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Characters ✓ Der große Fall Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ On the day of the Great Fall he left nothing nothing at all behind The latest work by Peter Handke one of our greatest living writers chronicles a day in life of an aging actor as he makes his way on foot from the outskirOn the day of the Great Fall he left nothing nothing at all behind The latest work by Peter Handke one of our greatest living writers chronicles a day in life of an aging actor as he makes his way on foot from the outskirts of a great metropolis into its center He is scheduled to receive a prestigious award that evening from the country's president and the following day he is supposed to start shooting for a film perhaps his l. After a brillant kundera in great shape Gallimard publish a prodigious new Handke The two heroes of my youth The problem of this book is that I don't know how to analyze it Is it a dream a metaphor There is a unit of time All occurs in one day until this great fall Is it the end death One speaks about it systematically It is worrying but it is inescapableThe hero is actor it is not a chance He can be everyone except Méphisto the devil which he obviously refuses to play The hero it is him and his double Handke takes again the words of Rimbaud I am anotherIt is you it is meHe undertakes a travel online right He crosses a forest the only space where he seems to be in his place The character knows all fauna and the flora Especially there is animist aspect with this faith in nature That points out the Tolstoï of the endBut what strike me it is the irony and the jubilation of Handke The actor will make strange meetings a president of the Republic making his jogging with his ministerstradersyoung people the old men the police Handke makes fun joyfully of all the institutionsThat points out to me the characters of the films of Fellini like Giulietta degli spiriti or the voce della lunaThe character arrives in the city which is inevitably inhospitable The president speaks on television and announces that he declares the warIs this that the great fall And the things are disturbed Not final fall no end as in a classical novel But can a novel like this have an endOnly problem it is surprising that the translators of Gallimard spend 4 years for this book Handke feels sulfur His family had wished the connecting of her province in Serbia He had serious problems with the Nazis This attachment in Serbia pushed Handke to take up disputed positions He was private of Nobel Prize He makes fun about it Who still reads Sully Prudhomme Who will read le Clézio in 30 years

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T improve when he reaches the heart of the city There he can't help but see the alienation characteristic of its residents and the omnipresent malign influence of electronic technology What then is the Great Fall What is this heart wrenching humorous distinctively attentive narrative trying to tell us As usual Peter Handke deeply introspective and powerfully critical of the world around him leaves it to the reader to figure ou. Very complex book and not an easy read It's slightly chaotic and dream or to be precise nightmare like which makes it hard to extract an apparent meaning but some chilling observations that writer made will definitely stick with me for a while

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Der große FallAst in which he plays a man who runs amok While passing through a forest he encounters the outcasts of the society homeless people and migrants but he keeps trudging along traversing a suburb whose inhabitants are locked in petty but mortal conflicts crossing a seemingly unbridgeable superhighway and wandering into an abandoned railyard where police unused to pedestrians detain him briefly on suspicion of terrorism Things don'. TBH I was very close to ditching this as the pace is slightly slow Reading the blurb it seems to be an extremely simple read But it is not It’s a story of intense determination survival grit actually just like taking a mirror and looking at the reflection of your true inner self