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The Bone ClocksRiga perigosa jogada nas margens do mundo e da realidade Dos Alpes suíços da Idade Média ao interior australiano do século XIX culminando num futuro próximo distópico As Horas Invisíveis é um romance caleidoscópico ue nos oferece uma alegoria do nosso temp. I once wrote a novel like this My agent wisely advised me to split it up into two novellasI didI wish Mitchell's agent had given the same adviceHe or she didn'tToo badIt's a tempting trap this splicing together of novellas I know I've been caught in it myself It makes the writer's job much easier And it's clever to boot In the case of The Bone Clocks however this strategy backfired creating a novel divided against itselfI'll spare you the plot overview for three reasons 1 others have already given fantastic overviews see particularly reviews by AmberBug Jenny Reading Envy and Greg 2 Any plot outline is bound to contain inadvertent spoilers 3 I'm feeling rather tired from other writerly projectsSo let's focus on structure and characterizationThe internal schism in the book isn't about plot anyway It's about pacing emphasis and characterization than anything else The first 23rds of the book were frankly overwrought And by that I don't mean that the language was overly purple or the syntactical structure too complex In fact I found uite the opposite Mitchell was careful to portray salt of the earth characters and jaded characters as if they were almost Jungian archetypes of naive teenagers and hedonistic twenty somethings respectively Mitchell tried really really hard to get these characterizations acrossToo hardYou could tell that he was tryingTime and again I felt that Mitchell was trying so hard to make his characters trendy or hip are the words that come to mind that they ended up being pastiches of the very ideal for which the author was aiming They became in a word distracting like that guy who so wants to be the center of attention at a party that he wears a rainbow afro wig Everyone sees him there making everyone laugh But guess who's not going home with the girl Now I've read and written my share of annoying and despicable characters But these characters by and large threw me out of the story Later when said characters returned in later sections I found it extremely difficult to accept them My brain wanted to reject them and I found myself becoming angry at the author for having screwed these characters up in an attempt to be literaryAnd there is the biggest structural problem with the bookIn the first 23rds Mitchell seems to be making a conscious effort to appear literary I'm not sure why it's obvious from his previous work that he has writing chops I don't know what he was trying to prove but he tried so hard that he failed He over thought the first part of the book Only in section 3 The Wedding Bash does Mitchell's auctorial voice sound genuine and natural This third section is exceptional and would have made a brilliant novella by itself As it stands in relation to the rest of the plot however it feels as if it has been awkwardly welded on to the rest of the novel weakening the overall product Really this section is some of the best writing I've read in a while Mitchell's got chops in dosesThe next section Crispin Hershey's Lonely Planet is indulgent and not in a good way Perhaps I'm missing some hidden humor about Mitchell's experience as a well known writer If so the inside jokes are well a little too inside And like the third section this bit seems tacked on hardly relevant except in a few small points which could have been distilled down to a few pages In fact I believe that the first 350 pages of this novel could have been brought down to about 100 and Mitchell would have not only a heck of a novella in The Wedding Bash which I like to call the Baghdad section but a great novel as wellBecause you see it gets better Much much better Had Mitchell not stretched out the first half of the book to three times the length it should have beento be fair the blame might lay with the editor you'd be reading a five star review No kidding The last half ish of the book is THAT goodIt's in the tale of the Horologists and beyond that the author really hits his stride Here things get weird and exciting two things which I like very much in a novel Gone is the pretense of trying to please The New Yorker crowd The catering to angry teenagers has thankfully died away And Mitchell reveals that he is a heck of a writer when he lets his hair down takes off his tie and gets down to really letting himself fly as a writerBut wait What you ask is a HorologistI'm not telling I'll leave it as a surprise But suffice it to say that once we understand a little bit about them all hell breaks loose Really everything goes crazy Not just for the characters directly in the path of the immediate action the ones in a psychic conflict between superhuman beings but for the whole planet Now before you go blaming the Horologists after all their organization sounds so prostitutional which isn't even a word but you get my point know that while they are powerful they are far from all powerful They are at the mercy of mankind's collective bad decisions just like the rest of the world And while reading the last section of the book might make the reader feel that he is taking a beating from a pedantic stick wielded by Greenpeace it does set things up for what I must admit is a very emotional ending I found myself staying up late because I had to finish the book Mitchell compelled me by making me viscerally involved and emotionally invested in the characters at the end of the book Finally finally I could forget the forced too cool to be true feeling of the first part of the book and enjoy myself really let myself get steeped in the characters' thoughts and emotions and feel their fear love and longing in my bonesYeah I had to reach for the tissue There were tears Still there was a time when I wanted to stop reading the book And I am not one to stop reading books no matter how bad But I was tempted to close this one up and take it to the used book store Oh I was sorely tempted Thankfully I pushed through and it was just a tiny bit after I peeked over that wall and it was a big wall that it got better Ultimately it was a victory But a Pyrrhic victory I may be recovering from this novel both the good and the bad parts for some time to come

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The Bone Clocks Read & Download Ø 104 î Holly Stykes foge de casa dos pais para viver com o namorado Embora pareça uma típica adolescente inglesa é propensa a fenómenos paranormais Durante a fuga conhece uma mulher estranha ue a alicia com um gesto amável em troca de asilo Décadas depois Holly compreende por fim ue espécie de asilo a muHolly Stykes foge de casa dos pais para viver com o namorado Embora pareça uma típica adolescente inglesa é propensa a fenómenos paranormais Durante a fuga conhece uma mulher estranha ue a alicia com um gesto amável em troca de asilo Décadas depois Holly comp. For many David Mitchell seems to be an untouchable However this was my first book written by this author I read it based on the rave reviews I saw but found it as close to unreadable as any I've come acrossThe first chapter is by far the best of the book after this the author goes off on tangents using language terms and words that were completely foreign to meThe story is all over the place and I was completely lost regarding character progression relationships and the overall storyline The sections pertaining to the immortals was one of the worst pieces of writing I have ever experienced I had waded my way through 500 something pages and was meandering about trying to connect the dotsI kept reading hoping that the proceeding pages would somehow make sense Soon I found myself skimming as I was oh so tired My feelings became one of who cares After 600 pages I was still as confused as before I may have missed a few parts due to skimming but in the end nothing offered closure of any kind Since I've already been given a hard time without a review why not give one and let the battle begin

