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Frei Petar monge bósnio cristão é preso por engano e encarcerado na prisão de pior reputação duma Istambul então Constantinopla capital do Império Otomano «O pátio maldito» Nesta cruzam se assassínos violadores assaltantes conspiradores mas também inocentes e falsos acusados de todas as classes e religiões cada ual com um percurso uma história e várias mentir. What is left after a man diesPeople engaged in computing the estate of a dead man who only a couple of days ago was as alive as they are now have a peculiar look They represent victorious life which goes its own way and has its own necessities But victors of a pretty poor sort their only merit consists in their having outlived the dead They remind one of looters but looters who are sure to go scot free and who know that the rightful owner can never return and catch them Not that they are uite that of course but somehow they give you that feelingAn old monk died but after his death he has left not just his poor earthly belongings but also his stories His memories of being imprisoned in the place of detention in Istanbul notoriously known as the Devil’s Yard “To this place there came – and through it there passed day by day – all who were arrested or taken into custody in this sprawling and populous city for offenses committed or upon suspicion of offense”In some ways The Damned Yard by Ivo Andrić reminds of The House of the Dead by Fyodor DostoyevskyStories of misery and despair Stories of madness Stories within storiesHere were offenders both great and small from the lad who had lifted a bunch of grapes or a fig from a counter to swindlers and burglars; the innocent were here and the falsely accused the weak witted and the betrayed or people brought here by mistake from Istanbul and from all over the Empire There were men with many murders to their account and others with records of prison escapes who were therefore already in irons here even before their trial and conviction They clanked their chains provocatively with furious curses on all iron and on the man who first thought of fettersAnd the central is the story of a lonesome young Turk who has been falsely accused of conspiracy against the SultanIn all the nations prisons are similar to one another In all the times methods of the secret police remain the same

CHARACTERS Prokleta avlija

Prokleta avlijaAsNo «pátio maldito» o frade vai conhecendo as histórias dos seus companheiros de infortunio A sua voz vai se diluíndo nos muitos relatos dos outros prisioneiros até desaparecer entre as diversas histórias ue ouve as mentiras ue cada um inventa e as diferentes noções de justiça e de realidade Entre ódios e recordações vão se misturando presente e passado realid. Very surprised with this oneI have no words to describe all the feels I got from reading this amazing artworkI loved the writing stylesall the charactersI had no issues connecting with the charactersIvo did an amazing job here and the only problem to me was unsolved ''death'' of one of the charactersI wanted to know what really happened to him butwhateverMaybe it's better not knowingI can for sure say that this is the best school reuested reads I've ever read Recommend this book a lotthere are many amazing uotes and lessons in this book

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READ & DOWNLOAD Prokleta avlija ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ¿ Frei Petar monge bósnio cristão é preso por engano e encarcerado na prisão de pior reputação duma Istambul então Constantinopla capital do Império Otomano «O pátio maldito» Nesta cruzam se assassínos violadores assaltantes conspiradores mas tambAde e ficção numa história de históriasUma notável metáfora sobre a harmonia entre os homens em condições adversas Andric descreve os processos pelos uais a História se entranha na vida dos indivíduos e neles se reflete num eterno jogo entre o particular e o universal ao mesmo tempo ue põe a nu a raiz dos conflitos ue têm assolado os Balcãs ao longo dos séculos. The Damned Yard or Prokleta Avlija originally is a short book by Ivo Andrić the literature nobelist I definitely wasn't very excited when i saw this book on my school reading list I never uite liked the concept of Andrić and found his work dullNeedless to say I was surprised when I really liked this short book It was very gripping and filled with the most interesting stories of ordinary and nothing but ordinary people I almost screamed when I stumbled upon one of my all time favorite topics The Borgias The writing was exuisite and luxurious I couldn't stop reading and ended up finishing the book in less than 30 minutesThe book tells the story of inhabitants of a prison called Prokleta Avlija The Damned Yard The characters are intriguing and have very vivid back stories which obviously build their personalitiesIn conclusion I would recommend this book so if it is unavoidable to read it do not be as presumptuous and prejudiced as me and simply dive into ithttpsbookprejudicewordpresscom2