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Read eBook õ Tropic of Chaos Þ Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence Ô Christian Parenti ✓ Popular Kindle, Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence By Christian Parenti The way the author shows is genius and it really helpsEography of Violence By Christian Parenti The way the author We see forms of violent adaptations to climate change emerging In the Global South these take the forms of ethnic irredentism religious fanaticism rebellion banditry narcotics trafficking and small scale resource wars like over water and cattle In the North the multi layered crisis appears as the politics of the armed lifeboat the preparations for open ended counterinsurgency militarized borders aggressive anti immigrant policing and a mainstream proliferation of rightwing xenophobia p 226 This is the face of climate change Drought and flood in Mexico and Central America are expressed later and elsewhere as the ICE detention gulag Already we see the forms that adaptation in the developed world will take The de facto authoritarian cryptoracist state hardening encapsulated by the war on immigrants will accelerate as climate change driven migration becomes an ever pressing issue p214Parenti argues that climate change has already hit hard In poor countries we see droughts leading to conflict and crop failure famine and then mass migrations to the rich Global North In the North we see reactionary border militarization and offensive 'counterinsurgency' wars for population and resource control in the South Tropic of Chaos is a just as dire but palatable pro governance version of Derrick Jensen's Endgame The book is a nearly hopeless statement of fact that we as a species are fucked because of climate change It's a tight condemnation of the interacting structural causes conseuences of eco social disaster It's an urgent flash of light on a militarized political process already put in operation by rightwing public climate deniers what Parenti calls the 'armed lifeboat'The book itself is a little too sweeping and airy to be the final word it's a light tour of cultures events and ecological phenomenon and Parenti's a little clumsy on some of the case study synthesis with the notable exception of US border militarization; Parenti's background is in prisons and policing But the idea is incredibly important one of those new perspectives that is so obvious and clear only after the right person has summed it up If you can't get the book it's worth trying to read the first few chapters online not uite enough is excerpted here or listening to some interviews maybe this this or this

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Shows is genius and it really helps me connect with the sto In an accessible journalistic style Parenti presents evidence and projections mostly drawn from US military commissioned studies about the ways climate change has exacerbated and reignited conflict in fragile areas of the world in many cases further fracturing societies with conflict roots in 19th century divide and rule or resource allocation ineuities created by colonial empires Published in 2011 it presciently lays out the current Fortress North response of denying climate change fortifying the border against invasion and withdrawing aid and the ability for populations to send money via a remittance economy all of which further destabilizes these situations With documentation from those bastions of pinkos Global North ministries of defense

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Tropic of Chaos Climate Change and the New Geography of ViolencePopular Kindle Tropic of Chaos Climate Change and the New G At its heart the book reiterates the fact that convergence of poverty violence and climate change will not just define geographies in future but will continue to have cataclysmic impact From small tribes fighting for the freedom in rural India to Kenyan cattle raiders they are all motivated by fundamental problems brought in due to drought which is becoming and freuent over the years With freuency comes adaptation and with adaptation comes the change the change at the cost of violenceThe book is uite fascinating but with a droll undertone The author is resigned to the fact that we have to adapt and mitigate to the change There are some convincing arguments in regards to how people can adapt technologically and how there needs to be a shift in political ideology to avoid mass violence that can start due to continued depletion of resources