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Reende por fim ue espécie de asilo a mulher procuravaEste thriller empolgante de David Mitchell aclamado autor de Atlas das Nuvens acompanha a vida atribulada de Holly numa série de eventos ue se cruzam por vezes de maneira indizível pondo a no centro de uma int. “For one voyage to begin another voyage must come to an end sort of” Your déjà vu is real or maybe you're a Prescient Yes you've seen something of this sort before Six interconnected stories told in the first person combined to create a novel radiating like raindrop rings on water or maybe the walls of a concentric maze leading to the elusive center from a central overarching theme You've seen it from David Mitchell not that long ago in the hit smash success Cloud Atlas You'll see it again in The Bone Clocks but less gimmicky streamlined a bit cohesive and a bit playful The overarching theme this time appears to be mortality the titular 'bone clocks' are just us people mercilessly showing signs of passage of time on our faces and bodies and power and the lengths we'll go to for this elusive goal But the cornerstone holding the novel together is not as much this theme really but the life of one character whose viewpoint starts and ends the book All the other elements aside The Bone Clocks is really the story of Holly Sykes glimpsed through the eyes of different characters over 60 or so years Holly is the glue holding the six interconnected novellas and the expansive meandering narrative together conducting six novellas into a uite chronological story of one person albeit seen from a few different viewpoints and angles Holly at 15 hurt by the first love; in her 20s in Switzerland grazing a life of someone else like a bright meteor; in her 30s with a child and a partner who seems to be married to his job; in her 40s touching the life of a less than admirable pathetic creature of a writer; in her 50s in the middle of supposedly the most epic battle of all; and in her 70s living in the post technology post apocalyptic Ireland “Being born's a hell of a lottery” Running through Holly's life is a mystical thread of strange events precognition and brushing from time to time with the Horologists and Anchorites the two kinds of immortals engaged in their own perpetual tug of war It seems to me that this unexpected genre blending with fantasy or as our lit'rary colleagues will call it 'speculative fiction' yes Margaret Atwood I'm side eying you to avoid the label of the genre with which they remain uncomfortable is what both puzzled and frazzled a few critics out there Yours truly however being a proud old hand at all this genrefantasysci fi stuff will scoff snobbishly and say 'Puh lease'And yet as much as it hurts this fantasy fan to admit it the overt inclusion of fantastical elements is what weakened the story In comparison with the other parts where just a slight teasing suggestion of 'magical realism' was perfect for infusing the atmosphere of the novel with just a right amount of uneasy suspenseful beauty the overt trip to the realm of supernatural was not Mitchell's forte leading to an almost young adult level of sudden grating simplicity of rather non ambiguous good vs evil psychic battle leading to an anvil like foreshadowed magical maze How fervently did I wish during the entire Marinus section that the merciless editorial scissors had chopped that chapter right out¹ leaving us with a subtle undercurrent of mysterious 'other' instead ¹ While we're on the editorial chopping block theme I wish the merciless scissors or metaphorical red pen went through the overindulgent Crispin Hershey section a bit as well One can only take so much 'meta' screaming 'Look how clever I am Lookie here I'm a writer character so meta ish ly preempting all your reactions and all your reviews and how fracking wittily smart is it of me huh' Puh lease I get it Enough Cut it out Move onAs far as Mitchell's strengths go the powerful punch in the gut impact is in the bits of Ira war rather than in the supposedly decisive and overwrought Good vs Evil fantasy overdone battleWhat saves this novel from a nosedive however is Mitchell's good sense in stepping away from the supposed fantasy climax you've been expecting the book to end with making the phantasmagorical brouhaha the less memorable less important part Because then after the fireworks should all be over and the uiet wrap down should have begun Mitchell moves on instead to the sixth and final section of the book the one that puts uite a bit of things we've seen so far into perspective and of course reminds us that the worst threat to us comes not from the warring Immortals but from our usual regular selves doing our regular usual things without stopping to think that once our short mortal lives are over someone else will be left to live the mess we made of it allA random aside I see much has been written about the interconnectedness of this work with other Mitchell's books as a number of characters have had cameos in his other novels Clever but hey those of us Constant Readers who have followed Stephen King the non lit'rary genre guy yeah are no strangers to the concept of the fictional universe interconnected by numerous characters traipsing in and out of seemingly separate novelsThe language of the novel well yes I did enjoy it uite a bit I like Mitchell's style with his easy organic humor unexpected apt metaphors and uotable passages It flows 'nuff said “We live on as long as there are people to live on in” And so The Bone Clocks What do I actually think of this book after all these words and thoughts that meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox It's still hard to say I loved the first three parts Holly Hugo Ed slogged through the overwrought meta pathetic Crispin story stumbled through Marinus' bit in exasperation at the nosedive the uality of the novel was taking and despite all the dystopian clichés was grateful at the direction the story took in the final Holly chapter The inevitable highs and lows cannot escape them After all despite my most fervent wishes writers do not create all of their stories to appeal specifically to me But the highs outweigh the lows as I realize while finishing this review and so 4 stars it will be Even I'll finally crack open my copies of other Mitchell books even if just to see what he does with the stories that don't come in six interconnected bits there are some right