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Free download Roma King Roma Royals Duet #1 105 µ Roma King is part one in the Roma Royals Duet series The second and final book in the series Roma ueen will be released early February 2019 “911 What is your emergency” Every night Zara Llewelyn picks up the phone and assists people in distress House fires Assault Motor vehicle accidents HoIng for a missing little boy is the last person Pasha’s mother has in mind however She’s an outsider an intruder and as far as his family are concerned she’s not welcome on their land let alone in their king’s bed Pasha has never allowed his destiny to stand in the way of what he wants however And he’s never wanted anything than he wants the girl with the burning green eyes Zara Llewelyn picked up the phone and learned a secret Falling in love has never been so dangerous. ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewRoma King started really strong and I was intrigued to see which direction Callie Hart would take this story The suspense and mystery of it was also done really well and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the story So why a 3 star rating you may ask It's because I just couldn't connect to the characters and their familiarity didn't feel genuine They felt an unusual connection to each other from the start and if this unrealistic connection happened in a paranormal romance I would've been fine with it I'll need answers and secrets to be revealed in the seuel before I can feel a different way about this For now it was a bit too much and it felt a bit fairytalish I think the biggest problem for me was that there was a lot going on and I didn't get a lot of answers You're no nightmare Zara Llewelyn You're every single beautiful dream I've ever had And I don't plan on letting you go nowI have to admit that I do love the atmosphere of the story and the Roma aspect of the story is awesome Even though I rated this book 3 stars I do have very high hopes for the seuel This book was of a build up to major things that will happen next Because of the lack of connection I felt between and with the characters I just didn't care for the 'relationship' between them I was interested in the suspense and mystery that were on the foreground of the story And that was done really well Roma King was for me an okay romantic suspense read that has me interested to find out what will happen next It also original and the writing style was easy to read and had a great pacing If you like what you read in the blurb then definitely give it a try

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Night the very last thing she wants to do is pick it up And yet she can’t seem to help herself Pasha Rivin’s trying to outrun fate He’s been running from it for years now but escape isn’t in his cards As the oldest son of the oldest Roma family in the country he’s not just a member of a proud and fiercely traditional clan He is their reluctant kingand now he’s expected to find a wife The fiery redhead that shows up on his doorstep following a trail of breadcrumbs hunt. Holy shit I’m still stuck in cloud nine after finishing Roma King Brimming with intrigue suspense and surprise turns I devoured this read within twelve hours as everything about it is perfect Zara and Pasha’s uniue relationship bound together by an intricate series of events pulled me in—they made me fall in love with it Every step of the wayCallie Hart writes bad boy anti heroes that will have you down on your knees begging and wanting of them They’re always damaged oftentimes rebellious and dripping in tantalising naughtiness with a hint of buried sweetness that only the women they obsess over discover If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Zeth Motherfucking Mayfair Pasha will capture your heart in similar fashion I want to fucking consume her There's a part of me that wants to fucking destroy her if only so no one will ever be able to look at her Pasha Rivin is an anti hero that will capture your attention straight away He’s the epitome of tall dark and handsome while simultaneously screaming titillating sin and veiled danger He isn’t just wicked full of cockiness and intimidation and brandishing a filthy mouth that’ll leave your cheeks burning Pasha’s an enigma that you’ll want to learn about Destined to become a Roma king a path paved with greatness he craves freedom—to be free of responsibilities and superstitions and manipulative clan members And the you pry open the entranced and obsessed you’ll become with Roma’s upcoming king I've done everything in my power to banish him from my thoughts but there's something about the man standing before me that won't be uelled Despite leading an independent simple life Zara Llewelyn is an intriguing and compelling heroine She’s filled with so much empathy and compassion you can’t help but find her wonderfully endearing I admire the strength and determination and ferocity she exudes especially when confronted with unexpected situations that transform her humble routine into something complicatedSometimes a glimpse of vulnerability will surface making Zara a real and relatable character She isn't easily intimidated though—her own sassiness and fierceness comes through when coming head to head with Pasha in verbal sparring I take it back he rumbles You're no nightmare Zara Llewelyn You're every single beautiful dream I've ever had And I don't plan on letting you go now When Zara and Pasha are together your panties will melt and your heart will pound—they're scorching and burning with intense chemistry and sexual tension Roma King is teeming with suspense and premonitions your jaw will drop in surprise You'll almost forget that this feels like a slow burn forbidden romance between a Roma and gadje While there's a suggestion that implies they know each other through predestined dreams—feeling almost paranormal—there's no instant love here but rather instant attraction It doesn't come across as unrealistic; instead it is an interesting example of Roma culture's fascinating world Roma King is uniue a riveting story where the author weaves detailed segments into a captivating storyline filled with deep rooted traditions and superstitions of an intriguing culture If you've read loved and obsessed over Callie Hart's other series I guarantee you'll want to acuaint yourself with Pasha Rivin Get ready—you'll lose your panties heart and mind to this Roma king dripping in sinful naughtiness and wicked cockinessFollow me on Blog | Instagram

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Roma King Roma Royals Duet #1Roma King is part one in the Roma Royals Duet series The second and final book in the series Roma ueen will be released early February 2019 “911 What is your emergency” Every night Zara Llewelyn picks up the phone and assists people in distress House fires Assault Motor vehicle accidents Home invasions Between the hours of six and two she is the answer to a thousand cries for help But when the payphone outside Zara’s apartment building mysteriously begins ringing night after. Roma King was a story about one's fate and that nothing and no one can stop you from finding your destiny Just ask Pasha and Zara They've been dreaming about each other for years almost certain that the other existed outside of their minds and circumstance put them together But their road to happily ever after won't be as easy as that There's a strange undercurrent to their story and people with their own agendas Will Pasha and Zara find the truth And will they save a precious life in the processI can't wait for all of you to meet Pasha He's mine I already called dibs licked him marked him and that makes him all mine He's officially a member of Nat's Harem and I won't be letting him go any time soon if ever He made this story for me I couldn't get enough of him and I didn't want to stop reading He's no Zeth but he's amazing just the same Callie Hart sure knows how to create a delicious hero I just wanted to slurp him up Okay I'll stop pervingIntentionally vague my review is There was just so much going on in this story that giving you one bit would spoil the rest It's sexy and gritty especially when delving into the Roma aspect and everything that had to do with Pasha With one heck of a cliffhanger I'm eager to get my hands on book twoRelease December 12 2018Dual POV 1st personHeat 4Book 1 of the Roma Royals DuetBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Google