibitionsadventures Cerulean Sins goes far down that path of exploring Anita's sexuality in its many forms with a driving plot in vampire politics and a minor consult or two with the police about various grisly murder scenes Read if you feel in the mood for some supernatural erotica but don't expect any actual investigation or character development beyond sexuality This is about who Anita will take bloodsexual energysex from and why and her guilt about it Actually it becomes kind of boring the erotic euivalent of watching the same car chase or shoot out again and againI never realized what a classic Speshul Snowflake Anita was skills that make an assassin pause strangely strong necromancy powers of a vampire servant an excellent shot leader of a ware jaguar pack enforcer for a werewolf pack she really does everything in the supernatural world With the bonus special superpowers of being able to arouse lust in five seconds flat through her magical ardeur powers My only excuse is that I hadn't found on line book clubs yet and was seriously in need of something new to read This one goes to the used bookstore even if they don't want it

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Cerulean Sins Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #11Not because you want to but because if you don't someone else willBut what he hasn't told me is that the corpse may hold the secret to an ancient crime that not everyone wants to be remember. Nothing turns to hate so bitter as what once was love – Anita Blake in Cerulean SinsYou tell 'em Laurell K Hamilton cause ooo were your fans mad at you after that book see reader reviews at com Well it started with Narcissus in Chains but I guess they were willing to allow that one if it were an aberration and not the new norm Oh well Poor kids I know how it feels I know what Chri Carter did to the X Files I'm reading these books as a lark so the trashier they get the fun for me And I haven't had to buy them well except for two or wait years for the next one to come out But you guys the real fans I'm sorry Especially for you Richard fans And you Dolph fans too Dolph really lost his shit there didn't he And I totally agree with those of you that think this whole ardeur fancy term for her new succubus status business is just an excuse for Anita to have sex with all the male characters Remember when she was chaste Ha ha Well now she be getting around if you know what I mean Now I see where the book cover designs come inAbout two books ago someone picked up my current AB installment and asked what are you reading And I laughed and said no no it's not as bad as it looks it's like a crime mystery where there are vampires and werewolves involved the romance is all secondary; I don't know why they try to make it look all sexy Yeah well now I do