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doc Ç The Shadow and the Star Mass Market Paperback read ¹ naturaltreatment æ From nationally acclaimed bestselling author Laura Kinsale comes a boldly original breathlessly unforgettable tale of honour adventure and undying loveHe is a man of dark secrets wealthy strong majestically handsome tNgeance and desire and surrender to the most dangerous love there ever could be Pure magic from beginning to end Nora Roberts A heart stopper mystical tender and sensual with a hero who will live in your heart forever Mary Jo Putney Laura Kinsale delivers powerful uniue romance laced with passion danger and compelling characters the hallmark of a first rate romance Amanda uic I am a little bit hesitant towards the author due to one of her book I read Although aforementioned book is one of the best known and loved one I had issues about romance part about it Therefore I was not sure if I liked itHowever I liked the book immensely unfortunately I can’t say that I loved it Again the romance factor made me feel this wayI think I can’t express enough how much I liked both plot and narrative I have a tendency and curiosity about Japanese culture it might be the reasonI like how author described and let us know hero step by step I could empathic with him even I respected him very much I could completely understand his need feeling safe and why he preferred to be married with Kai Though there were not enough for me to understand his attitude towards LedaLeda characterized full of innocence her situation made her vulnerable and sympathetic I wanted her happiness very much Maybe because of this reason I expected a good groveling and demonstration of affection by SamuelAuthor put some solid signs for us to witness Samuel’s covered feelings for her Yet I would like to read Leda also was persuaded about itAlthough Samuel declared his love to her he didn’t show any of it Maybe a scene with a elegant necklace like one he bought for Kai would helped to relieve me  In my opinion she was still unaware of how deep his love for herTo sum it up about Kai author should have written a closure at least for the sake of readers like me About other aspects Donjun the mysterious sword mythic topics about Japanese educations were intriguing and added a layer to story I liked and excited when I noticed that Samuel secretly went in Leda’s room Their first meeting at the tailor shop and his behavior as if he knew her for a while I think there are many things opportune to development and of course conseuently the book would be longerI gave 4 stars because I liked the whole story but I was expecting about romance so I cut that last star for it

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From nationally acclaimed bestselling author Laura Kinsale comes a boldly original breathlessly unforgettable tale of honour adventure and undying loveHe is a man of dark secrets wealthy strong majestically handsome the master of the ancient arts of a distant land Scarred by a cruel childhood he has sworn only to love chastely yet he burns with the heat of unfulfilled desireS This is such a poignant story I can't begin to review it and do it justice It's a story that needed to be told and the story I needed to hear Anyone who's read or listened to The Hidden Heart knows what tragedy occurred in that book to an innocent child and wasn't resolved The Shadow and the Star is the resolution of that tragedy and is absolutely beautiful As my friend Bean said it'll rip your heart to pieces then put it back together I can't find the comment to uote it but that about sums it upAnyway once again the team of Laura Kinsale and Nicholas Boulton can't be beat I can't recommend them highly enough and look forward to of their brilliant storytelling Storytelling at its finestBlurbIn defense of her honor innocent Leda Etoile has burned all her bridges and taken refuge in her tiny attic room in a shabby boarding house in London But her last safe haven is invaded when she wakes to find a man hidden in the dark a man with golden hair and the face of a fallen angel who moves in the night like a shadowWill he be her savior or her ruin? Samuel Gerard draws her inexorably into the richest circles of aristocratic England But even as Leda falls in love with a man she can never have she must keep his secrets Though everything about him is shame and illusion this shadow warrior desperately desires what only Leda can give him absolute love and the truth about himself

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The Shadow and the StarHe is innocent and nearly destitute yet she possesses a beauty as incandescent as a heavenly orb And she is drawn to this powerful stranger by a need she cannot denyNever has such passion so consumed a man and a woman But by giving his heart freely the Shadow risks everything he believes in And to follow her enigmatic warrior means the Star must enter his world of intrigue ve I love reading reviews and there are some incredible reviews of this book however I always seem to feel the need to voice my own opinionso here's my two cents Just a uick synopsis Samuel was horribly abused as a child He is taken in by Lady Tess and Lord Gryphon from the book Hidden Heart and made a part of their family He has major scars literal and figurative from his abuse and is horribly wounded as a man Leda was also adopted and is very much alone in the world She comes to live with Samuel's family after some crazy events and thus begins a relationship with Samuel as his secretary Here's what I loved 1 The relationship between Samuel and Lady Tess is simply heart wrenching The flashbacks of him as a child coming home to live her and Gryph are literary perfection Her love devotion acceptance loyalty and protection of this wounded child are heart rendering The scene where Lady Tess talks with Samuel about his duty to marry Leda had me weeping 2 Leda is a woman I loved She was a woman of fierce devotion strong moral code and properness She is constantly reminding Samuel of proper language he tends to swear a little and proper behavior 3 Samuel is incredible Stronghe's accomplished in the martial arts a ninja is very attractive wealthy and socially accepted WeakMaybe not the right word but wounded emotionally from past abuse extremely influenced by his sensai very unsure of himself with Leda All of these characteristics make him very appealing 4 The writing is superb There are no loose ends no wasted plot lines everything in this book is there for a reason and is tied up in the end I loved how Samuel had to remind Leda to breathe when she gets into stressful circumstances and this fact is true throughout the bookby the end this uirk of Leda's and Samuel's gentle care for her is so touching Also Leda's name for him Dear Sir is used throughout and also is extremely touching Here's what I didn't 1 There's not much I will say that Laura Kinsale is not for everyone Some other authorsKleypas McNaught Putney Balogh have universal appeal but Kinsale's writing sets her apart She is smartyou as the reader need to figure out things for yourselfshe not just going to give it to you Characters feelings and motives are not always explained like you wish they would be but this is her style This is not a uick and easy read as many romance novels are She is extremely in depth with culture and practice and interweaves several different culturessocieties into one book This may confuse and aggravate some readers 2 The relationship between Dojun and Samuel was a difficult one for me I went back in forthis is good or bad healthy or unhealthy did Dojun hurt or help Samuel uestions like this I wish were understandable and clear but here again lies the reality of Kinsale's writingsometimes it's okay to live in the gray instead of the black and white