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Read reader ð Borrowed Crime A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #3 ´ Paperback ↠ naturaltreatment ↠ Librarian Minnie Hamilton spreads the joy of reading throughout Chilson Michigan with her bookmobile but she doesn’t ride alone Her rescue cat Eddie and a group of volunteers areOlunteer dies on the bookmobile’s route Minnie finds her traveling library in an even precarious position Although the death was originally ruled a hunting accident a growing stack of clues is pointing towards murder It’s up to Minnie and Eddie to find the killer and fast before the best chapter of her life comes to a messy clos I swear these books just keep getting better and better Every aspect of this book was fabulous and I couldn't get enough and I just keep finding and reasons to adore Minnie and Eddie They're easily one of my favourite new crime fighting partnerships and I can't get enough of them both I enjoyed this book even than books one and two I feel like Minnie has developed a fair bit as a character and despite her lack of adulting she's matured and always put her book mobile responsibilities first As usual her bond with her cat Eddie had me in stitches I just love how the two just bounce off one another with Eddie's constant 'mrr's' which brings me to say that Laurie Cass writes cats so darn PURRFECTLY I can't wait to start book 4

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Ning she’s worried her pet project could come to its final page But she’s determined to keep her patrons and Eddie’s fans happy and well read She just needs her boss Stephen to see things her way and make sure he doesn’t see Eddie The library director doesn’t exactly know about the bookmobile’s furry co pilotBut when a v Minnie Hamilton assistant director of a northwestern lower peninsula Michigan library runs its bookmobile services relying on volunteers or off duty staff member volunteers to be the second person on outings Her cat Eddie goes along especially charming schoolchildren When Denise Slade can't make it on her day she sends her husband Roger in her place When the bookmobile stops for a restroom break Roger is shot Was it a hunting accident? or was Roger or even his wife Denise the target? His sister wants to sue the library but Minnie realizing her job is in jeopardy knows she must assist the officials in catching the killer With one of the normal officers off a new officer assists in the investigation He shows an interest in Minnie but doesn't realize she's been dating Tucker Tucker has been making lots of excuses lately about not spending time with Minnie Is he seeing another woman? As one might expect in this series the cat helps nab the killer It was a pleasant outing The killer wasn't completely obvious but most readers might suspect the person early view spoilerAt one point Minnie looks through some records that eliminate a suspect but the author does not share what she saw that eliminated him just provided evidence that the glance eliminated him The reader can somewhat figure out what she found by the uestions she asked about the records but since it was knowledge possessed by Minnie providing details would clarify matters for readers hide spoiler

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Borrowed Crime A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #3Librarian Minnie Hamilton spreads the joy of reading throughout Chilson Michigan with her bookmobile but she doesn’t ride alone Her rescue cat Eddie and a group of volunteers are always on board to deliver cheer until one of her helpers gets checked out for goodWhen Minnie loses a grant that was supposed to keep the bookmobile run Minnie Hamilton and her faithful kitty companion Eddie are back for another adventure in Chilson Michigan’s bookmobile Her boss is still trying to get the bookmobile closed and Minnie is sure he would close it if he knew Eddie rides along with Minnie So she continues to keep it a secret and prays everyone will keep the secret tooIt’s the dead of winter and Minnie has to rely on volunteers to staff the bookmobile One of the major rules is that someone always accompany Minnie on her travels When her recent volunteer can’t make the trip the woman sends her husband in her place During one of their trips the husband dies in what is called a hunting accident However Minnie is beginning to suspect there’s to this “hunting accident” than meets the eye The man’s sister and wife are furious and blaming the library This could be exactly what Minnie’s boss needs to close the bookmobile for goodMinnie is not about to let that happen With the help of Eddie they search for a killerI love this series I’ve loved it since the first book Minnie is a sweet yet strong character She doesn’t back down from a fight The only one she gives into is Eddie and who can blame her? LOL I always smile when she talks to Eddie as if he’s a person I do the same with my kitties There’s even some romance tossed into the storyThe plot flows through each page and makes for a uick read I didn’t want to put it down There are twists and turns as readers try to figure out whodunit along with Minnie and Eddie This is a series where I’ve come to feel close to the characters and feel as if I’m in their small town I hate to leave them and can’t wait for another visit to ChilsonFTC Disclosure The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review for this blog tour This did not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way All opinions expressed are my own