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Free doc µ reader Burning Silk ´ Destiny Kinal × Burning Silk the debut novel by Destiny Kinal is a sensual adventure that begins where textiles and fragrances interlace among the women at the helm of a new silk enterprise in the craftsmaking community of Bucks County Pennsylvania In this forgotten chapter of history salBurning Silk the debut novel by Destiny Kinal is a sensual adventure that begins where textiles and fragrances interlace among the women at the helm of a new silk enterprise in the craftsmaking community of Bucks County Pennsylvania In this forgotten chapter of history saliva and silkworms are the tools of industry and women must struggle to wrest the dominion of their business from the hands of men The first in a trilogy Burning There is an art to writing a novel; an arc of movement a thread of thought an inner fire stoked by imagination and all the writers come before A writer can be a person who strings words together in an endless river; or a writer can be an artist Taking paper ink and words; creating something otherworldly something elsewhere Destiny Kinal’s novel Burning Silk the first in the Textile Trilogy is the product of this type of writerSet in and around the 1840s Burning Silk begins the story of the Duladier family With a rich history of silk spinning to their name the Duladier’s have a long family tree of maitresses extended down the female line women who nurture and develop the moth cocon to bring about its silk Catherine as the youngest and newest maitresse takes us from 1839 Grasse France where she experiences her first painful introduction into the role of a Duladier woman; to Bucks County Pennsylvania a decade later as wife and mother to launch the American based Duladier silk enterprise She may be on another continent but Catherine has never escaped the inner torment of her earlier years and she is forever anguished by the experiences of her youth Her fear her pain sets about a series of events from which the Duladiers may never recoverTo say this novel is about silk spinners in the nineteenth century is a trite understatement Silk as a fabric is sensual by definition and though Burning Silk is marketed as ”erotic fiction” don't confuse it with an easy paperback romance It is an epic work of fiction doused in rich historical language and time exploring the role of woman as mother daughter sister lover and self A complex multilayered book Burning Silk tells a story with power and identity letting the characters develop into themselves It exposes given certainties and changes them; a child becoming a woman the first experience of sexuality confronting ones innermost desires the voices used to speak to ourselves and others It is truly unlike any book I’ve ever readLook past the editorial distractions of first and third person point of view shifts for they are not perfectly constructed Continue past the beginning plot Catherine’s ordeal is glaring and painful and difficult Read on because you will be rewarded with a lush and luxurious story developed and fruitful deep and melancholically beautifulI received this book from Destiny herself and wasn’t sure how I would feel about the novel when I first started As a book reviewer however I am pledged to objectivity and I was rewarded for persisting past the parts that would normally turn me away The words the characters the immense story won me over I could hardly set it aside at the end Like a true artist Destiny Kinal amazed me with her raw talent I eagerly await the next installment of the Duladier’s story in the Textile Trilogy

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Silk introduces the saga of the Duladier House of Silk through the tale of its youngest maitresse Catherine during her migration from France to expand her family’s business to the New World Catherine must protect both her silkworms and herself from parfumiers out to exploit the fragrance of passion all the while struggling to uphold her role as the head of her magnanerie against a personal secret that threatens to unravel ever A lush intriguing book focusing on the lives of women of the silk as they brought their long traditions of raising and tending silkworms from various old world countries to settle in Pennsylvania This book involves a love story as complex and intricate as the silkworm's handiwork The writing is beautiful spiritual in places the plot compelling and the context well established exactly what this reader considers the backbone of a good historical novel Burning Silk is the first in a trilogy I look forward to the others

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Burning SilkYthingBurning Silk is a novel infused with eroticism which explores family gender love dishonesty and the risk that others might recognize something in us that we will not Kinal spins a story richly woven with the history of silk guilds and of the matrilineal Native American metis and as the transformations of her characters come to parallel the metamorphoses of the moths a profound analogy about what it really means to be a woma I was imagining a kind of a dry historical fiction about the textile industry and boy was I wrong This book is brimming with sexual energy throughout and explicit sexual imagery Kinal flows easily back and forth between the passion of sex the passion of emotion and the passion religious fervor She has a great sense for the physical and biological and somehow makes the practicalities of the silk industry and the biology of the silk worm all seem sexy and dramatic And of course the book is female centered and focused on empowered women trying to shape history