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Pavilion of Women doc Ì Audiobook Ù On her fortieth birthday Madame Wu carries out a decision she has been planning for a long time she tells her husband that after twenty four years their physical life together is now over and she wishes him to take a second wife The House of Wu one of the oldest and most revered in China is thrown into an uproOn her fortieth birthday Madame Wu carries out a decision she has been planning for a long time she tells her husband that after twenty four years their physical life together is now over and she wishes him to take a second wife The House of Wu one of the oldest and most revered in China is thrown into an uproar by her decision but Madame Wu will not be dissuaded and arranges for a young country girl to I was surprised to get so drawn into Pearl S Buck's Pavilion of Women Buck has a subtle writing style that transcends time making you forget that the book was written in 1946 Though I was intrigued to read it given that Buck received both a Nobel and Pulitzer prizePavilion of Women follows a mother and wife Madame Wu who on her 40th birthday chooses to provide her husband with a concubine instead of ever allowing him back into her physical world There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about the first 34 of this book It is incredibly well written and even the unlikeable characters are given a certain charm that draws you into their lives and circumstances But Buck's own fascination with religion her father was a missionary mixed with her only daughter's predicament of being born disabled weighed too heavy on this book Unless you are fully prepared to be preached to do not step into Pavilion of Women lightly Madame Wu's entire character development comes to a crux during her friendship with a Christian monk whose Christian charity not only changes her life but changes the entire exposition of the novel Suddenly the relationships between men and women which pepper the book with realism and humour are laid out as relationships of the flesh that have no comparison to one's relationship with God If you are an atheist a teeter totterer or just plainly not Christian it can be a little hard to take But with a little bit of a guard up Buck's story has something to offer all of those groups without really risking a fear of coversion to Buck's side So many insights into life are offered that it is easy to see why Buck deserved the honour of the Pulitzer

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Come take her place in bed Elegant and detached Madame Wu orchestrates this change as she manages everything in the extended household of than sixty relatives and servants Alone in her own uarters she relishes her freedom and reads books she has never been allowed to touch When her son begins English lessons she listens and is soon learning from the foreigner a free thinking priest named Brother Andre wh My thoughts on Pavilion of WomenAt the beginning I found myself strangely interested in this book; its really not my cup of tea I was shocked and I was thinking to myself “is this really going to be a four star book?” I had trouble putting the book down Then at about three uarters through I realized that what I liked about the book didn’t really have anything in particular to do with the book itself or the authorI liked all the parts about the Chinese culture everything was surprising to me as I am really not very well acuainted with anything “Eastern” To be honest I’m not that very well acuainted with anything modern either I kind of focus on the Romans up to the Medieval Age so everything else is just a little surprising and interesting So I enjoyed hearing about the silk robes and the family celebrations and the sense of honor and while these things were well told by the author they were what kept me reading not the characters the philosophical discourse or the plot which was uaint but not really enough for meThe end was very bland drawn out and I was unresponsive to it The philosophical ideas of the author as related by the characters had started out as insightful and interesting but by the end their placement in the narrative seemed forced and jarringSo in the end there was nothing about this particular book that was special that I don’t feel I could have gotten anywhere else so three stars I would definitely read by the author though I think I could really enjoy some of the books that she is well known for such as the one that she received the Nobel Prize for

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Pavilion of WomenO will change her life Pavilion of Women is a thought provoking combination of Old China unorthodox Christianity and liberation written by Pearl S Buck a Nobel Prize winner born and raised in China Few stories raise so many uestions about the nature and roles of men and women about self discipline and happiness At the center is the amazing Madame Wu brilliant beautiful full of contradictions and authorit Rarely have I read a book that has made me think so deeply about relationships and ideas that I take for granted every day Andre the foreign priest is surprised that Madame Wu has learned so much about the world within her small sphere of daily life the high walls of her compound Andre has seen much of the world and speaks many languages but Madame Wu keeps up with his intellect and ideas and this is surprising to him She explains that everything that happens out in the world happens in the walls of the compound birth conflict joy sorrow marriage death No sphere is so small that a person cannot learn all that the human experience has to offerPearl Buck allows her characters to be dynamic and this is one of the things that makes her writing so satisfying Madame Wu isn't terribly likable at the beginning of the story Although she's admirable she doesn't seem uite real because she's so cold and calculating Buck allows her protagonist to mess up bigtime which can be tough for an author to do And because Madame Wu wields so much power she can really mess things up for other peopleSo when she begins to change and her steely exterior starts to crumble it's mesmerizing to see what happens This is what we all hope for the ability to overcome weaknesses even when our weaknesses appear to be strengths and have the wisdom and courage to try and right the wrongs of our former ignorance Madame Wu has always respected learning but she has felt that some learning is dangerous and that it will ultimately ruin the family life she has so carefully orchestrated for her husband and children The world of new ideas and learning introduced to the Wu household through a foreigner impacts everyone whether they embrace the new ideas or not and one of the sons really catches on to the possibilities for common people when they have the skills and power to read and writeThe subtitle on my library copy says A novel of traditional China but it's really a novel of human wisdom for any and all