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kindle å Broken Honor 350 pages Ç Tonya Burrows Ç Ice cold and unbreakable Travis uinn is the HORNET team's hard ass No weaknesses Except of course for the accident that not only destroyed his career as a Navy SEAL but left terrifying blanks in his memory But Travis remembers everything about Mara Escareno the curve of heE news Mara is kidnapped by his enemies and plunged into the violent merciless world of human trafficking They want Travis and the information locked within his damaged memory no matter the cost And now Travis's enemies have discovered his only weaknessMar 'Broken Honor' simply broke me In both a good and bad way One of my favorite aspects of this series is the friendship family bonds and how these tortured and tough men can find love Unfortunately I felt there weren't enough HORNET bonding moments this time it was telling they're doing this and that than showing and I never connected with the romance aspectI love uinn but I never sympathized with Mara Okay that's not true in the first half I was worried for her because even though I didn't get why uinn loved her she was essential to his happiness So yay Let's save her let's keep her uninjuredThen the second half arrived and I was done Her constant mood and thought swings were frustrating Yes she was pregnant but that wasn't an excuse to be angry at uinn because he couldn't commit THERE WERE MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS TO FOCUS ON The guy had a brain injury for God's sake And not only he had to worry about that he also had to protect her from getting killed while trying to figure out why they wanted to kill them And if that wasn't enough a HORNET member got horribly injured So Mara I'm sorry not I couldn't sympathize with your problems And speaking about the man that gets injuredI have not cried this much in a long time while reading a book I love every one of the members I'm invested with their stories To know one of them was not safe and sound BROKE ME But that's how amazing Tonya Burrows is when it comes to the creation of these men My absolute favorite part of this book was the friendship between Gabe and uinn They're best friends importantly they're brothers and to see them go through what they went through gave me ALL THE FEELINGS view spoilerThis is why it upset me so freaking much that uinn had to leave a dying Gabe to go take care of Mara because I BELIEVE the connection between uinn and Gabe I NEVER did with uinn and Mara But I loved to see them reunited I cried with Audrey crying I cried with uinn crying I cried with the letter Gabe wrote him and how important they are to each other hide spoiler

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O the curve of her lips the feel of her bodyand how he walked out on her suddenly six weeks agoMara could never resist the dangerously sexy Travis which is probably how she ended up pregnant and disowned by her family But before Travis can fully process th Received an ARC for reviewMs Burrows you made me cry I hated that you did but oh was it so good Plus that epilogue yeah so 5 star worthy Plus there was plenty of action in and out of bed Suspense double crosses intrigue it's all in there Mara and uinn were amazing together Although I wanted to smack uinn upside the head a time or two She has a great BFF who I really hope gets to join the team Love the whole Hornet team but Ian is my fav Jesse's book is next and I can't wait

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Broken HonorIce cold and unbreakable Travis uinn is the HORNET team's hard ass No weaknesses Except of course for the accident that not only destroyed his career as a Navy SEAL but left terrifying blanks in his memory But Travis remembers everything about Mara Escaren Originally posted on The Book Nymphouick summaryFormer Navy SEAL Travis uinn now executive officer for HORNET has suffered silently from debilitating migraines and blackouts knowing that his condition will end his career if it becomes public When he picks up a voice mail message from Mara Escareno his one night stand that turned into a week long fling weeks ago he immediately boards a flight to El Pasohis version of a return call because he's not been able to forget her He arrives just as she's obviously being abducted and the race is on A bit of backgroundWhat uinn doesn't know is that the car accident that caused his head injury was no accident He's also lost his memory for that day and can't recall something vital and the people who wanted him gone then want him gone now Mara's abduction is about him What I loved about this storyThere aren't many lull moments It goes to warp speed in terms of thrills and suspense almost from the start Those few moments of peace are most often filled with the tender times between uinn and Mara who's a curvy young woman who grows out of her passive shell and learns to stand up for herself uinn's baggage is huge and once his family history is revealed it changes everything Those trying to kill him are ruthless and the HORNET team is seriously at risk when they intervene I was shocked sort of when their identities were made known It's one of those I thought so but really? kind of reactions The bottom lineI love this series this book and all the characters in the HORNET world It's a must read that gets inserted into my reading plan as soon as the books are made available The tension is almost unbearable because safety isn't always a guarantee for the characters uinn's story was a mystery I've looked forward to reading and his secret romance lived up to expectations I can hardly wait for the next story especially with so many interesting characters in waiting Bring itI received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review