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Cannery Row Summary ☆ 108 à Cannery Row is a book without much of a plot Rather it is an attempt to capture the feeling and people of a place the cannery district of Monterey California which is populated by a mix of those down on their luck and those who choose for other reasons not to live up the hill in the respectable area of town The flow of the maCannery Row is a book without much of a plot Rather it is an attempt to capture the feeling and people of a place the cannery district of Monterey California which is populated by a mix of those down on their luck and those who choose for other reasons not to live up the hill in the respec. Man I love Steinbeck I love the simplicity of his characters and the humdrum feeling their lives evoke I love the indigence of his settings and the candidness with which these characters accept their conditions I love how uietly he frames his stories with comments on fatalism while still revealing to us the potential for happiness that pushes at its surface trying to elbow its way out At its core the Steinbeck novel want us to figure out how to embrace the cards life has dealt us It knows that the sooner we do the sooner that happiness can become ours for the taking It might be a fatalistic coin we’re being asked to pocket but it’s a coin on which has been embossed a seal of optimismBut he certainly doesn’t make it very easy The characters in his books are so far down the economic ladder you need a pair of binoculars to find them And when you do spot them you discover they are haggling over nickels and frogs You almost want to step in and give them a Lowe’s gift card just to make things a little easier for them But Steinbeck characters don’t need your damn Lowe’s gift card The point is not to move up that ladder; it’s to find comfort with the rung you’re already on If they can recognize that why can’t youAnd that’s the thing about Steinbeckian characters they often possess a deeper level of knowledge and understanding than their financial statuses—or their grammar—would otherwise suggest There are also usually one or two who stand out from the rest for their capacity to grasp and relay human need Where Ma Joad was just such a character in The Grapes of Wrath it is Doc who lays it to us straight in Cannery Row “The things we admire in men kindness and generosity openness honesty understanding and feeling are the concomitants of failure in our system And those traits we detest sharpness greed acuisitiveness meanness egotism and self interest are the traits of success And while men admire the uality of the first they love the produce of the second” Ruminating on the contradictory nature of being human wherein one’s needs are in direct competition with one’s moral goals Doc reminds us what’s worth appreciating about Mack and his Flophouse friends Sure they manipulate a situation for an advantageous edge if they can and sure their idea of a party would make Clarissa Dalloway scream in mortified horror but when all is said and done they are honest with their friends and true to themselves in their dealings and that is what makes their lives—at least that part of it—worth emulatingSo keep your Lowe’s gift cards They are not wanted here

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Ce suicides corpses and the cruelty of the natural worldThe story of Cannery Row follows the adventures of Mack and the boys a group of unemployed yet resourceful men who inhabit a converted fish meal shack on the edge of a vacant lot down on the RowSweet Thursday is the seuel to Cannery R. how do i review cannery row like all the steinbeck i have read except the dead pony of which i remember very little except not being too keen on it it is saturated with these wonderful marginalized characters who are desperate and hopeless and yearning but they are surviving and there is so much beauty in the sualor it reminds me in my feeling parts of suttree which is one of my all time favorite books this book is full of such well meaning ineptitude and many very serious things couched in an effortless prose that comes across as almost humorous or rather amused i'm not sure how to articulate all that i am feeling for steinbeck right now this one will never be my favorite but its been so long since i read him i am remembering why i always list him when rattling off favorite authors when cornered by someone who wants something really american this certainly ualifies the frog story was the best thing i have read in a long time it didn't escape five stars by much but there's a visceral reaction i get to certain books that i didn't get here but really a fucking gemcome to my blog

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Cannery RowTable area of town The flow of the main plot is freuently interrupted by short vignettes that introduce us to various denizens of the Row most of whom are not directly connected with the central story These vignettes are often characterized by direct or indirect reference to extreme violen. One of my favorite childhood memories was my family vacation to California the year I turned nine On that trip one of our stops was the Monterey Bay Auarium As a lover of all things marine biology I was captivated by the flora and fauna of the auarium for an entire day Before there was an auarium near Monterey's beach front the city was home to a few block stretch of fish and fruit canneries so elouently portrayed in Steinbeck's Cannery Row the author's homage to depression era Monterey In this telling historical fiction the Nobel Laureate creates archetypes of characters who made central California home during a trying time in American historyDepression era Monterey California is a uiet community comprised of canneries whore houses a few general stores and one biologist named Doc who is forever tinkering with experiments in his laboratory Most people are short on funds and use the barter system to get by and many creatively create homes out of deserted steam ovens and warehouses Despite being short on funds liuor is always flowing whore house business is prosperous and most people appear for the most part happy with their station in life despite the lack of money Mack and his gang of delinuents call a warehouse owned by Lee Chong home in exchange for only shopping in his general store and never stealing his goods They come up with one charade and adventure after another in attempt to earn enough money to get by Often Mack asks Doc if the gang can obtain him frogs or cats or other animals in exchange for spending money Although Doc realizes that this gang is only after a good time he usually resists because he shows them sympathy in their impoverished station in life when people are looking for a morale booster so than bettering their place in society Such is the life on cannery row in Monterey CaliforniaSteinbeck writes in such a captivating style that makes him one of America's master story tellers This book goes off on tangents that at times makes the story hard to follow; however this is the nature of Mack's sense of going in the direction of whatever adventure is thrown at him Yet even if he is borrowing a car to go frogging or throwing a disastrous party at Doc's lab his compass ends up on Cannery Row I enjoyed Steinbeck's depictions of Monterey and the time period so that Mack's adventures When describing his cast of characters Steinbeck got to the gist of the story and painted a picture of the time period whereas Mack's exploits at times took away from the rest of the good people of Monterey and left me wanting knowledge of daily life in Monterey In a book under two hundred pages I was able to read uickly from chapter to chapter to discover how life in Monterey and how each character coped with the times of nationwide depressionOne facet of this novella that left me wanting was the minimal development of female characters Mary Talbot made the most of her situation by joining the Bloomer League and throwing parties and eventually she threw a pregnancy party for herself Mrs Malloy made the best out of living inside a steam oven but little is said about her character and interests The most development given to female characters in Cannery Row is that of Madam Dora and her whores It appears as though Dora fancies Doc but there is little to advance the story line Otherwise the whores simply exist to provide a good time to fishermen and canners and other men who are seeking a uick fix for their personal depression I would have liked to see character development for Dora but as this book focused on the exploits of Mack and his gang Steinbeck simply did not have the space to focus on each character as he would in a full length novelCannery Row demonstrates Steinbeck's story telling skills while also painting a picture of California during the depression Most people appeared to desire a good time and uick fix for their troubles without contemplating long term solutions for their own and the country's money troubles The only character who had foresight was Doc who behind the scenes was creating the basis for what would be Monterey's famed auarium I enjoyed reading this novella which I liked than the last Steinbeck story that I read and it left me desiring to return to his work sometime in the future4 stars