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The Lover kindle ´ Kindle Edition Ì Ellieuick recap My dad died leaving me an orphan Jake stepped in and married me rather than letting me go to a foster home Did I mention I was only sixteen at the time?It was okay for a while until it wasn’t Because those feelings that I had for Jake as my oldest friend slowly turned into something else overEJakeI had to let her go I had to let her see there was to the world than the ranch Than me She’s never had a choice really in any of this I think I did the right thing I know I did the right thing Did I do the right thing? More importantly if I didn’t how do I get her bac Brilliant And so hot Fans self I will say this knowing how fiery the pull was between Ellie and Jake when the seal was finally broken I'm surprised they didn't incinerate because I almost did It wasn't all sexy times because even though Jake and Ellie are now able to admit to being than family friends they still haven't been able to define what they are And with Ellie no longer living in the same town the need they feel for each other hasn't diminished and shows no signs of waning further making their hope of going back to what they used to be nominal But they don't waste a lot of time once they do decide what they want Each of the three books has had moments that have twisted my heart and gut There have been moments when I've been afraid to keep reading because I was sure whatever came next would lead to Jake and Ellie drifting further apart but even when I felt that way I couldn't stop my self from reading However this book made me cry And I didn't stop reading through my tears I truly felt Ellie and Jake's heartbreak in the words I read Their pain and grief was palpable There is another scene towards the end of the book that absolutely gutted me However it is perhaps the most poignant scene where Jake finally opens up to Ellie It may just be my favorite The finale to this series is everything I hoped it would be and could've wanted It wasn't just that Jake and Ellie found their way to each other but it was how they did it While both continued to put the other first it was like they finally stopped to ask what the other wanted and all the fears and insecurities of trapping the other were finally dealt with I sincerely hope this series comes out in paperback I would love to have a copy on my shelf Jake and Ellie are so special I also hope S Doyle will continue to write stories like this I wouldn't mind reading about Chrissy or any number of people It takes a very skilled writer to take a topic so taboo and skilfully craft it into a tale that manages to walk the tightrope of salaciousness and wholesome And she does it flawlessly

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Ellieuick recap My dad died leaving me an orphan Jake stepped in and married me rather than letting me go to a foster home Did I mention I was only sixteen at the time?It was okay for a while until it wasn’t Because those feelings that I had for Jake as my oldest friend slow Spoiler Free Series Review 35 Stars Book One 4 Stars Books 2 3‘We were Ellie and Jake Jake and Ellie’S Doyle is a new to us author and the synopsis for this trilogy immediately sucked us in It sounded angsty gripping and we were told from readers who had read the first book it had a Kristen Ashley ‘feel’ about it so we couldn’t wait to dive in We’ll be honest and say we didn’t get the KA vibe at all with neither the story nor the writing bearing any resemblance to the KA books we’ve read however each reader feels a story differentlyThis coming of age drama was laden with drama and angst Boy did these two make life difficult for themselves as they adapted to living together At first we struggled to get into the story however we soon found our groove and needed to know how this was all going to play outThe trilogy is told in dual POV’s with Ellie’s side of the story was told in the way of a memoir and so it read as a naïve hormonal confused 16 year old so the immaturity of her voice was to be expected We loved that Ellie remained strong sticking to her guns about her worth with Jake’s pov bringing a balance to the story‘What if I married Ellie thinking I could save her but instead ruined her life because people though she was the type of girl who could be seduced?’This is one angst ridden ride The kind that makes you want to throw your hands up in frustration whilst at the same time flipping to the next page to see what happens Jake and Ellie’s relationship is a whirlwind of emotions that’s for sure An entertaining read tracing the trials and tribulations of a friends to lover’s romance Click here for full review at TBB THE BRIDE TRILOGY is available to purchase belowThe Bride Book One US UKThe Wife Book Two US UKThe Lover Book Three US UKCome visit and follow us at✲ TotallybookedBlog✲ TB on Facebook✲ TB on Twitter✲ TB on Pinterest

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The LoverLy turned into something else over the years Feelings he could NOT deal with So I did the right thing and divorced him It was the right thing I’m pretty sure it was the right thingOkay it was probably the wrong thing but I don’t think either of us know where we go from her Third book in the series it's a uick read it's way romantic than the first two books IMO I've given this one 3 stars which are really for the heroine Ellie I just loved her throughout the 3 books her character was absolutely spot on for me As to Jake the hero he was okay but he messed up too many times I kept waiting for him to grow some balls and go after Ellie and be honest with her Instead we had him giving all his attention to Janet in the first book then carol in the second I'm afraid he was a lost cause to me after that Especially in the second book by then he knew that Ellie had feelings for him he felt things for her as well but he was a weak coward who gave his attention elsewhere Then he was confused when it all blew up in his face Will I read from this author I'm not sure that I will