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R moves into his building he can't just ignore the man's pleas for help Then Bruno's life comes to an abrupt end when he falls from his balcony There's only one problem he wa. Although I had not been as eagerly awaiting the next installment in the Elliott Smith series as I always do Dorien Grey's other series it only took me a few pages to become drawn back into Elliott's world And as I read Caeser's Fall I found myself thinking that this series has now reached that point of maturity for me so that I feel as though I intimately know the regular characters in the series as though they were friends and acuaintances I might meet as I venture about the neighborhood As is typically said of titles that a part of a series you certainly can read this title by itself but having read the prior two titles allows you to experience the growth of the primary and continuing characters as they have been developing over the course of the titles An attribute of Dorien's writing that is particularly pleasing to me is the amount of detail he includes in all of his scenes; so much so that I suppose it could be viewed as a distraction by a reader who just wanted to get on with the solving of the mystery But the inclusion of such great detail for each setting and the activities taking place allows me to experience the book much as I would viewing a movie As with Dorien's other series for which I have eagerly awaited each title and began reading shortly after the first title was published I am happy that Elliott and Steve are moving toward living together in a committed relationship and that Elliott's family members are so supportive of that relationship As far as the mystery there were several plausible suspects to keep me guessing until the guilty party was revealed which is what I have come to expect from Dorien I'm looking forward to the next title in the Elliott Smith series as I have looked forward for years to each of Dorien's titles

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Caesars Fall Elliott Smith #3S terrified of heightsand never went onto the balcony Bruno can't rest until the puzzle of his sudden death is solved and Elliott and John are once again searching for answer. My repeat issue with this series is how banal the stories are It is written like an information about daily activities of Elliot's life and nothing actually ever happens Sure there is a murder but it happens what about 25 of the story Even the attempt to investigate the murder is just that mundane Maybe because Elliot is not a detective so most of his days are actually related to his main job of buying renovating buildings For me nothing ever reaches climax I know that not all books should be sensational and offer big drama However at the same time it IS what I expect when I pick up a book or watch a movie For something to happen If it's too ordinary well I can just write down MY own daily activitiesHaving said that at least there is one tiny progress in Elliot's relationship with Steve where he finally tells Steve about John That is something Other than that unfortunately does not impress me enough

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Caesars Fall (Elliott Smith #3) Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB É With a new building to restore and his relationship with Steve growing serious the last thing Elliott needs is someone else's problem but when lottery millionaire Bruno Caesar moves into his building he can't just ignore the man's pleas for With a new building to restore and his relationship with Steve growing serious the last thing Elliott needs is someone else's problem but when lottery millionaire Bruno Caesa. The blurb gave away the plot of the story so I’m off the hook I don’t even have to tease you and withhold it from you Now that almost made my job too easy I said almost Caesar’s Fall to have been such a simple delightful mystery is a dilemma for this reviewer towell review Every page unfolded some new level of the wow factor and it became difficult to keep track of all the delicious points of this delicious storyI chose this book to read because I was intrigued by the title and the plot although I knew it was a Book No 3 in the Elliott Smith Mystery Series I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and now intend to start at the beginning of the series to know their origins but the book did stand alone beautifully But gather around my friends and I’ll tell you the facet of this story that rang this gal’s bells the ghost factor Yes ghost Before you conjure images of Vincent Price—don’t The ethereal being of this story is John a very personable being who speaks to our hero Elliott Smith from the other side This ingredient of the story is genius on Grey’s part It exhibits one of THE most interesting concepts in the way communication from the other side might be conducted—not only from the dead to the living but between those already on the other side I don’t know if Grey concocted these theories himself or had studied the subject; but whatever he DID do resulted in one of the most fascinating features of the book In this particular case the ghost John spends a good deal of the story connecting with Bruno Caesar who has very recently crossed to his side You see Bruno—who I truly grew to adore—is very unhappy on the other side because he does not know who murdered him THAT to me was a refreshing switch from the usual ghost stories where the ghost sets out to avenge his death with his killer Poor tortured Bruno is alone afraid confused and extremely frustrated trying to work through John via Elliott to find his killer among the living Lovable Bruno is not even asking for revenge he just wants to know who killed him I had the most uneasy feeling in my gut knowing through Bruno just how incomplete one who met such a death would feel to never know theirwell their murdererGrey portrayed Bruno’s frustration in the after life to perfection—all without even allowing the reader to SEE Bruno after his ‘fall’—but by letting us listen in on John’s revelations to Elliott Another touch of genius on Grey’s part to draw the reader so intimately into these emotions via telekinetic conversationOne thing I garnered from this story too was that being rich—especially suddenly—might not be all it’s cracked up to be It attracts unsavory elements the proverbial friends out of the woodwork and seems to make it impossible to ever really know who’s sincere and who’s after moolah Bruno’s plight in this scenario broke my heart as he was such a normal guy so likeable and so taken advantage of My heart hurt for him And it also brought a mixture of anticipationdread to this reader knowing Bruno’s fate ahead of time and trying desperately NOT to like him so much so that it would not be so painful when his time came Another point for the author to have created such an endearing character Yes yes a point off to Grey for killing him butoh well Speaking of characters In most books I dive straight into the characters they are my main focus I always always find myself relating to them knowing someone just like them or connecting with them on my own levels of personal experiencesWell in Caesar’s Fall I found myself—now get this—wanting to BE the character Yes I wanted to be Elliott Smith Or wait Did I want to be Steve so I could be Elliott’s boyfriend They were both so damn wonderfulI enjoyed Elliott Smart savvy pretty well off architect He has a cool good looking boyfriend name Steve And in almost every chapter Elliott and Steve are just hanging out eating having drinks before dinner doing normal every day things; and I found myself wanting to be right in the big middle of them hanging out with them One of the characteristics of Elliott that I related to strongly was the fact that he is financially better off than his boyfriend Steve And I can’t think of many real lives where this does not occur in relationships from time to time Elliott is so very careful of this difference always letting Steve carry his own weight financially in the relationshipWhen Elliott renovates an historic building in order to transform it into an art gallery and upstairs apartment for Steve he is extremely aware of Steve’s reluctance for a ‘hand out’ and the whole business is handled so tactfully I loved this element a normal everyday thing again but an opportunity to add beautiful depth to these two wonderful menAnd Elliott has that very real life type sister who calls him and pesters him to move forward with his relationship with Steve I loved her as we all have a Cessy in our lives and we adore themOh and I almost neglected to mention Old Spice The author utilized the famous men’s fragrance in a very uniue way throughout the story I hated to see this book end I hope hope hope that—if there ever is a fourth entry to the series—that Bruno gets to come back I liked him so much and every time I think about the story I get a pang of something for him As though he had been a real personThe ending was a surprise becausewell never mind Can’t tell you All I CAN tell you is that it justended Bruno’s killer was identified But the ending was very much true to real life No shockers just a nice satisfying end I never lie and say that I cried at an ending if I really did not; so that being said I’ll tell you I cried a sweet cry at the end of this book I was THAT sad to see my new friends—Elliott Steve John Bruno and many —uietly close the door on their storySo I urge you to grab a copy of Caesar’s Fall Andwellif you DO will you please tell John to tell Elliottor hold onwould you tell Elliott to tell Johnthat Ms C Zampa said hello