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EPUB á MOBI Bodyguards of Pleasure ó Pleasure Montana #8 ↠ NATURALTREATMENT ☆ Siren Ménage Everlasting Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MFM sex toys HEAOverweight computer nerd Brooke Armstrong lives her dream of store ownership When she witnesses a drug deal gone But when he ties her up and demands her obedience she’s in heavenToo bad the killer won’t let them revel in their passion After a kidnapping gone wrong that ends in a do or die battle the killer is brought to justice How can the men convince Brooke they want her in a permanent ménage relationship?A Siren Erotic Romance Bodyguards of Pleasure is a very sexy suspensy Erotic ménage Romance mfmAfter witnessing a man being killed in the alley behind her store in Pleasure Montana 30 year old Computer Nerd Brooke Armstrong needs to hide from the bad guys Gavin Kirkwood and Riley Landon 2 Private Detectives new residents of Pleasure take on the 'job' of protecting her And like many people in the town of Pleasure they soon start a ménage relationship while still trying to keep the killers away from BrookeI really liked the story Brooke is a slightly overweight shy computer expert who's always dreamed of having a guy dominate her in the bedroom But she's been disappointed a lot in the past that's why she's a bit slow in believing those two sexy guys really want her But they do and it's HOT Lots of sex Brooke with Gavin Brooke with Riley and of course all 3 of them together Gavin and Riley are really adorable they know they're interested in Brooke from the first moment they want to make the relationship permanent But it's a bit hard for Brooke to let go of all her old fearsBut of course she overcomes her fears and there will be some pretty hot bdsm sex with blindfolds cuff safewords etc ☺And the suspense part of the book is really good too not unbelievable or weird It even has a few shocking moments that would make you jump off the couch if the book would be a movie ☺Of course there will be a happy end and we also meet 2 other possible ménage couples for future books ;I really enjoyed the bookI wouldn't have minded 150 pages with sex and with just Gavin Brooke Riley

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Siren Ménage Everlasting Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MFM sex toys HEAOverweight computer nerd Brooke Armstrong lives her dream of store ownership When she witnesses a drug deal gone bad the killer is intent on seeing her dead Scared for her life and that of her family’s she reluctantly accepts protectio This one just wasn't a hit with me There was no connection between the three main characters As this is a ménage story you expect to have a strong connection between the two males whether as friends or lovers but it wasn't there Riley and Gavin just feltodd Not sure if that is even the right word They weren't lovers but they were roommates but they didn't even seem to have a strong friendship Brooke is a curvy woman and computer nerd with not a lot of self confidence She witnesses a murder outside of her computer store The murderer chases her She ends up at the police station where Gavin steps in and he and Riley become her bodyguards as the murderer searches for her and tries to kill her for what she saw Overall the story itself was good but the love connection just wasn't there for me

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Bodyguards of Pleasure Pleasure Montana #8 N from two hot bodyguards Gavin Kirkwood and Riley LandonGavin can’t believe how much Brooke entices him He’s drawn to her lush curves and intelligent mind He knows she will make the perfect submissive for him and RileyNever in her wildest dreams did Brooke think the muscular former military man would find her attractive Bodyguards of Pleasure is HOT and SEXY Brooke is a svelte computer nerd who witnesses a murder in her small town of Pleasure Montana When she runs to the sheriff’s office she’s met by the local law enforcement and sexy Gavin Gavin decides he needs to keep Brooke safe so he takes her home with himGavin is retired from the military and lives with Riley They’re both hot doms and like to share They also like their women with curves and brains Brooke is perfect for themI really liked all three characters in this story Gavin and Riley are similar enough that they get along well but not so similar as to be annoying They’re also different enough to compliment each other Where one is neat the other is messy Where one is ordered the other isnot Brooke is an awesome character She’s not the skinny mini that we find so often in books She has curves She’s had a few bad experiences and that makes her a little self conscience but not enough to be annoying It’s a natural hesitation but she lets it go when she sees the looks on Gavin and Riley’s faces She doesn’t keep harping on itOf course she has the blond skinny mini sister that everyone loves But her sister is loving toward Brooke and isn’t a bitch She’s sweet charming and friendly It was nice to have two sister different in appearance but get along There was no underlying resentment It was niceThe sex between Gavin Brooke and Riley was hot The first interaction between Gavin and Brooke felt a little awkward but then first encounters can be awkward They’re not all roses The suspense of the murder mystery and the attacks on Brooke added to the story It was just the right amount to make the story work It really enhanced the story and the tension between Brooke Gavin and RileyI’m definitely looking forward to of the Pleasure Montana seriesI received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley