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read reader ´ Carrie author Stephen King ☆ Paperback ñ stephen king è Why read Carrie? Stephen King himself has said that he finds his early work raw and Brian De Palma's movie was so successful that we feel like we have read the novel even if we never have The simple answer is that this isPrise August 19 1966 Rain of Stones Reported It was reliably reported by several persons that a rain of stones fell from a clear blue sky on Carlin Street in the town of Chamberlain on August 17th Although the supernatural pyrotechnics are handled with King's customary aplomb it is the carefully drawn portrait of the little horrors of small towns high schools and adolescent sexuality that give this novel its power and assures its place in the King canon Simon Leake I'm taking this off the currently reading shelf at the moment because I really can't get into this book

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Why read Carrie? Stephen King himself has said that he finds his early work raw and Brian De Palma's movie was so successful that we feel like we have read the novel even if we never have The simple answer is that this is a very scary story one that works as well if not better on the page as on the screen Carrie White menaced by bullies at school and her religious nut of a mother at home gradually discovers that she has telekinetic powers powers that will eventuall I want to start a shelf of books that traumatized me as a child with stories of girls who just could not stop gushing blood Down There but I can't think of any others besides this and Bell Jar I know in Are You There God It's Me Margaret they just couldn't stop TALKING about it but I think that was different just perplexing and annoying than actually traumaticAny suggestions?Um BTW this book is AMAZING I should give it than three stars There Done Four This is one of those books where you're just like DUDE how did you even come UP with these THOUGHTS? I mean I think we take it all for granted now but honestly this book is amazing I mean there's just so MUCH from the scary religious fanatic mom to the pig's blood to the downed telephone wires to the I haven't read this in a hundred years but I remember many scenes in it so vividly and not just because of the movie which is of course also greatI really think this took a lot of guts to write I mean the girls' locker room scene come ON I mean who did he think he WAS when he WROTE that? I think he was still drinking then He must have been How much guts would that take to be like I'm this guy and I'm going to write this completely balls out preposterous scene of what I imagine it could be like inside a high school girls' locker room even though I obviously have NO IDEA Oh yeah and this unpopular naked teenage girl's going to be in there getting her period for the first time and it's going to be INSANE Insanely bloody that's what it's gonna be Yeah that's right blood EVERYWHERE It's a horror novel I'm gonna start out with gore What could possibly be disgusting and disturbing than bleeding out of one's most private orifice? Well I'm sure I have no idea what that's like really can't imagine it the whole idea sounds totally crazy to me that such a gross thing would happen to anyone but being inside a girls' locker room wow well that really sounds intense too Though come to think of it I have no idea what THAT would realistically be like either So yeah but I'm gonna write this scene anyway gushing blood and mean naked high school girls and it's going to be COMPETELY #%ing CRAZY And he did And it wasBut it WORKED This novel was insane and fearless and obviously written by someone who had this story in him that needed to gush out like Carrie's menstrual blood and crazy telekinetic angst This is one of the books I think of when I get depressed about the idea of workshopped writing and the internal observing critic and all the rest of that limiting uality control type stuff Sometimes people need to tell the nasally fact checkers in their fevered brains to sit down and shut up and drown out the voices of reason and temperance so they can let the wild stuff come out and when they do that's when they write CarrieIs this the Classic of Western Literature? No not by most people's standards and definitely not by mine But it is a damn good story and I'm glad he told it

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Carrie author Stephen KiY be turned on her tormentors King has a way of getting under the skin of his readers by creating an utterly believable world that throbs with menace before finally exploding He builds the tension in this early work by piecing together extracts from newspaper reports journals and scientific papers as well as traditional first and third person narrative in order to reveal what lurks beneath the surface of Chamberlain Maine News item from the Westover ME weekly Enter I have decided to go back and reread all the Stephen King books as audiobooks this time Ones I have read recently or that I have already reread I may not do I am starting at the very beginning with Carrie which I originally read on Kindle in 2014You might be saying ”But Matthew that was his first book You didn’t read it for the first time until 2014?” There are a couple of reasons for that1 Carrie is referenced a lot in pop culture Growing up in the 80s and 90s you really didn’t need to read Carrie to know the story2 I did have a paperback copy once mid 90s or so It fell apart when I was part way through I didn’t get back to it until 2014 I know I know serious procrastinationWell I have now read it twice and it really is uite an amazing book Lots of suspense and terrifying scenes crammed into a small package In the intro King said that he was working on this as a short story when it expanded into a novel – and I can see that He was mainly a short story guy at the time but a bit started pouring out and he just couldn’t stop It’s amazing to think the same guy that started with short stories and short novels ended up writing books like The Stand and ItOne thing that I think people who do not read King but who only know him as the master of horror through movies and hearsay are missing a lot He is not just horror Certainly there are many horrific scenarios in Carrie but there is so much in there about humanity; how we treat each other and how our actions toward others may have a wider effect than expected In a world where we are starting to treat other people poorly than ever Carrie could serve as a cautionary tale if you don’t just look at it as a creepy horror novelKing started here so should you? Carrie is not usually a book I recommend to people wanting to try King for the first time I am not sure why this is but I usually recommend The Dead Zone or Pet Sematary After my second time through I stand by this I think that Carrie is something to try out after you have given a few of his other books a try But you can try it first too probably doesn’t matter – it is just my gut feeling that you should wait