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Elementals: The Natural Order (Elementals) characters Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ ReprintsCollectsElementals 1984 #1Elementals 1984 #2Elementals 1984 #3Elementals 1984 #4Elementals 1984 #5Justice Machine Annual 1983 #1The Elemental spirits of the earth decided that they needed Avatars to protect Jeannette Crane was burned up and became the fire spirit Morningstar Tommy Czuchra was crushed in a landslide and became the earth spirit Monolith; and Jeff Murphy became the air spirit of Vorte. Great series with a great storyline The story of 4 people who are selected to represent the Elements in the battle of good versus evil Fire Water Earth and Air Willingham does a great job it's a shame his series never made it to the big leagues It matches and surpasses popular superhero sagas with no problem Well worth a read if you can find it

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Avatars to protect their interests on Earth's material plane They chose 4 people who'd just at that moment been killed Becky Golden drowned and became the water spirit Fathom not the Image title. An interesting attempt and one of the earliest to do super heroes in the real world Willingham hits a nice balance of big super hero action while also adding in politics debates on morality and showing the violence has conseuencesLots of interesting characters and ideas These early issues are the strongest and most focused Once Willingham stopped doing the art the series seemed to lose some of it's focus

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Elementals The Natural Order ElementalsReprintsCollectsElementals 1984 #1Elementals 1984 #2Elementals 1984 #3Elementals 1984 #4Elementals 1984 #5Justice Machine Annual 1983 #1The Elemental spirits of the earth decided that they needed. Perhaps best known for the mini series Fables from 2003 The Elementals was the first comic series of Willingham's that I read and I got into it because I was familiar with his work as an artist and occasional writer for TSR and other gaming companies in the 70s and early 80sThis graphic novel collects the debut story of the group as a backup story in Justice Machine Annual 1983 from Texas comics and the first 5 issues of their own title published by Comico starting in 1984 These five issues are also the first story arc of the series and feature the Destroyers a supervillain group Willingham had created for the Villains and Vigilantes gameAs superhero stories go this one is pretty good The world isn't heavily populated with other super powered people and there are real conseuences to the violence involved in a super powered combat considerations that were rarely worried about in the Marvel and DC comics of the time This actually caused some controversy in the letters columns in the issues at the time In this respect the writing is good Plot wise it's nothing exceptional the main supervillain is planning to take over the world the superheroes are out to stop that from happening Even so Willingham mixes things up a bit and throws in some unusual circumstances Still there are times when the pacing doesn't seem right and it seems in a couple of the issues that Willingham was running out of pages to finish that issue's story and needed to cram a lot into the last few pages So the writing overall gets 355Artwork if you like Willingham's artwork and I do then there's a lot to like here There are a couple of different inkers used during these issues so there are some variances but overall his art is strong The artwork gets 455This is an excellent way to get into a superhero title that ran for a number of years with a variety of different publishers